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Help Pichón bounce from platform to platform to get the gems and escape from the caves · By Noid.EXE

Game crashes after first level

A topic by mdefalla created 7 days ago Views: 16 Replies: 3
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Great looking game. First level plays perfectly. When I complete it the game crashes and I can't go any further. If anyone has any solution it would be greatly appreciated, I'd love to play the rest of this game. I'm using Windows. I'm not tech savvy so I tried running the game as an administrator. No dice.

Hello. I'm sorry you had trouble with the game. A few questions:
- Are you playing on Itch or on Steam?
- Are you on Windows or Linux?

Downloaded the Windows version off of Itch.

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I'm not being able to reproduce it. The save data is stored in %localappdata%\Pichon so it should work even if your account doesn't have administrator privileges.
One thing you can try is running the game with Steam open. There was a bug in an old version where the itch version was expecting the steam api to be available but if you are using version 19 that should be fixed.

If you are using the itchio sandbox try disabling it, though it shouldn't be an issue either. 

If nothing works send an email to linking to this post and I'll send you a steam key to see if that works better.