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Google Cardboard Box Vr / Gear vr

A topic by FejFTV created Mar 08, 2017 Views: 1,183 Replies: 20
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Does anyone know if you can use vr for your phone in this game or is is something that vill be added in a later stage?


I plan to look into cardboard support for the android version when I have the time, I agree it would be a neat thing to have.

i have a gear vr with S6/S7

It would be very nice to play on this device with i6 controller :)

FPV with google cardboard is a must for me. My FS-i6s transmitter works with great with FPV Freerider Free version. I would definately purchase the pro app for this VR experience. Is it still something you're entertaining 298 days later, or is this something you don't see happening anytime soon? I've been using quadcopter FX pro which is nice, but also lacks updates. I know I could get a couple people on board the FPV freerider if you added VR.

Developer (1 edit)

I have been playing around with it but I haven't got a VR version ready, needs quite a lot of time for testing which I haven't had lately. It's one of the things at the top of my own wishlist though.

Clearly not even on the radar. Just going to stick to QFXPro. Works pretty well.


You did it!!!

And quite quietly i should add. this is huge. I will be trying it out tonight. Super Excited.


Quite quietly indeed, I forgot to put an announcement in this thread :P

Glad you appreciate it!

Developer (2 edits)

The full Android version of FPV Freerider now supports side-by-side VR view (Google Cardboard style). It is selected in the Custom Settings menu. 

To navigate the menus when using goggles -
Either take your device out of the viewer every time or navigate the menus by:
- Connecting a bluetooth mouse, or bluetooth keyboard with a trackpad
- Using a USB OTG cable with several inputs to connect a mouse and/or keyboard

YES!!!! THIS IS AWESOME, this should work in my Fatsharks, yes? Is there a Side-by-side vr coming up for Recharged??? Love your work.


Not sure if Fatshark supports side-by-side 3D, but it would be interesting to hear.

(For now it is only the Android version that has the side-by-side 3D function , and, Recharged is not released  for Android yet. The side by-side-view is mainly aimed at people using Google Cardboard style VR with their phones at the moment).

Hello there! Is it John? I'm so glad to hear from you, I have wanted to get in contact with you for about 8 months now! I want to mention that Fatshark surely supports side by side 3d, at least my hd3 does. But I am really excited to tell you about a huge new drone simulator I am working on, I am most highly interested in getting you involved, I realize you are a busy person and your time is precious, so I will not ever waste your time. Also even the smallest bit of your involvement would be an honor. This is a very top notch developing product, I come with blessings from one of the original TETRIS developers. My team has been looking forward to hearing from you, with the sensitivity of the project I would like to exchange messages through email. Please, I would be honored to hear from you, you can message me at I very much look forward to hearing back from you, the best, Lucas.

I would also love to see 3D side-by-side for the PC version of Recharged at some time.


While you should not expect it too soon, I agree it would be nice to be able to fly Recharged in 3D VR too. I see Freerider as a long term project and it is possible that I will add that at some time in the future.

I forgot to mention, I have not tried this in my fatshark, I know they do side by side 3d, but I dont' think they are android, so I don' know how one would set thus up... the Google cardboard is amazing though, and better resolution as well!!! 

Is the screen real 3D or left and right view is the same?
If real, then it's better than real fpv :)

Why not possible VR in demo for checking?


In LOS mode it is real 3D (that is, stereoscopic)

In FPV mode it is possible to choose between stereoscopic 3D view and flat (2D, same  for each eye), since most people will be used to flying FPV in 2D.

ok, instant buy. thx :)

I bought it, but had to refund after testing, because i still cannot have  throttle and yaw working. I tested on my 2 phone, calibrated, etc. but only the right stick works, moves. With this devices in PC version left stick works. I cannot remap channels on my iRangeX i6X and A8s receiver. 

Any other tip? A small android utility for mapping?

If i don't get this problem on PC, then every user should have this problem on android, like me. Or not?


Sorry to hear that you were unable to use the android version with your transmitter.

I don't know of any android utility for remapping (but if anyone who reads this does, shout out).

Windows and Android uses different input systems, so therefore it is not guaranteed that even if your transmitter works on the PC it also automatically works on Android.

See if you can select different modes on the transmitter, sometimes "Heli" works when "Plane" does not.