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Thanks for trying it out!  My brother gave me some feedback about the infect mechanic and I added some info to the tooltip, but I agree that it still needs more.  He also thought I could do it through some plot dump when you start.  Do you think that would work well?

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OK, just played again. Seems I missed the explanation in the tooltip the last time. Maybe this is enough.

Since infecting others seems to be the central mechanic in this game mentioning it a second time would not hurt. But I am not sure if you are still allowed to update your game since the deadline of the 7DRL-Challenge  is over. Maybe this would be OK since you would only add explanation. But I do not know the rules so well. So better check this before changing your game.

A short explanation on this homepage or just in the comments would also be OK.

Thanks again for your feedback.  I may do some post competition stuff and release another version .  I at least will do some code cleanup and look into a typescript upgrade.

I have just seen that our two games got exactly the same score at Temple of The Roguelike! :-)


Oh neat!  And I’m also still working in mine!  I’m really close to release but need to do a bunch of bug squashing.  Some of the bugs are silly, like stairs chasing you. Run FROM the stairs 😀


I finally released my full version here - I'd love to know what you think!