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hehe i am learning to use it too


lol do you mean the gravity is too low

are you learning to use construct?


you only need to run the x86_64 file 

to do that you need to right click the x86_64 file 

go to permissions check the box with the "allow file to run as program"

huh? seems perfectly fine for me

i guess i wont be able to play the downloadable version in itch io now because im having vulkan problems in my pc

its been a long time where is the full version

this isnt available for linux its only an exe file

how do i play this on linux please answer fast

x86 files dont work for my pc but x86_64 does what is the difference?

please reply quick how do i play a x86 format file i pressed the run as program it still doesnt open

this game is gonna be popular in vr but its hard to make it in vr

you got me


im the same xD

i watched videos maybe atleast 15 minutes if u know what to do and where to go

have u already seen how to make a game? if u think this is bad then make one better than this

i suggest that there should be an option to edit the controls on keyboard