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A clever use of the theme. Looks beautiful!

A really good example of simple to learn, hard to master.

I really enjoyed your game. A clever use of the theme, and the mechanic was simple but difficult to be good at.

A good effort. I liked the idea. Just needs some more levels.

The platforming itself was really good. I'd maybe move the dash off 'C' as it's hard to press, and the intro really needed a skip button.

I really like the idea of using different weapons to control the character. Good job!

I really like your art style. A really neat concept that fit the theme well.

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Your art was really good. It was pretty fun once I got the hang of it. Good job!

I really like the mechanic of kiting enemies into your rebounding shots. Good job!

The screen distorting made it quite hard to see what I was typing / reading. But I really liked your idea. The sfx of the guy responding to your actions was a really nice touch. Good job!

Once I figured out what I had to do, I really enjoyed this. Good job!

A really neat idea. Things got out of control quite quickly for me.

I like the idea of slowly learning the map as you play. Good job!

I really liked the mechanic that jumping decreased the timer. Good job!

A really impressive idea well implemented. I think a tutorial may help introduce players to the game play, as I was a little confused on my first few goes. 

A good idea. I hope you work on it more. I managed to delete the goal, but dragging an object over it.

A really neat idea. I like it.

I really liked your art. I also enjoyed how you built up the different elements as the levels progressed. Really good job!

I tore my arms off.... Which was really funny. Good Job!

I liked the idea. Maybe it could be more difficult, I found that holding right and jump was the best strategy.

Hopefully next time, you'll be able to implement all your ideas. I really liked your art though.

Congrats on entering your first Game Jame! Keep it up!

A really good idea. I'd love to see you work on it some more after the jam.

Woah. This is one incredibly polished game. All the art and animations were lovely. Good job!

The 3D art style was really good. I liked the shifting nature of the maze, and the map in the corner was really helpful. Well done!

I like the idea, and your art was really polished. I think the collisions needed a bit more work.

The delay between firing a command, and it hitting the human is a really neat idea and requires you to think a few seconds a head. Good job!

That was a really fun game. I just wish there was more of it.

That was really fun. I love how the goblins cover the key so you can't see what it is. Had to keep looking at my keyboard to get the correct key.

A really well thought out puzzle game. I like how the mechanics ramped up. The level transitions were really cool!

Congrats on completing your first jam! I really like the art style of your game. And the mechanics definitely fit the theme. Well done!

The artwork and the concept were really good. I think it needs some indication of how far you'll jump as I really struggled to line up my jumps properly.

I like the idea. It'd be cool if you had more control over where the paint goes. I hope you continue to work on this.

I liked your artwork.

I really liked the switching of driving styles. It really matched the theme well. Good job!

I really liked the concept of switching game styles. Reminded me of Puyo Puyo Tetris. Good job!

A good idea that fit the theme. Maybe zoom the camera out a bit, so it's easier to see oncoming obstacles.

I liked the mechanic of mashing random buttons to see what they did. The art was really good as well.

Love it! The art is really appealing, and I like the risk/reward between being a good boi and a bad boi.

I enjoyed that alot. Your art style was effective and the controls felt really good. Good job!