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This exercise was, no joke, my favourite in technical drawing subject. So weird doing these after many years and still enjoying it :P

Super fun game, the difficulty it's in the right spot. Loved the graphics and sound design. Also the little victory jump is super cute :'D

Awesome game, I almost quit on the last level but perservered and it was totally worth.

The only complaint I've got is the sound of the door unlocking was pretty jarring, it made me jump the first time xD

The controls, specially airborne, are a bit clunky, but the game felt fun. The game crashes just after discovering the teleport skill. Then it crashes when clicking New Game over and over :(

thank you Javi, always appreciated 

Yeah, maybe a few more upgrades, perhaps something to accelerate the growing or processing time temporarily, like a boost?

And maybe from time to time you could get timed requests of wine batches, like half a dozen of Red Ruckles in 1 minute, if you succeed they'd give you a bonus :D

I made $1.233.986.024! I guess I'll have to pay Xanderwood some royalties for that :P Relaxing and fun minigame!

This was a really nice packed experience, great job!

Really fun game, it got me playing a good chunk of time. The only thing I would ask is the ability to spam attacks by just holding the LMB, not by clicking each time, it got tiring.

I liked the atmosphere with that detailed lightening. I also enjoyed the tight gameplay. A sound of a gun reloaded when the cooldown is finished would be a nice feedback.

This felt like a intense boss battle all game, really fun!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

I liked the concept of planning your own demise, it's really out of the box.

Extremely cool game, I loved every aspect of it. I agree with SonnyMakesGames that a better level would be nice, maybe in a metroidvania fashion, you could reach/do things with each different bug.

I had a good laugh playing it, I loved the games list at the intro.

I liked the art style, very bright and fun. I played until the wave #6 and then the enemies stopped coming :(

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I really liked the atmosphere and that intro music was great. The only thing that bothered me was the controls, I'd have chosen WASD instead of the arrow keys, as I found myself switching my keyboard hand from spacebar to the arrow keys. Perhaps allowing one to skip the chat by clicking would work as well.

I agree, the tutorial is confusing rather than helpful. I'll give more time to the tutorials in the next game.

Thanks so much for the feedback, I appreciate it!

Thanks for the feedback!

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I'm trying to rate some games but this message is always popping up:

  • no score for Technical Excellence [Design & Engineering]

 It's claiming I didn't rate that section although I did. Is it only me?

Sure! I've just uploaded a desktop version, I hope you enjoy it :)

positively surprised by that first boss fight, I loved it!

I loved the concept, great game!

I missed a restart button so I didn't have to wait for the timer in some levels, other than that, I loved it! 

I really enjoyed it, I wish it was longer uwu

Wow I'm loving these designs, thanks for sharing!!

If you equip the CD in your ship it will play a different song. It's kind of an inside joke xD

I think I haven't played anything like this before! It's really addictive, my highest score was 38 :D

Thanks so much for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it! 

I've updated the game and I think the bug is fixed now.

Again, thanks!

That's amazing, thanks for sharing!!

Yes, we realized too late in the Jam that building the ship after a couple of games becomes a tedious chore. If we move on with this game we'll definitely add slots to save your designs and fix the building aspect of the game, plus making the pieces rotatable for more comfort.

Thanks for the feedback!  We appreciate it.

Thanks so much for your feedback Darren! We'll definitely change those details because they do make sense and will make the experience more enjoyable for sure.

We appreciate it!

I thought it was great nevertheless! That was just me trying to save the poor lady effortlessly :x

Cats and lasers, a classic that never dies :D

Thank you! I appreciate it :D

Very very very juicy game. I enjoyed its minimalistic approach with no text, even if it was confusing at first, a few minutes in you already know the drill. Plus I know in a game jam is really hard to introduce everything in the game to the player in a smart way when there's lot of content and so little time. For our game we just cramped the screen with text and hoped the player would read it all xD

I loved the UI, the RNG aspect of buying stuff, the music, great game!

Glad you liked it!

I got the same feeling. After 3 or 4 games you can feel extremely powerful. I wish we had time to balance it though, making the powerspike curve a bit less steep.

Thanks for the feedback!


Construct 3 helped shortening the time of coding since it's super fast to make anything really :P