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Decent little game. I thought the enemy blaster was an interesting little mechanic, although I found it too slow, I wanted to use it quicker when hoard of enemies were after me. I also couldn't get the game to work on macOS but WebGL worked well.

As this is a local multiplayer game I can't properly give full feedback but I could try to give some pointers. The idea of a pixel art brawler like this is interesting and I liked the style that you went with. For feedback, 1 thing would obviously be to have a single player mode that incorporates some basic AI for movement and fighting. 

I couldn't finish it. I found the player too slippery and the player controller too odd to use comfortably, which, paired with the disappearing/reappearing platforms, made for a rather annoying experience. 

Decent entry, although some feedback:

- The animations in this game feel weird. I feel that an animation with a slower walking style would be better. The jumping audio also feels weird. 

- The lack of checkpoints in this game doesn't really work. Repeating the game was a bit tedious. 

Besides the weirdness of this game, there's not much I can say about the game's content. 

One negative technical decision was that I could not find a way to close the game, ALT F4 didn't work and because my mouse was stuck to the middle of the game I couldn't close it using Task Manager, I had to force my computer off. 

This is a decent little platformer-shooter game, although it's got a few technical quirks.  Shooting with CTRL and H feels rather unnatural. I also think the trial and error part of this game doesn't match up too well with what you're trying to go for.

I couldn't figure it out and so I made a fairly big mess :P

It's an interesting game, with the way the potions are used, although I didn't really like the way the camera moved, something like a smooth move rather than a snap would suit this game more.

Unreal Engine is generally a systems intensive engine, however, you might be able to get some performance gains by editing the game's engine.ini files (here's where I found them for this game). Here is a list of commands you might be able to use.

This has a cool little mechanic in the camera system. There's not a lot of content here, but it's something I can see being expanded further!
I found the default camera inversion controls to be a little bit odd. If you're looking at improving this game in the future, something like this might be useful.

You've done a great job here of creating an unsettling and creepy game, using the scenery and the vision the player has. I was on edge for the whole of the game. The bugs I noticed were only really minor. On my ultrawide the FMOD text at the beginning was behind the quit button, some of the pieces of paper were flickering at times. I paused the game and noticed that my EarPods were listed, and that was when I noticed the Echo function. I couldn't really tell if it was working or not (I saw some light flickering but that was it), nonetheless it's an interesting concept.

This is funny and well made. I enjoyed the game all the way through. The only bug I found was that the ending didn't show properly on my Ultrawide. But other than that, very good job.

It was pretty fun trying to dodge the terror enemies. Not sure what's going on with the audio (there was nothing coming out when I played) and when I stepped on one of those pads to teleport me upwards more, I immediately got ghost'd after leaving. 

Good job. This was a decent little FPS. I thought the room design was interesting and the weapon was unique enough. However, I feel that the platforming mechanics were a bit too much of a distraction from the core shooting part of the game, and my weapon stopped shooting at 1 point. 

I had no idea what I was doing so I did a bunch of clicking and now I've got a bunch of alien cows(?)

But yeah, this was pretty fun, you've got an interesting away of creature colors. Like I said, I wasn't sure that I was doing.

The core mechanic used for this game is unique. Unfortunately it's used in a way that makes the game confusing to play. 

I’d like to use this pack for my Acerola Jam game, which requires that my jam project be open source. Is it fine with you if I use the pack for this purpose?

I'm going to try and learn how to use shaders properly for this jam. I did make a water shader for one of my earlier jam games but it the tutorial was quick and I didn't really know what I was doing in the long scheme of things. So for this time I want to learn how to make and use shaders.

This is a great entry, really simple to understand and play. The visuals in this game are simplistically gorgeous. The gameplay is minimal but they work to serve the rhythm theme well. One suggestion I would make is to put in a save system and a way to restart levels. If I complete 1 and reload the page, my progress is gone. 

But otherwise great game. 

This is an ok guitar-hero style game. The visuals are nice, and the sound is fine. This game is designed in a way for controllers and doesn't show any prompts for the keyboard. As for gameplay, it's fine but it can get overwhelming at times. 

Pretty interesting. I thought the mechanic you used was unique and implemented fairly well here. I had some trouble working it out on my Windows PC, but it worked better on an iMac, probably latency there, as I've got my keyboard on the PC connected to a hub. I also felt it was a bit too quick meaning I made a few mistakes here and there. It also broke for me too around the spikes area, but overall, a good little entry. 

Neat little game. The art style works well for this and the use of fake notes is interesting in it's regard. One thing I will note is that the notes seem a bit sensitive and almost seem like they require exact precise timing otherwise it's a fail. Another thing is that I wasn't really aware of the fake notes until I played for a 2nd time, after I looked at the game's page. 

Pretty fun and challenging! The plot twist for the cat spaceship was interesting and the old man was amusing too. The text sometimes obscured the rings in the middle, which was fine for the earlier parts of the stages but made it harder later. 

Pretty fun. It has a unique concept; combining a first person shooter into a rhythm game, which wasn't what I was expecting from this jam. To improve, I would improve the models somewhat, they're a bit basic, but it's a jam so it's fine here.  Good work. 

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I think it's too difficult of the game. After a couple of seconds the game throws you in the deep end and it becomes too much too quicky. 

Playing on an ultrawide I also get to play the game with pink borders, lol

This is a fun and somewhat intense game. I like the idea you've got of moving a box through beats and tapping on time. For suggestions, I would make the tutorial that tells players more about some of the game's features like the X's that appear on the screen. 

Decent little shooter game, and a good evolution from what you had with your platformer controller. When the player dies it took me to the main menu which is somewhat jarring. 

But yeah, this was very intense but fun! One suggestion I do have would be for the player speed. I found it too sensitive during my playthrough and so something like a sensitivity option would be beneficial.

Congrats! Seeing the game from the dev meet-ups, it looks fun. I’ll try it out when I get the chance.

This is a quite light-hearted and funny game. It reminds me of a Club Penguin minigame involving puffles. 
If you wanted to expand this, different gosling types could give some more depth and challenge, and also fixing up the Canada mistake. 

Interesting mechanic at play here. I think if it had some work (and potentially some juice too), then it could be a game that has some potential to be expanded. 

This was an interesting little prototype. I could see how it could be used for a climbing-platforming game. I don't know what type of animal the creatures were based on, but they were cute. Good work!

Cool little game! I like the art style you went for it.

I thought the concept and core mechanic was interesting. I found the character movement slightly odd but otherwise a neat little game within the timeframe. 

Decent little shooter game. It definitely has the Doom 2016 tone and design of enemies when they rush towards you. There isn't any variety in enemies but this is a 24h game so I can forgive that (a pretty impressive game considering it was made in that timespan).

Nice little story game. I like how you used the charms system as a mechanic. One thing I would change is that I would've prefered to use WASD, but otherwise it was enjoyable.

Nice! It was pretty fun to play and to get new random blocks/images. The physics system did go wild when doing combos, I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature 😂
The best score I got was 2578.

This was really enjoyable. I found it fun to shoot enemies and get my score up.

This is a decent little shooter game, it has an arcadey feel to it, but with the task of having to find the right ghost. There doesn't seem to be any penalty really for mashing the right mouse button, and there isn't any audio.

I thought this was a unique design, guiding a monster by using shadows. The story matches the theme well and so does the audio (although it gets repetitive). It was difficult at times to know where to move yourself or the chairs to get the monster moving.