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Wild. The Linux version didn't work because it's openly missing some linked libraries that they forgot to ship, I'm surprised that proton won't auto-figure the need for d3d*, likewise it's frustrating that the PROTON_LOG doesn't scream about this. Regardless, thanks anyway. I had basically given up on getting this running.

Awh, doesn't work, even under Proton-GE on Linux

<3 Thank you for this.

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It depends, are there salient bugs that stop use of the program?
Why do programs have to be maintained forever? Why can't we just call things "done" now and then

Thank you! I tried to use the knowledgebase thing but that seems to use the same menu code as the selection menu before! The rest is good! I almost got to the end with 80ish deaths hahaha. It's really fun!!

Did you get more??? I must know!!

It's neat! Could have more of an introduction with the story and what was going on. There's also a bug with the emperor deck . the actions don't return after you've ended the round, making you fail upon recieving it

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Hey! Just checking in! Thank you so much for these bugchecks! I'm sorry it took a while for me to play it, things have been hectic!

I used ALT and it didn't work, but F1 fixed the problem! I don't know why this is the case! It might be the mousepad accelerometer(?) glitching out maybe??

EDIT: Oh, I just tried to play the game, hitting ESC did not back me out of the character select screen. And the menu switching bug seemed to happen for the difficulty setting. But when I was in the game, and hit ESC, the menus used for in-game options, and the menu used for the game menu, all behaved correctly :(

It's also worth noting the arrow keys on my main keyboard are basically non-existent, it would be nice to have rebinding options (even if they're in a config file) so I can use WASD (or is that already an option? :o)

Thank you for this, I managed to remove the gamepad in the rebind controls menu (I think I tried to click on it, and that specific menu was only accessible via the arrow keys, or vice versa. the menu systems are kind of inconsistent and each menu seems to prefer something different).
However despite not having a gamepad set, the game continued to use gamepad graphics for the tutorial, luckily I had tried it (and it ran perfectly fine) on windows first, so I knew the controls.

I played the linux build. It hung for a while and started Steam without asking me. I thought it was DRM free?

Hey! This was really good! I got here from the front page, not from the jam :) I don't know if there's more content after talking to the demon? It kinda repeats after that!

I liked it a lot!! Imma follow u on twitter!

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Hi, I've tried to play it by using the mouse and keyboard.
The First Problem: It is impossible to bind any controls via the menu, or even a config, apparently. Meaning that I have to use the arrow keys on my laptop, as my main keyboard does not have them (yeah, yeah), this is pretty awkward.

The Second Problem: The graphics in-game do not seem to acknowledge that I'm using keyboard and mouse, so they show me the gamepad graphics.

These problems combine, into, The Third Problem: When it came time to tell me how to use the controls for "situational awareness", it told me to use the right analog stick. I tried the mouse (mouse grab failed when it was windowed, by the way), I tried WASD, neither worked.

I remember playing this via the demo several years(?) back, and I had a lot of fun, now I am not even sure how I am supposed to play it.

Thanks for reading, and for making what I remember to be a pretty fun game!

Thank you! It's totally ok! As a programmer myself I totally appreciate weird bugs hahaha

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Played it through to the end. Oooooh my goshhh. So good.

I absolutely love this game. I wasn't getting anywhere at one point, so I took a 5m break. Best decision ever.


At some point it feels like the game is over, and you can play it again. This is false, continue playing until you see a short credits thing.
Using save/load as a game mechanic is the single most innovative thing I've seen in gamedev so far. Seriously. Changing one of the most basic systems that's usually meta-game stuff, and making it have an effect on the story? holy crap

Yeah! I have no idea what it is either :)

The only controllers I use are bluetooth-based and bluetooth was turned off. It's a laptop hooked up to an external keyboard and mouse (which I was using), with no input going to the laptop's built-in peripherals! It's super weird 🙃🙃

Having a problem playing it on Linux. When I open it, it takes a while to start which is fine, but the menu select cycles very fast through all of the options regardless of where the mouses us or what buttons are pressed. I managed to get into the game by pressing the left mouse button quickly when the "play" option was selected, but it kept on cycling when I tried to leave the game too.

I can edit or reply with more details.

The game is really good, when I managed to play :)

I saw 2 endings, both brought me to a lot of tears. It's a VERY beautiful game but I don't feel like crying two or three more times in the hope of seeing some happiness that might not exist. I managed to get them to old age though so, you know.

No, you do not get a Steam key when you buy it on Itch. Last night I bought MidBoss and Caves of Qud. Midboss has a very clear place to get a Steam key (the bottom of the downloads list). Caves of Qud does not give out Steam keys. I bought it with the assumption that a random stranger on the internet would not lie about this, so thanks for misleading me and adding +1 to my misanthropic tendency, I guess.

I'm totally happy to be proven wrong, though.