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I play car park on kaby lake iGPU @720p without problems

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Please add the following:

1. Finer controller configuration. Linear/Expo and low_rates/high_rates are not sufficient. For each axis, provide a (xy)-coordinate system ranging from 0;0 (min) to 1;1 (max). Let the user provide the y-values for the 11 x-values (0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0). Interpolate a nice fitting curve for those 11 points. Mirror the function for the other side of the axis (except Throttle).

2. Option for 5 rounds

3. Option for flying a map in reverse and/or mirrored.

4. Option for disabling the lights of the gates.

Best regards, Lars

Please provide complete information about your System:

Linux distribution, Kernel Version, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, GPU, hard drive, System encryption? Spectre/meltdown patches?

Do you play other games on this computer?

I am using Linux and I experienced similar problems. I don't think that the coding style from FPV_Freerider (alone) causes these problems.

It might work with PSVR which is relatively "low-cost"

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> Do you mean that you notice it during Timed race?

Yes, but only in the first round of the first timed race.

> Or, do you notice the micro freezes even when passing through a gate normally (Without times race turned on) ?


PS: IMHO, this (micro freeze at the gates in the first round of the first race) is no big deal.

I would also love to see 3D side-by-side for the PC version of Recharged at some time.

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I use an Intel i3-7100, released in 2017, 3.9GHz, 3MB L2 cache, dual core with HT (4 threads)

Over 95% of the time, all 4 threads are more than 70% idle. Only occasionally, one of the four threads drops to 40-50% idle.

After starting the program, the micro freezes (or frame drops?) during passing a gate occur only max. once per gate. Also, I have to pass the gate relatively fast. The issue is present in "forest" but I do not notice it in "dessert". There is no issue, when I pass the gate a second time.

It is possible that all this has to do with using an integrated graphics card (resides inside the CPU) or with some Intel driver in particular.

Edit: This post describes the situation during measuring the GPU utilization. Without measuring GPU utilization, forest is unplayable.

When I run "sudo intel_gpu_top -s 20000 -o gpu.txt" while playing the game, the game is relatively smooth. Not sure about the parameters though, but measuring GPU utilization with intel_gpu_top makes the game run smooth.

(Check points still tend to micro freeze; in particular the appearance of the next check point, to be precise).

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I have the following setup:

. Intel i3-7100 (GPU: HD630), 16GB

. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

. Starting Freerider_recharged from a ramdisk with nice -20

. Resolution: 1360x768

. Game settings: lowest quality; motion blur off

From what I can tell by looking at intel_gpu_top, I have a GPU utilization of max. 60-70 percent. Yet I loose frames randomly and it seems that I do not have 60fps.

I was about to buy a RX560 (2-3times faster) or RX570 (5-6 times faster), but this thread makes me wonder.

Am I GPU limited with a 70% GPU utilization? Is there a way to show the frame rate and lost frames in game?

Could you provide some hardware guideline (CPU,GPU, expected frame rate)? For example, I would like to know if I could expected 60fps with my hardware and settings.

Best regards.

Edit: With -screen-width 800 -screen-height 450, it's basically the same issue.

Edit2: parking and dessert works relatively good; rocks and forest are bad