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dou you plan to release a new batch of level ?

an indoor , tinywhoop like haouse and garden would be nice, 

other question, is there a possibility to do our level and exchange them ? like doing it on unity and export them the way you need so we can create and exchange, would be a great addition to your game community



first of all, great job , i'm practicing everyday and getting better :)

i wanted to know if there is any way to bind acro mode and level mode also as low/high rates on radiocommande button ?

thanks by advance

hi, there was an update , april X windows update and work perfectly fine. So it.s ok now  

Thanks by the way :)

Hello hello,

the game is not launching on Surface Pro 5, my drivers are up to date, i can't figure it out, 

i'm also working with Unity3D and often try what i do on the surface and never had any trouble before.

i dont see in the simulator any advanced functions explaining the need of special card feature or else.

any particular setup in your build settings in targeted platform or compression method ?

nice product by the way work nice on my desktop computer, but would be verry happy to be able to train on my laptop when on the go :)