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Thank you for the words of encouragement man. We'll definitely pick up the game again soon!

This one's a windows game sadly, but I hope you'll enjoy it. Its a turn based combat game where you have only one turn to kill the enemy.

Yes! That was precisely the plan we were going with. If we were making the game without a stringent deadline the game would have 40 base spells with 3 unlocked after each battle. Ideas for the 'spell rewards' include:

  1. Getting back a random spell from the five you used for that battle
  2. Improving the damage value of a spell from your library
  3. Giving unique spells for having killed the monster in a certain way (using curse combo to kill the hydra might give you a stronger unique curse spell)

Not sure which option would be best.

First off I must say that I really appreciate the extensive feedback. The double picking is unintentional. We found out about it like 4 hours before the deadline. The second bug is also on my radar.

As for the UI, this was my initial idea for it.  The available spells in one list and the selected ones in the second list. For the game to work with 7 monsters we initially concluded that we'd have to design 35 spells minimum for the first level (since the pool will be 5 spells less every level) but we were sort of doomed from the start since the scope was so big. The final version of the UI 'works' but overwhelms the players at first sight. So since you brought it up, what do you think of my idea for the improved UI? Would some other aproach be better?

Thanks for playing our game! Hope you try it again when we re-release it.

Haha! Never thought our game would inspire Pikachu memes. Feel honored!

After all the feedback our game got, we definitely will continue work on the game. Designing the other six monsters would be the priority. Spell balancing will definitely be hard but honestly it's one of the things I'm personally looking forward to. It would be really nice to have spells that have some tradeoffs or some that are unique to the game's mechanics. I'm curious to see how the final product would look myself.

(And I'll definitely check out your game)

Very interesting game.  I was very curious to find out how the battles would be fun and unique if all the player has is one card. But having the card get upgraded and getting buffs really made it interesting. Good work on the design!

(Sidenote: Our team's game was also fringe related to Slay the Spire)

Was quite fun playing this. Great idea! The only suggestion I would make would be to make the cards/profiles more readable (I found them a bit too small)

Glad to hear you're as eager to play against the other 6 primordials as we are.

Some details about the monsters will definitely be added to the coming versions of the game and perhaps we also should look at redesigning the UI again so that the players don't feel overwhelmed at first sight. Thank you for your precious feedback and thank you for playing.

With some polist that would be rad! Though I'd have to find someone to play it with me lol. Tabletop games are very pure in the sense that all the focus is on gameplay mechanics.

Absolutely love the sound effects lol. I might have become too biased in my rating but its a good game with interesting puzzles.

Very neat idea. I can see myself developing strategies on the optimal first moves and strategies if I played the game 5 times against someone. Good Work!

(On a sidenote; this kinda reminds me of "The Royal Game of Ur")

Thanks! And yea, with 24 more hours the game could've been polished a bit more. Though I'm happy that people are still finding it interesting in its current state.

I really really appreciate the elaborate feedback. When we first thought about making a one turn kill game, the problem was that each battle could end up being the same, making the game boring and grindy. We had to figure out a way to make the decisions more interesting. Then we decided to make multiple spells and have the gameplay be similar to something like 'Slay the Spire' with spell synergies etc. This created more interesting decision making to the game but did not solve the problem of having each battle be the same. That's how we arrived at the final mechanic of having the spells be one time use. It was apt that the process of selecting the spells was as 'tense' (if it can be called that) as being killed by a giant primordial in one turn.

Though, I must admit the final product fell short of our aim by quite a bit. I will work on the UI a great bit. Have received multiple suggestions about what could use improvement. I hope you'll try out the next iteration of our game when it comes out.

Had fun playing this game. Very interesting concept.

Thank you for the kind words.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

The feature you suggested seems like it would greatly complement the game. I'll be sure to add it when we improve the game further down the road.

My regret is over scoping and at the end only being able to make just one level for our game. It wouldn't have been a problem if it were any other game but this game's core mechanic revolves around punishing the player for over-extending in the earlier levels since the spells can only be used once.

(It's probably easier to understand what I mean by playing the game: )

I'll give it a try again :)

Thank you very much!

Really appreciate the constructive criticism! We do plan on improving the game later and when we do we'll definitely keep your points in mind. We scoped too big for a 48 hour game jam and we were left with 40% of the work still left to do. (These are just empty excuses now)

Glad to hear that you found it interesting. The hope was that with more bosses the player will second guess each spell he takes into battle.

I'm not sure how this adheres to the theme of the jam.
Also, this might be a silly but Im kinda stuck on level 2, can somebody explain if im missing something.

Like the idea behind the game, but some things were sort of confusing.  Like I was finding it hard how to divide the numbers.

What I like about the level design is the progression. It trained me to become a better player. So I re-tried it a bunch and was surprised at how fast I was going. (The character's speed also added to this feeling of mastery)

Turn based combat game where you have only one turn to kill your opponent. Its a bit unpolished but I would greatly appreciate feedback on the concept of it and whether I should continue work on it or not.

Superb level design. Feels quite addictive.

Thank you very much for the encouraging words. The real interesting choices for the game would be trying to beat the level with weaker abilities and save the good abilities for the harder levels. We'll add more bosses soon!