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There appears to be a Keymapping issue . . .

A topic by SorinXI created Apr 13, 2021 Views: 96 Replies: 2
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One, keybinds don't save, meaning I have to redo them when I reenter the game. Two, the buttons just can't be properly rebound for some reason. When I hold 'S' (What I rebound down to) it works for changing the direction of my strikes in combat, but not for actually aiming down or crouching. And the buttons also can't be used in the menu, meaning I have to use Up, Down, Right, and Left anyway.


Hey, thanks for the report. The inputs will be persistent in the next update (I already have a fix ready for that) but I'll look at the down-aiming issue, thanks for that. 

The UI thing is more complicated. I kinda want to keep those immutable so players can't lock themselves into an unusable configuration they can't fix, but if there's enough desire for rebindable UI nav I'll work on it.

Man i beg plz i want the demo plz. 

where X-404 has to fight that sword guy.