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Really fun little game, good art style and a funny interpretation of the theme.

If you continue to develop it I'd suggest small tweaks to the gameplay like adding a tiny bit of knockback to enemies when you hit them, otherwise it's easy to get overcrowded. Also maybe add a high-score board? 

The only bug I found was that the high-score doesn't reset after game-over. Or it does, but as soon as you score points it reverts back to the old high score. 

Great Job!

Incredible feat for a game jam. Unique puzzle-platform mechanic, loads of well thought-out levels. Great art style and theme. Well done! 

Great visual style, reminds me of Monument Valley or Townscaper. Great idea for a game too. The only thing I'd add is an undo button so you can backtrack if you get stuck. 

I got to level 9, but couldn't quite reach the goal. 

Cute animations and music!

Great effort. The presentation is excellent, especially animating all the randomly generated sprites, and the 3D dice rolls still feel nice and smooth on top of the 2d pixelated graphics.

The gameplay is simple but I found it quite addictive (played 5 or 6 times, highest level I got past was 10). However after a while it got repetetive, I found the best strategy was to stay still and roll the attack dice until I got enough ranged attacks to pick everyone off which does get old after a while (shooting 2 enemies at a time is very satisfying though!)

I'd suggest adding a healing spell, and maybe letting you hold onto a melee attack in case an enemy comes in range next turn. Also some music would be good too. 
Further development, maybe you could add loot pickups with potions / power-ups?

Good idea, and well presented, feels a lot like Baba Is You (a great way to score points with GMTK!).

You have some good ideas for additional mechanics too, like the ghosts who mimic your movements, and where the shape of the room restricts where you can roll. There are some good elements for puzzle design here.

I think the dice roll mechanic could have been executed better though, the dice don't behave the way they should when they are rolled. (eg, if you have a dice with 6 on the top and push it over twice in the same direction, then 6 should be on the bottom, so if you roll it twice again in any other direction 6 should be back on the top. This didn't happen in the game which means the player kind of has to roll the dice randomly around until it lands with the right side up.  If the goal was for the dice to have random numbers when they are rolled this isn't really clear, and also makes solving puzzles very frustrating for the player.

I'd also take a look at how a dice is set up - ie, how each face connects (opposing sides on a conventional 6-sided die always add up to 7). 

Good work, I hope you develop it further!

Great concept, Reversi with power-ups and dice mechanics. Good game design, UI, art, and sound effects (I see you used pre-existing assets, but they fit well).

I only played through once, but it seems that if you're good at capturing opponent's pieces, then the roll of the dice doesn't really matter? It does help if it's a close game though!

I'd try out small tweaks to the GUI, like showing how many dice you have left in the bag, and how many of each type you have. Also I wasn't sure if higher numbers on the powerup dice meant a more powerful effect (can pull, push or destroy more dice/from further away) or just a higher score for that dice. 

Anyway, really impressive, good job!

Haha, a fun take on the theme: trying to dice veg while it rolls!
It's a fun little simulator, the 3D physics work nicely, and the textures stay consistent as you cut the shapes up. It was a fun surprise for the dice to appear, but otherwise I only got the cucumber - maybe add some more vegetables if there's time?
Also perhaps add some win-conditions for different levels? say chop it into x pieces, or make no slice bigger than a certain size. 

Nice work!

great art, I found the grav function a little annoying but I guess that's kind of the point!
eg, I couldn't seem to shift the gravity while jumping which made it hard to avoid falling off the map if the gravity shifts into the wrong direction.

Still, good idea and a fun puzzle platformer. 

Smooth controls and well presented, but not much depth. feels like a standard retro space shooter with the dice theme tacked on as an afterthought. Would be good if dice results gave powerups instead of just score multipliers.

Still, great work for a short amount of time!

Nice take on the Idle dungeon crawler. I like the mechanic of 'upgrading' the dice by increasing both the max and minimum values. If you continue to develop it would be good to see more dice mechanics (maybe elemental spells/enemies - you attack with ice or fire depending on the dice roll?) and more alternatives of characters to add to your team. 

the 8 bit art is cute, would be good to see more detail if you have more time. 

My only criticism besides the known bugs is that it took me a second to understand what was happening, the animations & dice rolls are a little quick.

No problem, I ended up just using the mouse anyway, just a bit of feedback :)

Fun little game. It's satisfying to chain together destroyed objects, my high score was 168. 

Tiny criticism: when the game resets, so does the control method 

Nice idea, but could have been executed better.  Still, getting any game to work in 48 hours is an achievement - Well done, keep trying ideas

Fun concept for a mini-game, except no combination of players worked for the third level.  Nice clean presentation, 

Yay! Thanks for playing!

Great pixel art and music, the lighting effects are used really well too! Environmental storytelling taken literally!

Great visual style, really suits the frantic energy and gonzo music!

PS, great game, good job!

Makes me wonder where my old tamagotchi is now... oh god, the poor thing probably drowned in it's own filth years ago!

Hindsight, sure, but to be fair, 2 days is very little time to make a game, especially an original concept. Well done on getting as much done as you did. I enjoyed reading the reports as I typed them. and the emails too - although was in a hurry, so mostly skimmed!

Nice concept, and the windows '95 aesthetic is too real!

in terms of gameplay it's a little hard to know when you're doing it right! is it possible to 'save' the reports before the battery dies? or are you supposed to start again every time?

fun and challenging! although very annoying that if you collect all the gems, it just respawns them!

Nice little arcadey tank game. Reminds me a lot of Battlezone, but with a couple twists like the ramming enemies. 

The connection to the theme feels a little tenuous - looks like you've just labelled the health bar as 'control'. Would be good if damage affected the controls of the tank more significantly.

Still, great work and well done for finishing!

Nice concept. Definitely fun when the panic sets in and you're trying to find the right combination of effects as the enemies get closer.
I think there could be more clarity about what the different effects do. Sometimes I seemed to get a dud even without a skull selected, and sometimes I had a skull selected, but the gun worked fine. Not sure what the difference was. 

Wow, what a mindf*ck! Really simple premise, but really challenging, especially the later levels! Well done!

Yeah, it's tricky - board-game style mechanics can be so hard to balance at the best of times, so this is a good effort for the "out of control" theme

Really love this game! Great colour and style, fun and challenging gameplay.

Reminds me a little of The Flame In The Flood, but in a good way, not derivative at all.

I don't really understand how the cages work.

I'd love to see you expand this further - Saveable progress maybe? and multiple levels with different challenges? or at least have a leader-board so you can try and beat your best distance. 

Great work!

Nice concept, but super hard to play (especially with a laptop!) Maybe start with a smaller target? 5 or 10 sheep?   Also, can I suggest a keyboard shortcut to select each dog?

Would be cool to see more levels with various obstacles or traps for the sheep.  Well done on completing the Jam!

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Good job! it's like Missile Command but way less depressing!

Good artwork too, especially using only one colour (kind of)

edit: Best Milo Count: 203

Great fun, nice art and cute animations. And good take on the theme!

Nice idea, I won both games! Sometimes the randomisation of both the piece-type AND the available moves is frustrating - like I finally get the right weapon, but now I can't take the opponent's piece with it because I can only move diagonally. Maybe randomising only the movement, or only the pieces would make it easier to strategise... but then again, that's not the point of this jam!

I like the concept, but feel the game took too much time. would have been good to see more variety in the character's thoughts / reactions, or have the ending sooner. Don't know if I missed the ending, or if it didn't happen. Reminds me of the show Final Space!

A nice simple game, with cute art. Gameplay is very straightforward, and not much variety. But I do like the challenge of saving people before they get turned into zombies. Well done on getting a complete and working game within the 48 hours

A nice simple game, with cute art. Gameplay is very straightforward, and not much variety. But I do like the challenge of saving people before they get turned into zombies. Well done on getting a complete and working game within the 48 hours

Slimey goodness! Great satisfying sound effects, and I like the puzzle element of having to find your way back without the slime once you've gotten the key. Looking forward to more features :)

Proud that I could work out this unknown law within a handful of rounds!
Brilliant (but not 'awesome'!) and right on topic for GMCJam37!

really nice little ambient platformer. I love the movement of the leaves around the border, plus the background animations and the lighting effects. 

Awesome job! great concept, the gameplay is really satisfying, and the art and UI are really nicely done.

Nice idea - solid theme, and a fun little challenge to balance staying close to the fire to conserve heat, or going out into the cold to get fuel