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Edge of the AbyssView game page

"Let us hope that the slumbering behemoth never wakes up."
Submitted by Red Salmon — 11 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#2152.5002.500

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game apply the limitation (and optionally, the theme)?
We play as the boss of a mage group. We have set up a base at the edge of an abyssal rift, aiming to repair it.

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Quartet (4)

What main engine/tool/language did you use to construct the game?

Which diversifiers did you use, if any?

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I managed to softlock myself apparently. On my last expedition I had 7 mages and lost one with the only way to get more being a one time use that was already used. That, or it bugged and only let me use it once. I like the boss mage, she looks pretty cool and I like that there's some voice acting, but there ain't much else here. There's only a few things to do and they go by a little slow (Though I'm not always the most patient of people so take that with a grain of salt) and the music only helps a little with the wait time. I haven't really played many games like this so I don't really know what I could suggest, so... Hope you have a good day and good luck with what ever your next project is (or on this one if you do more with it)


The game is alright to play, I would imagine there to be more variety in the future for how you go about beating the game (also more levels, of course). I never really felt like I had to strategize on how to get to the goal. Building things was pretty sequential and linear. Conceptually, I like where this is going though and can see potential (I understand this is a prototype).

Couple issues with the UI:

- I had to really read to understand the resources needed for each thing that I needed to build or for expeditions. Structuring descriptions in a way that will make things effortless for the user, will help improve the UI immensely.

one example I thought of:



Research Cost: 25

Mages needed: 5

Time: 30 seconds

- counter for expeditions and facility share the same spot on the UI. I definitely think the timers need to have their own specific location - for not only better visual feedback, but to distinguish when multiple processes are going on at once [preferably, I would rather look at a progress bar than a counter - but this works]. The timers sit on top of each other at the moment and bounce between each other to show the numbers counting down which, I guess works, but visually is an eye sore.

- because the game is dependent on actions being described by the UI, it will be important to make sure the UI is as optimized, user friendly, and as visually pleasing as possible. Keep up the work!


Thanks a lot for checking out the game and for the detailed feedback. I really do appreciate the UI tips. Initially I did consider having different timers for each task but it sorta required way more programming than I thought it would lol. That's definitely a feature we're gonna add, along with all the other things you pointed out.


Cool simulation game concept, I love the art and voice acting! The thumbnail captures lots of attention! Here are some feedbacks from me:
I was confused on what I am supposed to do exactly but I figured the win condition after reading awhile. Especially with "Teleportation Circle", I am unclear on what it does maybe due to wording (eg. +5 mages and - 5 Mages in the same sentence). You could add some feedback to indicate when I can't perform a certain action. Also an indicator like a progress bar of the task being performed. That being said, overall job well done to the team! Cheers and have a great time in the jam! :)


Nice work with this, the theming of the music and art works well together. I have an ultra wide monitor, and unfortunately the UI breaks for me. That being said I was able to figure out what to do based on your screenshots.


Oh shoot! Guess I'll have to learn better UI development practices from this. Thanks for the feedback man. Appreciate it!


Something I like to do when building for jams is just force the 1920x1080 aspect ratio. You can change it in build settings -> player settings -> resolution and presentation. It just fits most peoples monitors, and I can focus less on UI and more on the game.


Thanks for the tip. I'll keep that in mind for future versions :)