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A topic by LangweiligHD created Jul 18, 2019 Views: 126 Replies: 3
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I really have to say that this game is EPIC... it has some bugs and glitches and no textures but its in development and the concept is so good. I know how much work it is to programm with unreal because im making my own game with it and FELINE is a game that is programmed very well. I couldt make a game as good as that. Thats the only thing i can say.

And to the Dev:

You are making an AWSOME GAME and pls keep going with because i think it will be very popular!

My opinion:

One of the best Indie games i ever played. I really enjoy it :D




Jaro | LangweiligHD


I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoy my game, and I really appreciate the support :) Thank you so much for playing!

I post regular update videos on my YouTube channel if you want to follow the game's development.

I allready watch the series... i love how you explain everything while develoing... its very much fun to watch!


Thank you! I really appreciate you watching man :)