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Imoressions from a newbie

A topic by soukron created May 26, 2018 Views: 194 Replies: 4
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I like this simulator a lot. I've trying to use it to train before going wild with my drone. 

I have some suggestions though:

  • seriously consider implementing a VR mode so Oculus/Vibe owners enjoy the full experience
  • I miss a lot an option to fly a non-racing drone with GPS mode enabled which makes the drone stable without even drag. I've tried to change the settings to tweak the drag but throttle still is different. Not sure how difficult could be simulate this kind of flight mode but the simulator would be attractive to more people. 

I hope you find this suggestions interesting enough to  develop them 😊


Glad to hear that you like it!

The Android version already has a VR mode:

I agree it would be nice to have Oculus/Vive support for the desktop version too, perhaps I will add it if I decide to get a VR headset (I don't own one myself).

Yes, it might be useful to have an easy mode for beginners. Perhaps altitude hold. For now, you can try to add a lot of drag, and perhaps lower the gravity setting to that the drone doesn't drop so quickly to the ground.

Sure Altitude hold would be fantastic!

It might work with PSVR which is relatively "low-cost"

In the past I saw some tutorials about converting a non-vr unity games to vr. Not sure about the dificulty nowadays but I guess it will be easier.