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Speedrunning Sticky

A topic by Raymond Cripps created Jun 14, 2019 Views: 1,065 Replies: 25
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Share your best times and discuss speedrunning for Project Feline™ here!

Please use this form to submit your speed-run time.

You will need to provide the following information to submit your record:

  • Your discord username (e.g. YourDiscordTag#1234)
  • The name of the map where you performed you run (V-Slice Map or Test Map)
  • The type of run (Time-Trial run, All-Checkpoints run or 100% Collectibles and/or Checkpoints run)
  • Assistance used (None, With Glitches or Bugs, or Tool-Assisted Speedrun)
  • The build version of the game used for your run (found in the read me file included with the build)
  • Your recorded time (in seconds)
  • A video clip as evidence (links to YouTube, Twitch, Gyazo, Dropbox, etc.)

Once submitted, you can view your record on the community-moderated leaderboard!

Managed to hit 15.67 seconds on the V-slice level. 


Nice! Great playthrough man, I appreciate it so much that you tried my prototype :)

i did the 2nd level with all points in 17 seconds :D

i did it in 15 secs now

my hughscore is on 12 sec with all points

00,13,72 for V-slice

sorry was not recording

new one


anuda one

ye boi

how ?  my best

damn i can't get pass 10 but i'm consistent at 11 imma start grinding but i currently have a 10"90

Best Times:
2.86 seconds (No Points) @ 3:11
12.36 (All Points) @ 9:55

9.1 seconds (No Points) @ 13:42
41.51 seconds (All Points) @ 21:15
new pb

Holy Shit

Oh, it's on now!

Holy i just broke my record, now its on 1.69

Dang. Lowest I can get is 2.09.

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Looks like I found a pretty neat shortcut! :D I saw some other people doing it too, but this is the fastest I could do.

Test level with all points

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My best time 8,86 (No-points)

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  • Map : V-slice 
  • Discordtag : Offshorer#5318
  • run typeTime-Trial run
  • Assistance : with glitches
  • build version : 0.7.0
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