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nice game

I survived for 63.45


Pac Survivor community · Created a new topic high scores


I may not get an answer to this but could it be possible if this was available on Unreal Engine 5 in the future.

its not dead. One of the lead developers is busy with other projects. He is going to come back to it when he is finished with those important projects.

Why do I think that this looks like or is similar to DUSK?

sorry for misleading you. I just thought about it because I have seen games on itch that would say buy or give money to the developer and in return you will get a steam key. I didn't know caves of qud on itch would say you won't get steam keys. 

how does the multiplayer work?

You do get a steam key when you buy caves of qud on itch. 

Its fast, Intense. Everything I like for a 90s shooter. Great job.

these look very cool. Did you use MagicaVoxel for these?

its downloadable if you are using the desktop app

it seems like its loading fine right now

I am going to try to install the game on the desktop app, I will reply if it works

Project Hedra community · Created a new topic No EXE file

When I downloaded Hedra all I saw was a txt file and data files, what have I done wrong or did I download the wrong zip file 

interesting game 

What are the C, E, M, CORR, TEMP, and SPEE meters

if you watched the stream video on the page, its sorta like a long tutorial

I will give you the link to make your internet life easier 

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this looks cool but I will stick with aseprite

o ok thx 

I was wondering because I am feeling like making an Open World rpg with roguelike elements but you play it as an ASCII game in the command line or something similar to what the nethack game used. 

very nice game

look on here


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My suggestions for the game since I am a long time rotmg player

wasd for movement

1,2,3,4, for abilities instead of q,w,e,r, keys

space bar to grab looting items and put it in inventory 

graphics options

I think the minimum requirements that I suggested because it runs fine on my computer

intel core 2 quad q6600, amd equalivent

nvidia geforce 9500 gt, amd equivalent, intel equivalent

this has very good info

brings me back to playing nethack with a mix of the sims