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after buy

A topic by BartMania created Jul 15, 2017 Views: 525 Replies: 6
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Hi to all, after i have buy the program i'll have access to all update?



Yes you will have access to any coming updates.

When will be a new update? Last was in March.

What are you working on? What to expect? :)



I have some interesting things I would like to add.  Don't want to say anything specific though, in order to avoid unnecessary excitement/pressure. Since the things I want to add are a bit tricky to get working perfectly I will announce when/if it gets finished.

Ok, i like to see multiplayer mode, more realistic sounds or support for Oculus rift.

That would be fantastic with the 100+ degree FOV!

Before I install buy verson, is it necessary to uninstall free/ demo version from my computer ?


You don't have to uninstall the demo version first. In fact it's possible to keep both installed at the same time, since it just executable files.