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Yes, 50Hz good on a 50Hz monitor, 60Hz stutters (like 50-55Hz) on a 60Hz monitor. All the time.

I ask again: do you have absolutely smooth motion in 60Hz mode? If yes, what settings, what mode (, dx.exclusive, windowed?), your system, vga, etc?

thanks a lot

I did some more research now - you are correct, the simulation does in fact only run perfectly smooth at 50Hz.

The reason is that Unity's default update frequency for physics is 50Hz. (The physics needs to run at a fixed interval in order to be consistent and framerate independent).

I realize now that this stuttering was actually introduced when I was fixing another issue, which was apparently interconnected with this in an unexpected way.

I'll upload a fixed version as soon as possible since I think this is important.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Wonderful news!

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Uploaded a new version where the screen stuttering issue have been fixed. It would be interesting to hear if it works well on your setup.

(I will soon upload a fix for the Android version too btw)

Thank you very much, finally its smooth even at 60fps! :)

I can activate stereo 3D with exclusive mode. At medium graphics settings Desert level is stable 60fps, but the Forest is not. Even at lowest quality it cannot do 60fps. I have a 750Ti card, time to get a 1050Ti? :)

Another question: is it normal, that my controller has around half sec delay? When i play with the throttle for example, quickly go to max, i can hear the motor's sound only after 0.3-0.5 sec. I have a 24 in 1 usb stick with A8S PPM receiver and i6X radio. But i tried with my wired usb simulator radio too, with the same result. Maybe a settings in windwows game controller properties, or you have to change something in Unity?

thanks again!

Glad to hear it's smooth now :)

Well, yes, I think the forest is definitely the most demanding scene. You could try running it at a lower resolution in order to get higher framerate. (You can set the resolution by using command line parameters as described in the manual).

There shouldn't be any noticeable delay on the stick input. Do you notice a delay when looking at the circles on the trim settings screen too? (You can access it directly by clicking "calibrate controller" and then "skip to trim settings").