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I'm not sure if this is a glitch/bug, but Gabby looks strange.

A topic by SorinXI created Jul 20, 2020 Views: 708 Replies: 4
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This is coming from someone who has never played the game before, but from videos I've seen, Gabby is supposed to look more like an anime character, right? Also, she runs instead of using her skates. 

For the reasons discussed in this video, I will continue to use placeholder assets for the free public prototype builds. All final assets will be present when the game releases commercially.

Visit the development roadmap for more information.

its been a long time where is the full version

Project Feline is currently in pre-production. No release date is planned to be announced until after the project has commenced production. Development progress is regularly documented on my YouTube channel, my last update was on October 31st. Visit the development roadmap for more information.

Please note that video games take time to develop. I am one person, not a triple-A studio, and I would greatly appreciate your patience.

i guess i wont be able to play the downloadable version in itch io now because im having vulkan problems in my pc