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Do you know a simulator with offline lan multiplayer support?

Thanks, can't wait for the next update :)

Where share users new levels? Any hub for this?

I only found 4-5 at variuos forums, but hope there will be much more on the net.

Any new about multi? :)

My daughter like to play with me!

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0. I use CTRL+T (the default) key for enable/disable 3D vision, but app start a timed race. Please fix, start only with single T key, not with ctrl+T.

1. add a beginner mode  (no crash)

2. ability to use my controller buttons for restart, change acro/self level mode, start a timed race.. Often I don't have a keyboard near me while flying on a big screen and yes i know i can do this with a mouse, it would be much easier to do these from my radio.

3.  Save laps/reload  weeks later as a ghost drone, so we can see our progress :)

4. Add more environment elements, for example animals (cows run while i am near, just like in real world), birds. Some wind, which affect drone.

5. With highes graphics setting and poweful gpu do not "cheat" with object drawing at distance. Now many object only appear when i fly towards them. Break the illusion, especially in 3D.

6. Load extra levels from main menu, not from level editor.

7. User changeable video static levels - now it's too much for me.

8. Support Top/Bottom stereoscopic format, not just SBS. (i know its for VR googles, but for a passive 3d tv top/bottom is better)

9. remove  vignetting effect (it shows color banding), and i see purple/green colors on edges, seems like CA effect. Why is that?

10. Yeah, some limited OSD and support flying to music would be nice too.

Thanks :))

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Yes, it works fine in 3840x2160!




I tried FXAA in nvidia control panel and it helps a lot :)

However force 8x AA (which should be best quality) doesn't work.

What about AntiAliasing settings? How can i use 2x or 4x?

In game menu? Or command line? 


I bought it, but had to refund after testing, because i still cannot have  throttle and yaw working. I tested on my 2 phone, calibrated, etc. but only the right stick works, moves. With this devices in PC version left stick works. I cannot remap channels on my iRangeX i6X and A8s receiver. 

Any other tip? A small android utility for mapping?

If i don't get this problem on PC, then every user should have this problem on android, like me. Or not?

ok, instant buy. thx :)

great, then i have to buy a 4ktv :)

FPV Freerider community · Created a new topic 4k supported?

4k resolution is supported? I like to play on a big tv :)

If yes, a 1050ti is enough for smooth 60fps?


Is the screen real 3D or left and right view is the same?
If real, then it's better than real fpv :)

Why not possible VR in demo for checking?

+1 for betaflight rates!

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any discount code for desktop app buyers? :)

Would be very nice to "model" our environments, share to people, and fly on rainy days, etc.

Can't want to test it, even if it needs a new  purchase again :)

We support you!

i have a similar problem on android.

On PC everything is fine, but on my S6 phone with the same receiver and usb OTG cable, only right stick working.

Throttle and yaw not. What can i do? Default android 7.0 no special app, or anything.

Radio is good, because on pc left stick works too


Hmm, i'm not alone with this problem:

"Furthermore I always feel like there is more delay to the stick inputs with Freerider, which isn’t  a massive problem, but it’s noticeable for me"

Oscar Liang


I use this setup:

Bought 98% for your sim, and 2% for Phoenix :)

I have a 1050Ti card  finally, so the forest level should be good in 3D too :)

My only remaining problem is the stick delay.  It's still 0.3-0.5s, and dont know why.

You will release a level editor, so we can load our own levels, building, 3d models, etc??! :)

i have a gear vr with S6/S7

It would be very nice to play on this device with i6 controller :)

Ok, i like to see multiplayer mode, more realistic sounds or support for Oculus rift.

That would be fantastic with the 100+ degree FOV!

When will be a new update? Last was in March.

What are you working on? What to expect? :)


yes, but my desktop icons screw up already :)

With other app, resolution selection window works.
Do you disable it? If yes, why? Now i made 2 batch file, one for 720p, one for 1080p


ok, but how can i show the resolution selection window at start?
The command line -show-screen-selector not work by me.

With the circles, i notice just half the delay (0.2-0.3s) compared to while playing.
Its not unplayable, i can fly ok, just the reaction is not immediately to throttle, etc.

Glad you like it in 3D too :)

Sometimes i also see 2 grey polygons, but you can eliminate it by adjusting depth or convergence:
CTRL+ F3-F4-F5-F6, try with these keys!

Freerider also works with 3DTV Play, so you can play on ANY hdmi 1.4 compatible 3D display!
Resolution is 720p in 60Hz mode, but this still looks fantastic on my room wall with a cheap Acer 3D projector.
Another device is a passive LG monitor with the Zalman inf driver, so here i can use 1080/60 mode.

I thank you the developer agian, and hope the program will be even better in the future :)

Thank you very much, finally its smooth even at 60fps! :)

I can activate stereo 3D with exclusive mode. At medium graphics settings Desert level is stable 60fps, but the Forest is not. Even at lowest quality it cannot do 60fps. I have a 750Ti card, time to get a 1050Ti? :)

Another question: is it normal, that my controller has around half sec delay? When i play with the throttle for example, quickly go to max, i can hear the motor's sound only after 0.3-0.5 sec. I have a 24 in 1 usb stick with A8S PPM receiver and i6X radio. But i tried with my wired usb simulator radio too, with the same result. Maybe a settings in windwows game controller properties, or you have to change something in Unity?

thanks again!

Wonderful news!

Yes, 50Hz good on a 50Hz monitor, 60Hz stutters (like 50-55Hz) on a 60Hz monitor. All the time.

I ask again: do you have absolutely smooth motion in 60Hz mode? If yes, what settings, what mode (, dx.exclusive, windowed?), your system, vga, etc?

thanks a lot

Of course i know.

But as i said, it stutters in 2D-60 fps mode too.

Do you have silky smooth movement all time in 60fps?

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Here is the solution, you have to correct:

Please read and watch the video at the end.

Here another tips:

At 50Hz both program is so smooooth, at 60 hz none of them.

I hope it can resolve the issue.


Hmm, life isn't so easy. Problem comes again :)

With exclusive mode and 3D, motion is not as smooth as in full screen windowed mode in 2D.

If i disable 3D, i still get dropped frames, etc.

Do you know why?

Ok, i don't read about problems, just better performance in exclusive mode.

Yeah, its awesome, and now i have my wireless simulator stick too for my i6X - bought just for your sim :)

thank you, cant wait the next release!

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Exactly what i need! With exclusive mode 3D vision works finally, and it looks beautiful on a big screen :)

Can you compile with this mode so everybody (who don't read this thread) can also enjoy your sim in real 3D or just get better performance in 2D?

Thank you!

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Ok, i think i found the trick.

I downloaded a unity demo game, which works fine in 3D. At start i can select resolution and windowed mode (or not).
If i start in windowed mode and go to full screen with alt+enter screen blanks for 2 seconds, and 3D will be ok.

With your app changing mode with alt+enter i don't see black screen, the switch is immediately between fullscreen and windowed mode.

So it seems you don't use exclusive directx mode, which is needed for 3D, and i think this was the problem with my vsync tearing issue too.

"DirectDraw Exclusive Mode, an application takes exclusive control of the graphics hardware. This is useful for applications such as games" :)

Can you compile a new version with exclusive fullscreen mode?

See here

Build&run: don't select stereo and don't select windowed.

Much appreciated!

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I tested with my passive monitor too. Many games works (dirt2, etc), but in FPV freerider nothing happens when i press the shortcut ctrl+t.

Why? It should be ok by default: "for most 3D games based on Unity, without needing any plugin"

So maybe something is disabled or set what stereo don't like? Can you check please?

You only need the free 3d vision driver and a cheap anaglyph paperglasses.

thank you in advance!!

ps: " you don't need to do anything in unity to get it to work. You merely compile the game, make sure that 3d vision is enabled in the control panel, then start the game in fullscreen. 3d vision should automatically start making the game 3d"

from here

For 1st step, you don't need a 3D display, only a red-cyan paperglasses, because 3d vision works in anaglyph mode too.

I could not activate it till now.

In windowed mode i still see tearing.

Now i use Aero. I don't liked to use it with my old nvidia card, but now with 750ti it looks fine!