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So Orca Flip is required?

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One, keybinds don't save, meaning I have to redo them when I reenter the game. Two, the buttons just can't be properly rebound for some reason. When I hold 'S' (What I rebound down to) it works for changing the direction of my strikes in combat, but not for actually aiming down or crouching. And the buttons also can't be used in the menu, meaning I have to use Up, Down, Right, and Left anyway.

Question: Will the other characters be getting remade like Ruby is?

Is this still being worked on?

Question: Will this just be the trailers, or will it expand into the rest of the show after the four Trailers are finished?

I'm not sure if this is a bug that only I encounter, but, just like the title says, I can't continue after I leave the game, and I am forced to restart the game every time.

This is coming from someone who has never played the game before, but from videos I've seen, Gabby is supposed to look more like an anime character, right? Also, she runs instead of using her skates.