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i think it's possible for gabi to infinitely pick up speed on her own. (peak ~320km/h)

A topic by vinesowo created Jun 05, 2022 Views: 242 Replies: 1
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so i think i have found something pretty interesting. i went into the interchange to play around with a few things in the latest build (v0.11.1) and to mess around with the mechanics. from past game experience from games like quake and apex, i wanted to see if there was a way you could b-hop, in a sense. what i found was pretty cool and though i have seen people mention using rails to pick up massive speed, i havent seen too many people say anything about this specifically. 

as someone really interested in putting time into game development as a possible career, and as someone who loves physics-based games (especially when it comes to movement, i.e. most source games) this is really fascinating for some reason. 

you got a cool game here so far B)


Thank you. This was initially an unintended bug but I have noticed a lot of people seem to enjoy it. In previous versions of this prototype, Gabi's slide would overwrite her momentum with a new value. However, after I implemented Movement 2.0 the slide became additive to the character's momentum.

As it so happens, Gabi's momentum is most extreme right before landing from a moving jump, as the jump carries her forward X momentum while she gains extra momentum in the Z direction from falling. If she performs a slide right as she lands back on the ground from falling, that Z momentum from falling gets accidentally redirected into the slide mechanic and will theoretically continue to add to her momentum indefinitely when performed repeatedly. I guess I didn't catch this when I wrote the movement code, but I am flattered people are enjoying this 'feature' :)