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Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! I just thought that doing only one thing - at least you should do it well (and cranked up the spawn rate of monsters to the max :D). Unfortunately performance is significantly worse on the web build, and that kinda only surfaced on the last day so I didn’t get enough time to fix it - glad you had fun regardless :)

Never played more than half an hour of Stardew Valley, but I can see the resemblance! Glad you liked the sound design - I agree that our sound designer made a phenomenal job here :)

Thanks for the review! The collision library I am using promised no tunnelling through walls - apparently that was a lie :D Found out before releasing but couldn’t find a fix in time. Glad you liked the design though!

Glad you liked it!

Enjoyed the art direction a lot - the graphics and music are very fitting. The gameplay I enjoyed less - the player fall is accelerating way too fast, which forces you to spam click a lot to not drop. Even though it is great that this is also playable on mobile, it even feels a little worse there without a mouse. Some gaps also seem not to be crossable. Overall still a solid game development exercise!

Another shootem’up entry! This is decent fun - cleared the game without realising there is a dash :) The camera is pretty zoomed in, so you often get off-screen enemies shooting at you, either pan the camera towards the direction the player is headed or zoom it out a bit to make it more accessible. Fullscreen seems to be broken, but ended up not being an issue. Another issue I found was that enemy sounds seem to be fully audible from very far away, consider using spatial audio. This would also help the sound effects getting a little repetitive (another trick is to have multiple versions of the same sound, and pick at random).

I agree some more levels could have been nice - but for the limits of the game jam, this is quite good!

We both made a form of first person shootem’up for the jam :)

It took me a while to warm up to this - I wish you would have a little Controls indicator always showing, so I am not constantly guessing in the kinda frantic combat which element counters earth again, and what that element’s button was. The projectiles are also pretty hard to hit and very slow moving at first. I understand that is to make upgrades feel more impactful, but things like +50% damage could instead have been scaled down a little to provide a more satisfying punch early game :) I liked the graphics, the music and the gameplay overall though - wish it would have a little more particle or sound effects, but I understand this is not always possible in a game jam. Good entry!

I liked the setting and the player animation is beautiful. For the dialogs, I would suggest a fast forward or skip - or you lose impatient players like me with walls of text :) I also didn’t really understand the game concept, I felt like I was just growing and shrinking things at random until something happened - and sometimes that something was an enemy insta-attacking me :( Overall I liked the vibe of the game though - the music and the high quality sprites add a lot!

I think this really needs some difficulty scaling - I couldn’t properly understand the concept because the time of each round was up so fast. By the time I understood, it almost got a little too easy. Part of the learning curve for me was also that I kept trying to hit X instead of S because the game felt like it prompts me to use keys in a cross shape instead of exactly WASD. Finally, displaying the score in the end screen would be a nice touch to encourage sharing and pushing further :)

Cute and reasonably fun with just the bare minimum gameplay mechanics - interesting game entry for sure!

Nice game! I have to say that is a lot of story - almost dropped out around the middle because I found the black background very eye-straining. Changed it to {background-color: #323232; color: #EEE;} and that was much better (less white and black = more accessible). Would have loved to see some art added in the game (although of course I can understand it missing - I am not an artist either :D). Would have liked a bit more interactivity, but even without it, and especially due to the addition of dynamic sound effects, it does feel very gamey - I enjoyed it.

I think you need to provide the controls for this one - I didn’t figure out more than WASD and space and wasn’t really able to do anything at all :( I liked the music a lot, although I think a game set in a lava bowl probably needs something darker than clarinet :-)

Feels like I am talking to Marvin the Paranoid Android - no matter how comforting the options were that I picked, this galaxy-brained robot’s gargantuan depression could not be resolved. Oh well - I never was meant to be a therapist anyway :-) An interesting idea, but I wasn’t completely sure how to play this, as even fitting options sometimes had negative results, and sometimes no option really felt fitting. One note about the GUI: It doesn’t resize with the screen size, making it quite small in fullscreen. Good entry, I enjoyed it 👍

Liked the gritty art style and the music - just wish there would have been more of it, and during gameplay :) It’s an interesting concept, but I found myself mostly mashing J to be honest, sometimes running to stab a new robot wave in the back. Got to 85 kills, but don’t know if that is any good - maybe a stars rating could help? Interesting entry for sure!

Fun game with cute graphics and music. Took me a little while to understand the controls - especially when a second cat came around. Levels with the third cat were too hard for me, but I’m not much of a puzzle-player :-) I liked the stop-with-sunglasses mechanic - it added extra gameplay depth and fits the vibe very well. Overall an enjoyable entry!

Pretty good stuff for 2 days. Ended up playing until wave 13, but felt like the difficulty never really ramped up significantly. Since there’s not a ton of gameplay elements or juice due to the limited game skeleton presented, here are a number of gameplay suggestions in no particular order:

  • different types of turret
  • different types of enemies: extra durable, bosses, siege, enchanters (buffers)
  • collision of arrows with structures so positioning matters more
  • wave timer for extra time pressure (feels weird to activate waves from the altar that you are supposed to protect).

Didn’t take a single point of player damage because you can mostly chill inside the base and shoot from there. Though I like the gold pickup mechanic (I was going to suggest that, until I realised that is actually how it works), there should be more incentives to venture out on the field (more ammo, health pickups, limited bullet range?).

Infinite shooting speed should be removed to avoid spam clicking (for accessibility reasons), and it allows adding shooting speed buffs to the shop.

There also seems to be a (relatively rare) bug where the player sometimes stops moving for a bit (not sure why).

Overall very solid entry despite the lack of juice! Found myself playing longer than I would have expected :)

I may have messed up a thing or two in terms of game feel (although this is my best shot at precision platforming to date). Glad you liked the graphics - I particularly focused on the visual aspect in this game :-)

Thank you :-)

Hi, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I realised a bug in the dash deltatime implementation after the jam submission end - and I’m not sure if I am allowed to submit fixes after the fact. I have added a gif showing the intended movement. At 60 fps it does feel rather bad to play at the moment :-) Glad you liked the graphics!

I lost and it forced me to install Windows 11

Would have loved to play the other precision/puzzle platformers in this jam, but unfortunately for the jump button only rarely works for me - making completing even the first level not possible. Not sure if this is because I am running the game in a sandbox?

Amazing entry! This one takes the cake for me I think - the amount of stuff in the game, the crisp pixel art, the overall ambience of the game were just top notch. Very impressive!

Funny entry, but would have enjoyed a more fleshed out version! At least a replay button would be nice - the first time I swiped right on all the girls to see what would happen - turns out you lose pretty fast if you do that :-)

Very creative entry! Enjoyed the graphics and the story telling - programming this must have been quite involved too. If I would have been provided a console, I would have automated away the data entry and logged off before things get too weird :-) Unfortunately I got hard-locked in a screen with red-eyed people after highlighting “they were alive” - is that the end?

Really enjoyed this one!

The game doesn’t work for me - I can open it but not move :(

Nice little highscore game. For a simple clicker game, it’s very satisfying. I liked the art and audio the shader fits it well. I found that I could abuse the game a bit simply by spamming Z, as there is no punishment for doing so :) Additionally, I would have liked to see a bit more visual indication that a window is going to time out soon (would be funny if it went non-responding the last half-second, but I don’t know if that would be good design). I would have also liked to see a bit more punch to losing a heart, like screenshake. Excellent entry!

For an exercise in game development, this is not bad. Unfortunately, due to the complete randomness of the coin flips, I wouldn’t call this a good exercise in game design.

If you are looking for feedback on the juice in the game: it was satisfying already, I liked the button hover effect, coin flip sound effect and screen shake. This could be improved further by adding some randomness to the screen shake and some rotation (as well as maybe having only a small screenshake on button press, and a larger one when you lose your combo). Additionally, I would have liked to see a sound effect play on button press. Maybe heighten the feel of the combo: e.g. with louder sound effects when the combo gets higher?

Neat game! The graphics are great and the gameplay feels satisfying, though I would have liked a more accessible way to gain speed than to mash button right/left buttons :) A shame you didn’t manage to add levels for the jam version.

Amazing amount of work done for this game - the artwork is especially stunning! The gameplay is not necessarily up my alley, especially as it gets a little repetitive - but I did enjoy and get into collecting a couple creatures for a bit :) I also found the egg handling slightly glitchy at times, but nothing that can’t be overlooked in a egg (sorry, game) jam.

Very impressive game jam entry - probably my favourite so far! It’s full of character - and while I agree that more options wouldn’t hurt, I really like the variety of customer requests that came in, and I always felt like there was a great and fun way to fulfill their needs. The graphics, the storytelling, the gameplay - everything matched and flowed very nicely :)

It is meant to be hard, but tries to teach through the platform puzzles - I guess a better tutorial area wouldn’t hurt though! Thanks for playing :)

Thank you!

Wow, extremely polished game jam entry - this is very impressive stuff. The art and sound are very polished, the mechanics work well and the interface is clean.

The gameplay feels very arcadey - and works the way it should, but personally I found myself mostly spamming a lot of stones in a row blindly hoping they would hit somebody - as the game gets a bit hectic with multiple enemy kids. Not sure how I would fix that though :)

Thank you also for providing the source code, I have already had a look and will be sure to dive deeper into the code of someone clearly significantly more experienced in Lua than me!

It’s a funny idea for a little rage game, and an interesting take on the jam theme. Couldn’t beat it with my low APM though - got a score of 21 max (I would enjoy an easy or “accessibility” mode with larger buttons). One gameplay problem I found that sometimes windows would spawn so high up the game window that I accidentally minimized it while playing. Nice entry!

It’s an interesting concept, and the catchy thumbnail has lured me here to play this as my first jam submission. I have to be honest though - I think the concept, while very funny, does not lead to me personally having a very fun time. Maybe because of the wonky controls (maybe that’s part of the experience?), maybe because of the slow crawling or the unforgiving spike hitboxes, I found it quickly becoming quite tedious. It is however, nice to see a little blob come to life - a little smile on a circle does wonders.

Overall a clean entry, but not up my alley :)

Solid use of the assets and a really nice mechanic! Really enjoyed the look of the wavy layered graphics. Unfortunately found the last gem (far right) a little too punishing to reach and got a bit frustrated, but this was very fun nonetheless! I played with controller and somehow the music didn’t kick in until I pressed a key on the keyboard at the very end. Great entry :)

Played through the whole thing and liked it - we both went for the collectathon approach, so I was curious. It definitely is well implemented in a non-linear, quasi mini-metroidvania-like style. Only complaint would be that there was no music and only one jumping sound. Overall enjoyable!

Your king needs a crown! :D Nice game - the king protection mechanic reminded me a little of Just King. I would have liked to see a little more enemy variety but understand this can be a little difficult given the time constraint. Enjoyed the speed potion a lot :) Good job!

Nice visuals! Didn’t manage to find the exit, but wandered around collecting gold for quite a bit :) Did you procedurally generate the dungeon?

You seem to have pixel-perfect collisions - while they are correct code, they feel a little stiff for the player. I personally like to cheat my players around the edges to make it feel quite a bit nicer - I actually have an implementation of this open sourced for my game jam entry if you would like to take a look :)

Good job overall!

Best one so far for me. Super impressive, especially for a first game jam! Your use of the assets is super good, and the game feels very satisfying to play. It just goes to show that sometimes even simple and few mechanics can make a fun game :)