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What tool to optimize AnimGIFs

A topic by Puli Games created Apr 22, 2016 Views: 246 Replies: 2
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I wonder how you guys optimized your animations to keep the size below 3 MB.

I had to use GIMP, resize from 320x320 to 64x64 and resave to get ~1-2 MB, but they seem blurry in

But there I see plenty of long animgifs, which aren't blurry.

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You can use the commandline tool gifsicle to optimise gifs. Just running a gif into it with the -O10 flag can reduce the file size a significant amount. It can also be used to reduce the colours or change the gif's dimensions, which can help a lot to reduce the file size, too.


Thank you! However I cannot find the -O10 in the man page, only -O1, -O2 and -O3