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Thank you! We made everything except the font!

Wow thank you so much! Yeah I'm hesitant to label it as a platformer too. I was toying with some other ideas, like a temporary intangible stated to pass through the demons instead of jumping, but didn't have time to flesh anything out and jumping was just easier to implement in order to have some kind of challenge aspect to it.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

Thank you! Yeah, a bit of an oversight on my part with the controls. But in all fairness, there's no reason you can't just use your other hand for the F key ;P

But you are right, definitely something to consider going forward.


Thank you! Hmm interesting idea! The premise here was that each building is a self-contained "puzzle" so you can fail one and then move on to the next without issue. But that could be an interesting idea for additional levels/city areas! Most Triumphant! All we are is dust in the wind, dude!

Nice! Loved the graphics and the idea. Would love to see how it evolves with objectives and additional actions!

Thank you! Haha Rick played on stream and he also forgot about the jump.. it happens XD 

Glad you enjoyed! It was my first game jam and it was a blast!

Thanks for playing!  And thank you for the helpful feedback! I will keep that in mind for the future.

Nice work! Thank you! The "full game idea" includes, among other things, living people reacting to what's going on. I'm glad you got into it!

thank you!

Yeah that is a very good point, thank you!

Really awesome! I love all the little details, like the uranium sticks for light but being the reason that you only have 30s per zombie. Just enough of a challenge and a really enjoyable experience. 

Without downloading and looking at the source and project in unity, I'm wondering if the jumping bug has to do with the ground collision detection. There's a slight bounce in the walk, and I'm wondering if while bouncing during the walk, your colliders lose contact with the ground and so the game thinks you're in the air as if you already jumped and so you can't jump again.

Nice, great concept and great bones to build on if you wanted. 

Me: "This is really fun and kind of eas-OH MY GOD". kudos to you, this was really great, love the concept and the chaotic feeling!

Thank you!

nice, that sounds really cool! you should definitely keep going with it.

Nice! This was really fun. The abilities were cool, and enough of a challenge/learning curve on when to activate them. I think the way you had text and explanation when we first see the ghost should be extended to the beginning with the car driving so it's clear it's a cut scene. Overall the opening sequences seemed to just kind of hang, where i wasn't sure what was happening. Gameplay was top notch! Full marks!

Nice! I was expecting to be fighting other ships based on the description so it took me a minute to realize the point was to shoot asteroids. I really like the concept and the story. Not sure if it's intentional or not that you can shoot the resources and destroy them, but was confused at first whether they were projectiles that would hurt me or if they were meant to be touched. I'd suggest tweaking movement, it didn't feel quite right and the resources moved to fast in different directions to collect. (i'm guessing the future will bring speed/movement upgrades to make that easier? if so, then awesome, it's good as-is) Background parallax effect was awesome, really well done changing based on your direction. For the lasers, maybe try adding player velocity to the projectile velocity so that they don't just hang out on your ship if you fire while moving.

Well done!

I LOVED this! Great concept, great theme-related story. The idea of 'unfinished business' being the mundane household chores is fantastic. Not sure if intentional, but the button prompts went away in the last 1 or 2 levels. I didn't really notice until the end, but I liked the 'unshackling of burdens' equating to jumping higher! nice touch! Could use some tweaks in collision detection and probably collider positions, but one of my favorites so far!

I'm sorry! Each demon really just moves between two points. Take a minute to track the pattern if you're having trouble. Some rooms (record player) are easier to just run in straight away. The demons eventually overlap in weird ways but will sort themselves out. A fun bug I didn't bother fixing is that at any point before you complete it or get kicked out you can leave a building and re-enter with full health (and any points you've already obtained). And since you re-spawn by the door any time you're hit, it's pretty easy to take advantage of. ;)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! This was my first jam and first time really finishing a project so I appreciate the kind words and encouragement.

Thank you!

right on! thank you so much!

Nice work! That last one can be tricky! And thank you!

Haha thank you!   \m/

Thank you! I'm glad you found some enjoyment even if it was something you don't typically play. Game Jams seem really great for that

Thank you! It was my first time making pixel art for a game.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

Thank you!

Thanks!! Haha hadn't thought about that!

Thank you!

Thanks! this was my first jam, definitely an experience. I will keep volume in mind next time, thanks for the feedback!

agreed! there are so many people out there to just try and make money. GameDev.TV recognizes that they can have a successful business while still actually helping people by actively engaging with the community and doing things like this.

When you create your project in Unity, for example, your first step is to name the project and select a location to save it, usually in a folder named after the game 'MyAwesomeGame' - then all your files are in MyAwesomeGame/. You would want to upload that entire directory to your destination of choice, like dropbox, or if you are using GitHub you can push all your code to a repo (if you don't know git, maybe avoid this route for now as it may be a lot to try to learn in addition to everything else). Whatever you choose, make it publicly available and share the link with your submission.