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Once you have the witch, you should be able to find a new path through the sewers. After which you can find the bugmeister in a room :)

Definitely stolen then :p Thanks for notifying! It appears the game was already removed before I could even take a look.

Heartless creature. How dare you destroy the ocean! :P But yeah since the game was made for a game jam, there wasn't enough time to completely balance all the things you can buy with the amount of fish in the sea. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! It might be interesting to make a better version of this game some day ^^

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No idea what might be causing this. But you can check out the original version here: 
The Ducksoup domain no longer exists so all content lives on

Multiple hours? wowow! :D Thank you for playing Watermelonica! ^^

Thank you so much Riley! :) And Scubabear would totally destroy Aquaman in a fight ;D

hey thanks! It's actually a bug in the generator. :( 

However if I remember correctly, you can destroy (and create) blocks with the mouse. It's a little debug thing I forgot to remove. But for thjs situation it's quite helpful! 

Wow thanks for making a video! I'm actually working on a proper sequel in my spare time! Progress example:

Thanks for mentioning our game in your video Jack! Glad you enjoyed the game! :D

Hey thanks! That town / day loop idea would be very cool! Currently the fish indeed do not respawn. You can actually empty the sea eventually. :p Our idea for this jam was metroidvania+fishing, but in the end it was a bit too ambitious for a gamejam (a very common pitfall for me).

Thank you for playing and taking the time to write a comment. :)

Wow really?! Haha well that's not supoosed to happen! xD 

It is a fun bug though, I'll leave it in for now. :P

A few years ago I made a fun little roguelike platformer called Ducksoup Dungeon together with my wife. We want to give it a sequel one day, so whenever Ziryf and I feel like hobby'ing, this is where we put our energy. :)

We just got started on this project and it's definitely a weekend hobby thing. But recently I've been spending a good amount time on it. I figured it was time to make an devlog!

Current Status

The first game was made in Construct 2, which is great! For Ducksoup Dungeon 2 I'd like to use Construct 3 though, it has a few sweet features coming up that I really want to use! So I started with a blank project and and added some characters I sprited a few months earlier. Platforming systems are w.i.p, just like everything else! :p

 I also ported the water system I made for Bod&Dob. I think it's fun way to add some more variety to the dungeons. 

The first enemy I made for Ducksoup Dungeon 2, the basic skeleton. They are humanoids and can run & jump in the same way the player can. This also means they interact with the environment in the same way. :)

Map generator

One of the things I definitely want to improve is the amount of control we have over generating levels. In DD1 we used an external library (rot.js) to generate the dungeons, because I really didn't know how to write my own dungeon generator. 

It worked out okay, generating dungeons was easy, but the amount of control I had was a underwhelming and frustrating. For DD2 I'm tackling the biggest hurdle head on. I wrote an event based dungeon generator directly in Construct 3.

This generator works with a room system that's very similar to roguelikes such as the Binding of Isaac. After generating rooms & doors I can assign templates to each room randomly. These templates contain details like platforms, ladders etc. 

This is a platformer roguelike, so these templates are going to contain lots of elements to help the player travel in the vertical axis. In DD1 I just gave the player infinite jumps! I mean it works, but it was kind of a cheap hack to fix my inability to generate 'correct' platformer dungeons.

Support the game

Like what you see? If so, thank you! Leave a comment and tell me what you think! What you liked about DD1, what you'd like to see in DD2, anything really. :)

If you want to support the game you can do so by becoming a patron on my Patreon page! 

Hey Sebastian, thanks for taking the time to play our little game! Thank you so much for the praise, the article and the video. It warms my heart to hear you enjoyed it so much, and I think it's safe to say in behalf all of us 3 that THIS is why we make games. :D

Thank you for playing! :) I love the fact that you played with all of the characters. ^^

Thank you very much for the video wobbly! :) And also thanks for the praise! This is definitely one of my favorite game-jam titles, mainly because we were able to make a kind of complete game loop. That's why Diane & me have decided to casually start working on a sequel. ^^

should work now :)

Hey I just noticed I somehow missed this! Thanks for playing and making a video! :D Really kind words btw, warms my heart. :)

Hey Cat, Have you unzipped the contents of the game archive somewhere before running the game? It might be that the game has some dependencies on files it can't find when running the .exe without unzipping.

Thanks! :) This made my day. :D

Hey Tetsuro, you can also close the map by pressing enter again. ;P

Hey Gargit, sorry for the late reply. I've been on holiday for a while. :) Thanks for your kind words and your donation! And yes Rollerpig is broken. xD I find Ratbone even more broken myself though. Exploring different playstyles for characters in this gamejam ended in some being OP. I really enjoy their distinct feels though, I might want to revisit this class based gameplay in another game in the future. :)

Haha, I'll probably make a windows version of that one as well. But it needs a bit more work into the game itself before I get to that. Thanks for the puchase btw. I really appreciate the support. :)

Thanks Pyrofoux :)

I added a windows version. Works on my machine. :p

You're not stupid, there is no save feature at the moment sorry. :p

Not right now. : I haven't opened the project since 2015 so there might be some issues I need to fix before I can build. I'll take a look tomorrow. :)

Thanks for the detailed review. :) Glad you liked it! Also surprised you managed to mostly empty the sea. In the end we didn't have enough time to make a nice game loop. So once you've caught everything the game is basically done. We'd love to add more interesting powerups to buy with the money later. At the moment you just get the lamp for free so you can see in the deep, but originally it was planned as a shop upgrade. :p Glad you enjoyed it anyway! Thanks! :)

Hey thanks! Posting ScubaBear on itch might be a good idea! :) We wanted to add a scubabear reference somewhere in this game, but fell a bit short on time! :p

Thank you! I'd love to do that! We'll probably release a few updates for this 'prototype' and who knows what the future might bring. :)

Haha, yeah the NYI stands for 'not yet implemented'. So the bottom 2 palettes are empty! :P

So after another month of development we decided to release onto early access. Bottom line is, if we don't see any money coming in soon we'd have to call it quits for now. The game is currently in alpha, and lot's of stuff is still to change. Our goal is to get a small community going on the steam discussion forums. Wish us luck!

early access:

Website is up and running:

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We just finished a new video log, it sums up some of our recent work quite nicely. Smiley


We are now LIVE on Steam Greenlight! Please help us get greenlit so we can bring IRW into early acces!


Game needs animated intro. ;D

I added Goop to the character select. His home planet should be a very interesting track. :p

That old Blizzard game from before they became Blizzard. :p Yeah I remember that, it totally hits the vibe we're trying to reach with IRW. Actually Pongball is working on an amazing guitar shredding music theme for the game. :D

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Intergalactic Road Warriors

So after another month of development we decided to release onto early access. Bottom line is, if we don't see any money coming in soon we'd have to call it quits for now. The game is currently in alpha, and lot's of stuff is still to change. Our goal is to get a small community going on the steam discussion forums. Wish us luck!

early access:

Website is up and running:


IRW is a side scrolling racing game set in outer space. This violent grand prix takes place on a wide range of planets. You'll be racing in all corners of the known universe.

You have been invited to join this intergalactic racing tournament. The whole thing is basically a battle royale with a finish line. There are no rules at all, except for one: reaching the finish line.

I'm developing this game together with @m0rph3v5 under Turtleblaze.


  • Richard Lems (Rilem) - technical artist.
  • Benjamin de Jager (M0rph3v5) - programmer
  • Shannon Mason (Pongball) - composer


twitter: @turtleblaze

Planned features:

  • big singleplayer story mode
  • advanced car customisation
  • online multiplayer
  • intense side scrolling racing
  • firearm battles while driving
  • branching path level design like the old sonic games
  • loads of characters & cars
  • lots of different planets to race on


Currently we're working hard on a early access/beta version of the game. At the moment of writing this we're only 3 weeks into development since our initial 3 day prototype. We'll be launching a Steam Greenlight soon and we could really use your help to get the game greenlit. :)

We've got a Youtube channel with a weekly video log if you'd like to know more about the development of IRW.


To give you a taste of what the game is going to feel like. :)