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Thanks for the feedback!

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The final prototype (version 0.8) coming this November will be the final public build before release. Planned after this point, you'll be able to buy an early-access pass to recieve the latest production build leading up until the final release. The details are still being sorted out, but the alpha+closed beta builds will be available through this kind of system. You can find more information and upates on the official Project Feline website.


Thank you so much for the fan art!

Thank you so much for the fan art! This looks fantastic <3

Thank you so much for this wonderful fan art! This captures the detail and essence of the character really well <3

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm really thrilled that you enjoyed the game and see promise in it :) Haha yeah there will be heaps to fix before the final release, I appreciate the time you took to provide your feedback. If you haven't already, you can follow my game dev journey on my YouTube channel where I post regular dev log videos discussing the game's development!

Thanks for the support!

Thank you! I really appreciate you watching man :)

I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoy my game, and I really appreciate the support :) Thank you so much for playing!

I post regular update videos on my YouTube channel if you want to follow the game's development.

Thank you! I can't make any promises, however I am trying to build the character in such a way where making skins would be possible.

The "bunny-hop" was an intended feature at one point, however I think many agree that it feels more like a bug than a feature. I'll get to work on fixing the continous grip. Thanks for stopping by to leave some feedback, I really appreciate it :)

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Please use the speedrunning thread to share speedrun playthroughs :)

Thank you so much for playing man! Seems like you really enjoyed yourself, and that means a lot to me, I greatly appreciate the support :)

Nice! Great playthrough man, I appreciate it so much that you tried my prototype :)

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I will get my moderators on it right away :)

Glad you like it dude :)

Thanks for notifying me! I will work to repair this at the earlierst opportunity :)

Thank you so much for your feedback,  I will get on these right away!

Thanks Daniel!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I'll see what I can do about this :)

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Welcome to the dedicated discussion channel for Project Feline™! Share your ideas, feedback and critique directly with the developer here!

To report a bug, please use the bug reports thread.

To submit your best speedrun time on the community-moderated leaderboard, please follow the instructions as listed in the speedrunning thread.

To submit fan art for the next episode of the Project Feline™ Dev Log Series, please share it in the fan art thread.

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Report bugs, exploits and glitches you've found in Project  Feline™ here to help improve the game! When reporting a bug please be as thorough as possible, and please avoid posting duplicate reports.

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Share your best times and discuss speedrunning for Project Feline™ here!

Please use this form to submit your speed-run time.

You will need to provide the following information to submit your record:

  • Your discord username (e.g. YourDiscordTag#1234)
  • The name of the map where you performed you run (V-Slice Map or Test Map)
  • The type of run (Time-Trial run, All-Checkpoints run or 100% Collectibles and/or Checkpoints run)
  • Assistance used (None, With Glitches or Bugs, or Tool-Assisted Speedrun)
  • The build version of the game used for your run (found in the read me file included with the build)
  • Your recorded time (in seconds)
  • A video clip as evidence (links to YouTube, Twitch, Gyazo, Dropbox, etc.)

Once submitted, you can view your record on the community-moderated leaderboard!

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Submit your Project Feline™ fan-art here!

Attention: Submissions may be featured on the Official Project Feline™ website and on the next episode of the Project Feline™ Dev Log Series.

Project Feline™ copyright © Raymond Cripps. All rights reserved. Project Feline™, the Project Feline™ logo and the Gabriella Fox character are trademarks of Raymond Cripps.

Great prototype Aiden! The momement style remains very true to Mirror's Edge :)

Thank you for playing! Unfortunately I have put this project down for the time being and as of the past few months have been working on Project: Feline. While this project has a very different tone and is more gameplay-oriented, I am excited to bring some of the concepts explored in Brielle into the plot of Feline. Thanks again for your comment!

Hi! Sorry for the late response, but this volume dilemna you have described appears to be a programming fault. At some point in the projects development, the engine was updated to include more audio and mixing tools. The volume in-game acts a bit wierd because it appears to use a logarithmic scale, so anything below ~70% sounds very very quiet. It also seems that I didn't program the interface clicking sounds to use the volume either, my bad! To answer your second question, I personally use a 0-100 scale as I like to think of it as a percentage (%), and I set the incriment to 10 beause I personally prefer only a fixed level of incriments (e.g. I can't stand it when the TV volume is 19 instead of 20). Although, I am noticing many new games using incriments of 10, or 1.0. For me, 0-100 is just a personal preference.

Thank you so much!

Very fun, witty and polished—great job! I'm sure many would be interested in in the development process for this.

Haha I'm sorry for the abrupt ending man. Unfortunately that's all that was developed for the time being. I may make a return to the project if people like the idea enough. Thanks for playing through the game, your feedback is much appreciated!

ayy thanks for playing through it man 😊 Watching you play was actually pretty funny!