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Caves of Qud

Chisel through a layer cake of thousand-year-old civilizations. · By Freehold Games

Where to buy? Steam key, etc.

A topic by Ross Grams created Sep 28, 2018 Views: 1,976 Replies: 7
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I'm wondering which store I should buy this from . . .

  1. If I buy on Itch does that include a steam key?
  2. If I buy on steam is that version DRM free, or is it linked to steam stuff?
  3. Does the Itch version auto-update with the Itch app?

I'd rather have a DRM free version without any Steam baggage (and support Itch and you more), buuuut . . . I don't want to miss out on mods, which seem to be mostly steam-only.


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I'm also very curious about this, and especially about modding support. :) Is there a website hosting most of the Steam workshop mods, or... is it really a choice between 'most/all the mods' and 'drm free'? I'm really big into mods.

I second the desire to buy it here on itch and support you more, but I'd want the heavy mod support. Does buying it on itch include a Steam key?

Back when I was messing with Skyrim mods, Nexus Mods was the place to go and the Steam Workshop was for suckers (remember that paid mods fiasco, where the mod creators only got 25%?). It looks like the Nexus lets you add any new game you want. It would be cool to see Caves of Qud mods on there.

Ah, cool!  Yeah, I love Nexus, but wasn't clear on where most of the Caves of Qud mods are located. Like, Rimworld has a sizable portion that are only on Steam, but probably also has a sizable portion that are only on the website. Thanks for the info! Didn't know you can add any new games you wanted to Nexus... that's cool!


You do get a steam key when you buy caves of qud on itch. 

are you sure? where do you get it from?


No, you do not get a Steam key when you buy it on Itch. Last night I bought MidBoss and Caves of Qud. Midboss has a very clear place to get a Steam key (the bottom of the downloads list). Caves of Qud does not give out Steam keys. I bought it with the assumption that a random stranger on the internet would not lie about this, so thanks for misleading me and adding +1 to my misanthropic tendency, I guess.

I'm totally happy to be proven wrong, though.


sorry for misleading you. I just thought about it because I have seen games on itch that would say buy or give money to the developer and in return you will get a steam key. I didn't know caves of qud on itch would say you won't get steam keys.