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Some suggestions for FPV Freerider

A topic by nmw01223 created Dec 26, 2017 Views: 309 Replies: 6
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  1. Wider choice for FPV viewing angle (>100 deg)
  2. Include some limited OSD - at least artificial horizon, maybe height, speed etc
  3. Include FPV Freerider in FPV Freerider recharged.

Very good though, realistic.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the suggestions, I will take a note of them and consider them for the future.

Number three will not happen though but I plan to include a full level editor in Recharged later on so that will be even better I think.

(5 edits)

0. I use CTRL+T (the default) key for enable/disable 3D vision, but app start a timed race. Please fix, start only with single T key, not with ctrl+T.

1. add a beginner mode  (no crash)

2. ability to use my controller buttons for restart, change acro/self level mode, start a timed race.. Often I don't have a keyboard near me while flying on a big screen and yes i know i can do this with a mouse, it would be much easier to do these from my radio.

3.  Save laps/reload  weeks later as a ghost drone, so we can see our progress :)

4. Add more environment elements, for example animals (cows run while i am near, just like in real world), birds. Some wind, which affect drone.

5. With highes graphics setting and poweful gpu do not "cheat" with object drawing at distance. Now many object only appear when i fly towards them. Break the illusion, especially in 3D.

6. Load extra levels from main menu, not from level editor.

7. User changeable video static levels - now it's too much for me.

8. Support Top/Bottom stereoscopic format, not just SBS. (i know its for VR googles, but for a passive 3d tv top/bottom is better)

9. remove  vignetting effect (it shows color banding), and i see purple/green colors on edges, seems like CA effect. Why is that?

10. Yeah, some limited OSD and support flying to music would be nice too.

Thanks :))


Thank you for your detailed suggestions, I will take note of them all and consider them. 

#2 Is at least partly possible already with a bit of a workaround, you can map the keyboard shortcuts to a button/switch on your transmitter with a program such as this:


And as for #9, the CA effect is intentional, but perhaps I should remove that. I can agree it is a bit too pronounced currently, and the best thing might just be to get rid of it completely.

Thanks, can't wait for the next update :)

Where share users new levels? Any hub for this?

I only found 4-5 at variuos forums, but hope there will be much more on the net.

Do you know a simulator with offline lan multiplayer support?


There is no central sharing hub for user created levels. Some people have shared levels on the RCGroups forum thread, and a couple of people have shared levels on this Itch forum. (So I guess you have already found those that are easy to find). I don't know of a simulator with offline LAN support.