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Yep, it's fine, maybe just enclosing this area so you're sure the player will talk to everyone before leaving.
Just a detail, you did a great job !

Ok I get it !
Thank you a ton for the feedback !

No problem ! ;)

I loved it !
Simple and addictive game !
The accessibility is just perfect, the tutorial is neat, I jumped into the game right away !

Congratulations !

I like the graphics/universe a lot !
The story you're telling is also interesting, this game is an art piece in my opinion !

I had a bug with the bees at first, they were fixed with some weird rotation and scale.

Anyways, a surprising introspective game that I would recommend !

Interesting game, a lot of content for just a jam !
I love the retro art style  and the effort putted in the environment.

For a finished product, I would have loved to have an introduction / tutorial helping me to understand what I'm supposed to do right away. Maybe starting in an enclosed area with pnjs explaining how to play.

Good job.

Thank you a ton !

Thank you for your feedback !
And thank you for the advises, it means a lot !

I know the game is a bit difficult, maybe with a bit more time I can try to improve on that, exploring more the puzzle side instead of focusing on the platformer side.

Again, thank you !

Yep, for real !
A friend of mine made it, he is real good at video games.
After training for only one hour and a half he got better than me !

Your  score is very good tho, congrats !

Hey, good idea, I think you can create something really interesting out of it!
Maybe adjust the difficulty at the very start so it'll be more beginner friendly.

The game idea really fits the theme, it's original and interesting to play.
Good job !

Good job ! 😉
Thank you so much for the shutout !

Hello there, I hope you're all doing great !

As this functionality is a bit hidden, I though it was interesting to talk about it here.
If you manage to finish Lost In Parallels (~15 levels), you'll unlock the speedrun mode !

In speedrun mode, you have a timer, try to finish the game as fast as you can !
In the end you'll have your speedrun score, you can publish it to the online leaderboard:

The leaderboard shows top 25 speedrunners, so there is still some room for you, see you there ;)

By the way I saw you were stuck so here is a little bit of help if you want to experience the game further:

Place the light like so and fall down, then move the mouse to the bottom.

Thank you !!
Your feedback is meaningful to us !

That was funny to play !
A very original platformer. The way you motivate the player to progress is smart !

I love the graphics/animations !
Congrats !

Thank you so much !!!!!!!
I had so much fun creating it while streaming !
Thanks again 🤩

Thank you so much !
See you in the speedrun leaderboard ;)

I really enjoyed playing it !!

My personal best : 11000
It is so fun to play, the graphics are great !
If I can suggest an improvement I would recommend to start with some easier chunks in the random generation, and add power ups and difficulty in the next chunks.

Still it might be the game I had the more fun playing !

A very ambitious project, and well made ! Congratulations !

I loved the sound design and to hear your voice.
I am amazed by the amount of polishing, the level/main/settings menus are perfect !

Again, congratulations it's almost a game you could publish right away !

I like the art style and the general vibe.
Hopefully you can create a full game out of it !
I'm waiting to see more 😉

Thank you a ton for the feedback !

Concerning the mouse, this issue happens only on the HTML version and is due to a browser overlay.
2 solutions:
- Click the game so your cursor get captured into it which is how it is supposed to be played.
- Download the game, everything should work just fine.

Again, thank you!

Thank you so much !
I tried my best to tweak the learning/difficulty curve, I'm so happy you enjoyed playing !

A good concept for a Halloween game !
The 3D impressed me, the house has plenty of different rooms.

I like the door opening mechanic and the sound effect.
I recommend you to add more objects/details to each room.
Also an ambient music and more sfx (walking...)  would help to create a stressful environment !

Also adding something threatening the player would add a lot of fun !

A lot of fun playing it !
I'm impressed by how fast you made this, congratulations !

Thank you !
I recommend to play with A and D or Q and D depending on the keyboard layout.
I'll post a fix with W an UpArrow as alternatives jump commands.

I'm making Godot Tutorials and more recently a Devlog Series.
I published a full series on how to create an original art style 2D shooter game, it has great feedback so you might be interested checking it out.
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