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Sure. I've added it to the tasklist. Will upload apk with together with some fixes soon

Por ahi lo sobreanalizo un poco pero creo que el personaje en realidad choco el micro y se murio. Nosotros jugamos con la version de el en el purgatorio, donde el micro avanza y avanza condenado a nunca llegar a la casa.


Looks good! Looking forward to the finished game!

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The art and music are really good! If you could add some non negative interactions for variety (maybe a "fragile" shield powerup that can stand 1 hit, or some jumps) I think it'll be a nice game particularly on mobile since it'd be 100% playable with touch controls.

Eggceptional puns! I like how you managed to develop a unique art style with simple geometrical shapes. It reminded me a bit of the original Tempest for Atari. The perspective view made it a bit difficult to see the bullets some time, especially against the Rhino who would occlude them, but I still think it makes the game look much more interesting than if it were top down. Maybe an outline when one object is occluded by another would work but overall it didn't detract from the fun that much.

One of the most original approaches to the theme. Loved the art. Every tile has a very clear and distinctive icon which is not that easy to achieve sometimes. Only issue I found is the tooltip not being completely visible when hovering over the bottom tiles. Other than that is a pretty cool game. 

For some reason I didn't expect the game to have wall jump and I didn't quite get the tutorial explaining it. Other than that the game is amazing in every aspect, the best entry I've played so far. Best of luck!

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Making it a bit hard to control was a design decision add some challenge since we didn't have enough time to do anything too complex with the level design.

Thank you! :)

Thanks. We're not updating it right now since it's voting time but we were discussing possible improvements. I think a mode where you have to knock as many things as possible would be cool too.

To other players: Trying to do the bounce jump while on a sideways-moving platform is not the best idea T_T

Man that's really weird. I'm sending you a steam key as gratitude for all your help. Hopefully it'll work better. 

The new version using a different engine will be up in about a month. I want to add a level editor and some other stuff but compared to this version it's almost at 100% feature parity. 

I've removed the steam integration from the itch version. If you can please update to the latest version (#22) and retest.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to test it. You can zip the whole reports folder and sent it to

I know what's wrong. You don't own it on steam and the game is trying to set stats when you have steam open. That's why I don't get the same error. I'll upload a new version with all the steam integrations removed.

Crash reports should be at %userprofile%\AppData\Local\pichon\User Data\Crashpad
I'm working on a port to a different engine though it'll take at least a month to be ready so I'd like to fix this in the meanwhile but I'm having trouble reproducing the error. 

When exactly does the crash happen? right when you go through the door in the first level? Do you get to see the level clear screen? Does it crash when you click on the arrow to start level 2?

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I'm not being able to reproduce it. The save data is stored in %localappdata%\Pichon so it should work even if your account doesn't have administrator privileges.
One thing you can try is running the game with Steam open. There was a bug in an old version where the itch version was expecting the steam api to be available but if you are using version 19 that should be fixed.

If you are using the itchio sandbox try disabling it, though it shouldn't be an issue either. 

If nothing works send an email to linking to this post and I'll send you a steam key to see if that works better.

Hello. I'm sorry you had trouble with the game. A few questions:
- Are you playing on Itch or on Steam?
- Are you on Windows or Linux?

Hola. Soy el profe de Fundamentos de la Programacion de IC. Muy bueno el build, les dejo algo de feedback:

  • Fijense en la docu de itch que si suben los builds como .zip con el exe en la raiz se pueden instalar directo desde itch desktop. Eso por ahi les suma algunas descargas
  • En ultrawide la pantalla de settings sale cortada
  • Cuando me salio el tuto de upgrades pense que era la pantalla de upgrade y no entendia porque no reaccionaba a los clicks hasta que lei el texto de abajo. Quizas me paso a mi solo pero estaria bueno que lo testeen con otra gente. Si le pasa a varios van a tener que ver alguna forma de comunicar que es una captura de la pantalla de upgrade y no la pantalla en si (quizas el mismo formato viñeta del principio?)
  • Siendo que las torres solo se pueden poner en puntos predefinidos, hace falta activar y desactivar la opcion con la E? Porque quizas alcanza con que cuando el mouse esta por encima de alguno de los puntos de spawn aparesca la torre semitransparente y si hago click la spawneo. Entiendo que podria spawnear una torre sin querer tratando de tirar un rayo pero estan bastante lejos del camino que recorren los enemigos pero haria la prueba.
  • Cuando resetea el cooldown de la torre hace algun sonido? No logro darme cuenta.
  • El game feel del meteoro esta un poco raro. Audiovisualmente parece que fuera un rayo, pero tarda como medio segundo en impactar y se siente como lag. Estaria bueno o que sea instantaneo o que se entienda mas que es un meteoro que cae
  • Mismo el impacto del meteoro. Los enemigos se quedan quietos y hacen su animacion de desintegrarse. No termina de transmitir la fuerza del impacto. Quizas si al tiempo que se desintegran los lanzara hacia atras o si la desintegracion fuera en sincro con la onda expansiva. 
  • Estaria bueno tener algun feedback visual cuando esta listo el meteoro/torre. Quizas que parpadee de algun color la mira. Se que esta en la UI pero cuando el juego se pone intenso cuesta dejar de mirar el centro de la pantalla
  • Sobre esto mismo, me costo darme cuenta que terminaban y empezaban las waves. Quizas esos textos que aparecen brevemente podrian estar centrados abajo, mas cerca de donde el jugador tiene puesta la mirada normalmente. Tambien podria haber algun sonido(musical o sfx) que indique que termino la wave.  El sonido de fin de wave pense que era un simple acento sobre la musica de fondo. Recien ahora mirando bien me di cuenta.

Bueno, eso es todo lo que se me ocurre por ahora. La verdad que les esta quedando muy bueno el juego. Exitos!

Bien de bien!

Loved it. You managed the scope really well. The game feels polished and the boss fight was really fun.
One thing I noticed is a slight lag the first time I shot a new weapon o saw a new explosion. I noticed the same in the TPS demo. I wonder if it's the particle shader being compiled at the point of first use or the lighting. Maybe there's a way to have it preprocessed

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Legatum is  local multiplayer accion game where 2 players (Raiders) battle against a boss (Guardian) controlled by a third. The published version is our first public prototype based on feedback from different events and is free to play.
The release version will include  several guardians, arenas and raiders to choose from. A free version will also be released with limited content.

Get it here:

Rally cool. Played all the levels. It looks really pretty. 

Sometimes Juan would jump vertically without being able to move him to the sides. It was the only bug I found. Not sure when it happened exactly, though.

Pichón is a puzzle platformer where you play as a chubby bird that's constantly bouncing. Fast reflex and good timing will allow you to sort obstacles, activate secret passages and collect the necessary gems to be able to open the door at the end of each level.

It's coming out later today with a 40% launch discount and includes steam keys.

[Sale Link] [ page]

This happened to me too today. Nintendo Switch version but I was offline so I couldn't send the error report.


In the latest version a entered with an archer, got a knight and at some point I don't know what happened but it never switched back to the knight until the archer died.

I finally managed to beat the boss. It'd be nice to have a speedrun mode with leaderboards.

I'd really love to play this on the go. Maybe you could have a free version with a limited amount of lives per day and only the base hero and a paid version that works just like this one.

I love the new version! The timing on the traps works great, especially when there are two or three together that come out at different times.

I noticed the glow changes, but as you said, it's subtle and it doesn't actually tell you which button to press. I like it :)

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I love it! Add a leaderboard if you can.

I didn't know about One Finger Death Punch but I think this one's better for the following reasons:

  • One hit death KO for you player makes you feel you survive because you're better than the AI and not because you have more hitpoints. It feels more hardcore.
  • The fact that you don't get any notification when an enemy enters the attack area makes it feel less like a QTE game and more like an action game, especially with the 2HP guy that may be kicked slightly out of the circle making you miss if you don't pay attention.
  • Better enemy design. "There's a ninja coming and two karate guys. Do I kill the karate guys first or by that time the ninja will arrive and kill me? What if it's the other way around?" and maybe it's the flying kick guy who kills you while focusing on those three.
  • The art style is much, much better. It's coherent, the characters don't look like placeholders compared to the backgrounds, the UI is more streamlined and it doesn't have more "juiciness" than necessary.

If you can add more content without breaking the core mechanics this can be a great game for Steam.

No te puedo pagar por paypal pero a otros aca en itch si, calculo que sera por la restriccion de envios de argentino a argentino. Tenes algun otro medio de pago disponible? Sino te lo acerco en persona en algun evento. Saludos, muy copado el juego.