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Hello! I've come from GoodWell, which I absolutely loved. And I've discovered you have a game in progress, which I just tried and ABSOLUTELY loved. The humour, the graphics and the gameplay are weirdly specific my kind of thing, loving it.

Just one question, does the demo ends at the base of the big tree, with the two mushrooms sitting there? I can't get to climb it because I can't jump high enough, and I've already talked to the fairy lady (loved the dialogue), but I can't seem to progress. Maybe I'm missing something?

*oh crap, nevermind, I found the solution! now that I think about it, it was pretty obvious, gonna keep playing :)

Easy and fun! I loved the graphics, they are very cute.!

There are too many good things in your game! A really fun-packed experience. I love metroidvanias and I loved your game. The final costume punch animation caught me totally off guard, I didn't expect that much power... it was a good laugh. The music was also great, a bit loud, but really really catchy and fitting! 5/5 for me :D

It was fun! I couldn't finish it because I ran out of battery everytime, always too greedy. Loved the details on the background art!

Thank you! I appreciate the time you took to play and record your gameplay. I've never seen anyone play my games so that was quite the experience. I've uploaded a GIF with the solution for the 4th node in my KNOWN ISSUES section, which now I know it can be confusing.

Thanks for the feedback!

The visual effects were very smooth, I liked them! Specially the wave of planetary doom, it was satisfying to hear all those HUMS.

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Hey mate, thanks for playing my game!


So for the normal ending, you actually dont rescue your daughter, but an alien clone of her. In the last picture, you can see her eyes suspiciously glowing, and he also notices he hasn't aged in 8 years...!

The true ending, you find her lifeless fossilized. So in reality you could have never saved her.

I know it's a bit confusing, due to lack of time and actual lack of writing skills, I decided to go in a vague way.

Really great implementation of the theme and limitation. Plus I loved the short lenght of the levels, it made it less frustrating when dying (and I died A LOT).

A bit hard for me but fun nonetheless! Watching the little piggy's fall while jumping was a delight.

Amazing pixel art, specially the skulls' dying animation. I digged the gameplay as well!

Loved every bit!

How can a game be SO clean and satisfying. This game is so good.

p.s. I'm a FAN of your WIPs of Astral Ascent. they are truly *chef kiss*

God dammit I loved this game. It was hard but satisfying. I tried the hard mode but had to put it down, I'm not ready.

And the walk animation??????? sublime.

Well it seemed to go in the right path, I enjoyed it :) The trail effect from the boost powerup was pretty satisfying too.

Such an excellent game, really neat and polished in every way. Loved it!

Seeing the plane's shadow passing by when time was up gave me a good chuckle. I enjoyed it! I freaking loved the main menu screen.

That is some BAD NEWS, thanks so much for the feedback!!

Thank you! Really appreciate it.

Man that was hard, specially the first level. I loved the music, it was very fitting to the game's theme. And I appreciated the 8-directions sprites for the main character!

Yessss I beat it! Although I think I spent more money than I could ever profit from the stolen goods...

For a first game is a GREAT game. The controls felt super tight and the maps were fun to play!

So satisfying to slap those tomatoes. Really enjoyed this game!

Lovely game, I enjoyed it! The music was catchy and the bug was cute :'D

For sure!

Was about to upload a desktop build but game jam time's up. Sorry!

Couldn't finish it because, to be honest, I'm pretty bad at puzzles and I've got no patience with myself. But I enjoyed the relaxed pace and the graphics are so so good, loved the constrast between the grayscale and the striking bright colors.

beat it on the second try and enjoyed it very much!

fun and challenging, I enjoyed it! got too excited and ended up being a broken tycoon tho

Really really fun game. I loved the intro, the music hyped me up :D

I'm glad you played it again! Thanks!!

I think I need to work on balancing my games better. Since I play a lot my own game to balance the difficulty, I inadvertently get better and better each time I play, so I end up upping the difficulty thinking it's too easy, but it's actually me having battling the same enemy over 100 times and beating them solely because of muscle memory lol

Thanks! Yeah some of the patterns might be a tad crazy in the later levels. If you die twice you can activate an easier mode. I included it so people could try the other classes :P

I really liked your game. It has great potential to be a fun roguelite if you ever keep working on it!

Damn I loved the ghosts designs, and the girl ghost made me jump twice.  Loved the eeriness yet colorful atmosphere!

Thanks!! Yeah I know what you mean, if you try to rotate the enemy superquick the character will just stutter.  I mainly chose that velocity to add a bit of difficulty. The rogue is faster and you can turn around a bit more easily :P

I loved it! the sheer amount of polishing is impressive, amazing job!

damn this game is fun. I loved the overwhelming sense of power later in the run.

Believe me, it's not your fault! I'm still learning how to make games with regular but challenging difficulty... that too, is hard x'D

Thank you!! I've considered it, but I have to think about making the replayability factor a bit deeper (random enemies, more juicy upgrades, etc). Might give it a try!

I've never felt this powerful playing as a duck before >:D

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Fun game! I cherished the shotgun with all my love, trying to not waste those each powerful shots :')

I don't know if it's on purpose, but all the bullets follow player's Y movement. If I shot a bullet to the right while moving up or down, the bullet will match my Y position. That made it weird to aim at first but then I got used.