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Hands down the best game of the jam I've played so far. It's too good!

Although short, it was really enjoyable, the creepy atmosphere and music helped to build tension, and the shooting felt snappy which I liked.  

The mechanics was fun, hope you expand it with more levels!

Amazing game and really unique concept! The level of polish was incredible as well, it felt like playing a demo from a commercial game. It was challenging but I managed to finish it :D

Thanks! Much appreciated 😃

I've just returned from the Yubbaverse (I appreciated the option to load your game) , and I can't believe I missed that! I've finished the game without those so I guess that makes me a pro gamer? >:)

Excellent game, and incredible use of assets, honestly! You achieved a whole aesthetic with them. Well done!

Glad to see another horror game submission! I enjoyed the moody atmosphere.

Super fun mini metroidvania, I really liked the juiciness and the world building with all its quirky characters. Just one question, what the heck are those two blue boxes?????????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I need to know :|

Thanks for creating this tool, it's incredibly useful! My workflow just got better.

Thanks! yes, we took heavy inspiration in Shin-Chan :P

Yes, almost all graphics are 3D converted to 2D sprites.

yes, it's real, go to the south-west corner and you might find the song.

For a game done in a day and a half this was pretty fun. Were the rocks under the Lighthouse 3D? I liked that warped effect.

Thanks! Yes, I could see the shore of all mini islands except for that one. Now I was able to finish the game, loved that surprise ending lol

Hi there, how do you upgrade your pickaxe?

it was a fun and intense experience, I managed to beat it in the 4th try and got my arm a bit sore from all the dragging but it was worth it :P  

I'd say try to make the game's difficulty easy. Since you're going to play the game more than anyone else, you'll probably be the best player, so if the difficulty is really easy for you while playing, it will probably be a normal difficulty for the new players. This comes from personal experience, almost all my games are really hard because I didn't take that into account while playtesting, and it becomes frustrating for the players. 

this is incredible

Hey there, great work so far! I've encountered a bug: you can get stuck in an endless fall if you drop your character into a death pit right after being damaged by an enemy (while you're invulnerable for a sec)

Such a cool entry with a great presentation, I love that pixelated lowpoly aesthetic. As many, I couldn't solve the 2nd puzzle but I reaaaaaally wanted to. 

I've also found a bug: when you zoom in the safety box and click on the cup next to it, the animation overlaps and once you return the cup, you get stuck in a weird state where you can only check the cup but cannot interact with the box or quit that puzzle.

Thanks for your comment! The roll of the dice are fully random so it's based on pure luck, I barely get 6 correct dice myself x'D

Really fun short game, I liked the sense of collaboration between the two characters, and the single player mode is really appreciated. Did not expect that last level twist, loved it!

Super lovely game! As some other comments, I would have preferred a single player mode :P

Ooh, sorry it crashed! But glad you had fun nonetheless.

I just reached level 3 but couldn't get to level 4, how do you do that?

I managed to open the first door but that was too much for my poor heart already... Still pretty good for a 2 day game!

Glad you liked the art! 

Yes, the game is really demanding on the listening department xD

Really like the active/passive skill mechanic! And that character art is pretty awesome. One question, how do you open the chests located inside the levels? 

Thanks! If you ever encounter an alien you now know what to speak xD 

Thanks for your comment! Yes, those ambient voices were made exactly for that purpose :P

I found it overwhelming at first, but then once I got it it was fun, the boss had me once, but not twice >:) 

Loved this unique take on the cooking game, finding the perfect balance. The art is wonderful and bursts of personality. 

The only thing I can say that I think it would help is having some marks or measurements on the top left meters, so you know exactly how many kinds of food you're off. I struggled with that on the first level but then you just kind of get used.

Thanks for your comment! I think that would be a great implementation, didn't think about it.

I was indeed inspired by Papers Please so I'm happy to hear that :D

Great use of the theme! Would have loved to play with the num key pad.

Glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback! 

Really fun game and very polished as well. I beat it with 1 HP left I was clenching the whole time xD This would be even greater with more variety of actions.

I've never been a fan of puzzle games (I've got no patience) yet I enjoyed this and even finished it! It was really pleasant to play and polished in many levels. The undo mechanic was very much appreciated!

Short but intense, I liked it!

I enjoyed the mood and aesthetics, it's very pleasant. I think the controls could work better without using the mouse (perhaps WASD & JLK / Spacebar), so you can have one hand to move and the other to set the runes and shoot.