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Just wanted to say the jam page is really pretty.


After many work days, I kind of zoned out and finally noticed the Game was Over since the beginning :(

Dang, that was fun AND pretty AND boppy. Awesome game!

That was really fun. My only gripe was the duration, but that's normal on a jam this short. Great job!

I really liked the whole pixel/3d aesthethic. I collected 4 ingredients and got back to the kitchen but nothing happened D: Are there more than 4?

I loved the random Dracula sticker, I guess it's like the Jesus of monster civilization. The games posters at the back had me literally crying.

Game is hard! But Ive got to commend you for doing a procedurally generated game in a weekend, that's crazy.

Thank you! We were a 3-person team. I could do all the art without worrying about coding or audio, that's probably why :P

I absolutely loved the character designs and their personalities, banana archer and the insecure wizard were my favorite. I need more of this lore.I NEEDDDD

Thank you!

I really enjoyed the silliness and humour. The fact that the goblin is wearing a shirt and jeans is just crazy to me, I love it.

Loved the concept, humour and presentation! awesome entry :D 

Very unique concept! and the whole experience felt very polished and complete. My only feedback would be to have the store icons on the top or bottom area instead of the right hand area. I felt like I did many miles of eye movement going from right to left and it ended up being a bit uncomfortable.

I also liked the tutorial, felt very clean and to the point. That's always appreciated!

Delicious twist on the boss rush genre :P

I've seen this concept before but not the way you place pipes here, which is really clever as it imitates the original controls. I don't know if there's a strategy to finish faster, I just alternated the pipes between highest and lowest, which seemed to be the quickest way to annihilate the pea xD

couldn't finish it but I did enjoy it, and the armed goose gave me a good chuckle :D 

loved saving the little frogs from being squashed, cried from squashing them myself by accident :'( it was really funny, very enjoyable experience!

I liked the wackiness of the game. The game would have benefited a lot from checkpoints imo!

if you actually reversed the roles yourselves, +100000 respect 😎

I liked the concept and the variety of minions you can summon, I wish the knight was just a liiiiitle tad slower, he's zooming!

This is incredible?? this could have been a great Nintendo DS game! 

I've never raged so hard at a butterfly, but I got it in the end!  😎

Out of the box idea, really creative!

Couldn't get past level 6 but still enjoyed the game, it's a solid submission! The only 2 things I'd have liked are being able to move with arrows and an instant reload (accessible with keyboard too).

I bumped the lil robot with the door and it passed through the floor into the void noooo ToT

I loved the presentation. Maybe if you could use the mouse to swap robots instead of the keyboard it'd help the pace a bit?

Really enjoyable and juicy, corn is OP!

Loved the concept and the title :P The art is astounding and the music is catchy, it's a solid game!

Presentation wise is great, the animations felt very natural. The only gripe I had is its difficulty!

Hands down the best game of the jam I've played so far. It's too good!

Although short, it was really enjoyable, the creepy atmosphere and music helped to build tension, and the shooting felt snappy which I liked.  

The mechanics was fun, hope you expand it with more levels!

Amazing game and really unique concept! The level of polish was incredible as well, it felt like playing a demo from a commercial game. It was challenging but I managed to finish it :D

Thanks! Much appreciated 😃

I've just returned from the Yubbaverse (I appreciated the option to load your game) , and I can't believe I missed that! I've finished the game without those so I guess that makes me a pro gamer? >:)

Excellent game, and incredible use of assets, honestly! You achieved a whole aesthetic with them. Well done!

Glad to see another horror game submission! I enjoyed the moody atmosphere.

Super fun mini metroidvania, I really liked the juiciness and the world building with all its quirky characters. Just one question, what the heck are those two blue boxes?????????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I need to know :|

Thanks for creating this tool, it's incredibly useful! My workflow just got better.

Thanks! yes, we took heavy inspiration in Shin-Chan :P

Yes, almost all graphics are 3D converted to 2D sprites.

yes, it's real, go to the south-west corner and you might find the song.

For a game done in a day and a half this was pretty fun. Were the rocks under the Lighthouse 3D? I liked that warped effect.