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Great game so far! The atmosphere and unique art style is really something. I played with Mouse + Keyboard. Overall, the controls were good, but the camera rotation was too slow and I didn't like the camera rotate being mapped to 'Q' and 'E'. It made it difficult to move/strafe while rotating the cam at the same time. Maybe just have the mouse handle the rotation instead?

I think a few other people pointed this out, but the boss sfx were too loud and clipping most of the time. It was a little jarring compared to the other sound effects. The rock collision boxes seemed a little too large or I'm just bad at dodging them.

I liked the mood that the music gave off, but there were too many tracks and the instrumentation wasn't that cohesive. You said that you were using royalty-free music at the moment, so that kind of makes sense. I really think having dynamic music layers fading in and out at different moments would really be cool! Are you still looking for a composer? I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I did a couple of mock-up tracks with some video a few days ago and just wanted to share  I really liked the organ in the boss music and kept that as part of the instrumentation :)

Awesome game, overall! Congrats, Tim! I only made it halfway through the 2nd chapter so far. It gets difficult pretty fast (in a good way). I like the introduction of new abilities and the feel of the jump + tiny screen shake. It would be cool to see some speed runs of this eventually.

Looks funny, odd, weird, and well done! Love the art style :)

Resonant Blade, a 2D Action RPG, is my first kind of larger-scoped game that I'm creating. It's still in the very early stages of development. So far, I've created some of the basics like a main character sprite, some animations and movement controls, basic sword swing combat mechanics, a simple UI, and some enemies.  The main mechanic that I'm working on is the combat. I want to somehow tie in game audio to the combat so that the player will become reliant on using sound to help defeat enemies. Enemies will have certain resonant frequencies tied to them. If the player changes the Resonant Blade to the matching enemy resonant frequency, they will be able to damage the enemy. Think of the Borg from Star Trek with their shields and how the Enterprise crew have to shift their phaser frequencies to get through the Borg's shields. It's kind of like that but with a sword.

Here's a preview of what I've done so far. r

Thank you :)

Awesome, thanks for checking it out!

Some impressive level design for such a short time. Nicely done!

Great game! The controls are my biggest complaint. The mouse and movement controls are both a bit laggy and delayed feeling. The leaderboard feature works amazingly well with this game. I find myself getting frustrated for getting knocked in the hole, but I want to keep trying to see how I did against the competition. Was skipping the bridges via cannonball force intended?

Very cool! This game has good potential for expansion. The second level seemed like the most challenging. It probably would have been good to move that to the last level so that there is more of a progression in the difficulty. Overall, I enjoyed the concept and gameplay!

Good job for your first game! It took me a few tries to get enough money to build a tower, but once I did it got considerably easier even with the awkward aiming. It would be nice if the player could access a tower by the end of the first wave. I think it's possible if it's a perfect score, not sure. But maybe just start the player with 100 money. That way they have faster access to a key feature of what makes a tower defense game a tower defense game especially because this is a shorter game with three waves. Another weird bug is that I noticed that the player's projectile would sometimes get destroyed on the first ball it collides with and other times it would travel through a bunch of them.

Thanks for the feedback! If you walk back away from the cubes far enough, the cubes will reset to their original positions. Yea, after getting people to play this, I'm starting to realize I may have made this too difficult and did not have enough explanation.

Hit "z". Follow the signs to help you. Good luck!

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback. To get to the end, be sure to have your sound on. The music will guide you...

A short clip showing the main character, Lucy, traveling through a mysterious Psygate.