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Same happened with me

Hi I tried to get to the end of the map. I made a video about how far I reached. The map seems infinite to me, So I guess it's generated on the fly when you discover more the game proc gen more?

I'm love it!

I win finally! 

Nice game. CONGRATZ!

Thank Jupiter!

Thank you all for the great jam and the nice comments! Sorry if I was a little inactive...


Polished game, I rated 5/5!

Pretty neat, and totally enough for first project.

So satisfying shooting enemies.

Woooot I can shoot behind the buildings and hit the nasty UFOs blindly! It's a great success for a game made only 15 hours, not so interesting gameplaywise.

(WINDOWS 7 Pro x64) If you use the select tool, then you want to use the rectangle (or ellipse) tool it always draw dashed line and I can't figure out how to restore (program restart helps) you can even change the width of the dashed line which is very nice! but no option to get back to normal rectangle.

Also shortcuts seems very aggressive, I cannot even write comment here, because it swallows my U,E,I letters and the spaces

Thank you! However I cannot find the -O10 in the man page, only -O1, -O2 and -O3

I wonder how you guys optimized your animations to keep the size below 3 MB.

I had to use GIMP, resize from 320x320 to 64x64 and resave to get ~1-2 MB, but they seem blurry in

But there I see plenty of long animgifs, which aren't blurry.


I've finished capturing and uploading some animated gif finally.

Play it here:

Some drifting: