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Retro Mechanic

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Hey man, I appreciate you for playing the game , unfortunately it's canceled for several reasons and one of them is related to the budget. But it is possible to work on a brand new IP with classic RE style, Maybe in the future.
Again, thank you

I appreciate you💖

Thank you very much 💖

Yeah it's a good idea, thank you for your suggestion . I should try it 👍

Maybe but it depends on budget , I have new idea about a brand new  game such as Resident Evil classic series with retro graphic art style. It's a while that  I have been thinking about donation system of Itch , but I'm not sure about the result.

I appreciate you, 
Yeah Unfortunately it has been canceled

The main project was bigger than this build. Unfortunately, the game has been canceled .

I appreciate you 💖

Let me guide you

The puzzle is about crafting a key. There are several small parts of a key on table ,You should find right arrangement . First, there is a switch in center of the golden shield . turn it on, after that you'd see some window guards  will cover those windows. Then check the paintings , there will be several shapes on the paintings. The shape on the painting alongside the small door is ANSWER :

I appreciate you

Thanks for testing
It should  related to D3d or something like this

Thank you 👍


Thank you so much , 

Hi, I'm glad you played & enjoyed it . Since I really like classic version of RE, I tried to make a game with old school sense.

I'm glad you enjoyed it

Hey, thank you for playing the demo and your comment.

I'm glad you enjoyed it 

Hey, Thank you very much ,
You pointed to an interesting thing, Linux version
I've not ever had experiences on a Linux  build  , but I think it could be interesting , I'll try it.
Again , Thanks for your comment.

My English is not very well, Which of those words and phrases is incorrect?

Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. As I said in the page of game, The project has been canceled. The demo is more about puzzle design and a technical issues, the main idea was bigger than this build. unfortunately, I was working alone on the project and I can't handle all aspects of the game. I agree with you about making new brand , this is what I realized when I was working on the game.

I'll try fix the problems in the next update , thank you  very much for playing the demo.

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Hey guys,

This is my game , the demo is a fan made based on classic Resident Evil. It was supposed to be a big project, but for some reason it didn't. Any way, it's RE: mansion, a demo with a challenging puzzle in the famous dining room of Resident Evil original. In addition, all parts of the demo are made by me, Game design to Implementation in UNITY

I would appreciate if you check it out, I'm looking forward to your opinions about the demo

Resident Evil: Mansion by Retro Mechanic (

Jump on enemy's head ,  Head of enemy works like springs

Thank you for your input

Hey guys 

What's up ?

ummm.... I've released a new WebGL game, It's name is "Cout On Me" and I made it in 48 hours. If you like simple platformer games so try it :

thank you


My game published , it has cover and  it has unchecked  in "Unlisted in search & browse" . but when i search in the itch site , I can'f find it between games . 

Hi everybody

My game , Into The Coffin , entered alpha phase and ready to play.  Into the coffin is a 2D Platformer game that provided  for play on  phones.

The game is about a vampire which has been attacked by the people. Main target in each level is that the Vamp have to arrive to end of levels and main game goal is that he must get back to his Coffin to survive. The game is completely FREE . There is no any Ads or in-purchase system ,just download it on your phone and play.

Please visit my page and try Into The Coffin .  I'm waiting for your comments . I'll see you

Hi,  I'm Saman Chenaghchi  and 32 years old (one developer team) , I'm making a 2D platformer with retro style for smartphone called Into The Coffin .