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any new map pack soon ?

A topic by jexmatex created Jun 06, 2018 Views: 224 Replies: 3
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dou you plan to release a new batch of level ?

an indoor , tinywhoop like haouse and garden would be nice, 

other question, is there a possibility to do our level and exchange them ? like doing it on unity and export them the way you need so we can create and exchange, would be a great addition to your game community



I might add some more levels to the existing add-on pack later on. 

For now it is not possible to create Unity scenes and load the into the sim, since all the scenes need to be "baked" into the build. I plan to release a built in level editor later on though, that will enable people to create their own maps and share them.

Would be very nice to "model" our environments, share to people, and fly on rainy days, etc.

Can't want to test it, even if it needs a new  purchase again :)

We support you!


Thanks for your support, glad to hear that the work I put into the sim is appreciated!