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Back when I was messing with Skyrim mods, Nexus Mods was the place to go and the Steam Workshop was for suckers (remember that paid mods fiasco, where the mod creators only got 25%?). It looks like the Nexus lets you add any new game you want. It would be cool to see Caves of Qud mods on there.

I'm wondering which store I should buy this from . . .

  1. If I buy on Itch does that include a steam key?
  2. If I buy on steam is that version DRM free, or is it linked to steam stuff?
  3. Does the Itch version auto-update with the Itch app?

I'd rather have a DRM free version without any Steam baggage (and support Itch and you more), buuuut . . . I don't want to miss out on mods, which seem to be mostly steam-only.


Nice! I like it. My only gripe is it doesn't let you use the arrow keys.

Great little game! Somehow I think I had more fun with this than with Endless Legend (fewer hours though :D ).

Ah yeah, I have a 1600x900 monitor. I re-downloaded it and it seems to be the same. It starts up and stays at 1024x1024. I'm on windows 7 with just the integrated HD 4000 graphics chip.

I was curious to try this out, but when I start it up I just get a black window that's taller than my screen, and music. At one point a white square appeared. I'm wondering if I don't meet some system graphics requirement?

Kinda cool, but man it's so slooooow! The movement speed isn't bad, but the mouse sensitivity is really low (better in browser than on win), all the attacks take forever, and there seems to be a delay between actions (though that might just be the ease-out at the end of the animations).

Yeah, I guess I must have pressed the clear save button by mistake, though that's hard to believe. I swear I shut it down normally (pressing escape) then started it up later and the progress was gone. But I've been fiddling around trying to reproduce it and it's been working fine. False alarm I guess, sorry!

It's a great little game. I'll admit I wasn't too impressed at first, but the levels get better and better, and repeating them to go for a high score is a lot of fun. And of course the sounds are awesome, and the "game feel" stuff is spot on. Blowing away hordes of those boomerang things is so satisfying.

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Hey. I just got Brute, and it's awesome, but it's losing my progress. Sometimes I can close down the game, restart it, and there's no problem, but twice now when I've started it up again after a while, I'm back to square 1 (literally).

Nice little game. I really like the design idea. It's like an old-school platformer where you can't go back mixed with a scrolling shoot 'em up. I like the little mushroom guys too.

A couple bugs:

  1. What's with being able to walk off the screen? There's a bunch of places where you can walk out the side of the level, and I guess you can always walk down out of the screen.
  2. I also hit a bug with the boss. I died fighting him, then on the second try it gave me the "Congrats you win!" screen when I was only part way through the fight (where the round shooter guys start spawning).

Thanks, glad you like it!