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Fan art Sticky

A topic by Raymond Cripps created Jun 14, 2019 Views: 896 Replies: 9
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Developer (4 edits)

Submit your Project Feline™ fan-art here!

Attention: Submissions may be featured on the Official Project Feline™ website and on the next episode of the Project Feline™ Dev Log Series.

Project Feline™ copyright © Raymond Cripps. All rights reserved. Project Feline™, the Project Feline™ logo and the Gabriella Fox character are trademarks of Raymond Cripps.

fanart, not the best :(

Love the character design,

What you're doing is exactly my dream job, I wish I can become as good as you are!

Good luck with the project!


Thank you so much for this wonderful fan art! This captures the detail and essence of the character really well <3

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here Is a picture I made of your character in my style. 


Thank you so much for the fan art!

Here your daughter, I luv her! >w<


Thank you so much for the fan art! This looks fantastic <3

You're welcome...! I played the game. Can't wait for her full perfomance..!

Keep your working, sir! >w<

this is really cool, almost looks 3d, love it. ^w^

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