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Good to know! Thank you!

It's different from a game store traditionally, I wonder, if you actually buy it for some price, if your purchase continues even if the dev changes the price. Cause looks like you buy the download, not the game itself when it's free...

Such a modern and coll take! These visuals are out of this world!

Such a well polish gameplay and graphics! Very nice! I enjoyed play it a lot!

Nice concept! I had some fun! Nice done!

That waS Really out of the box for an inside box game. 

Fun survival game! I like the upgrades. Good Job! Well done

Neat story! Cool art! Solid Entry! Congratulations!

I love the art style! It's a great job! Neat concept! The fail screen was a blast!

Nice art! I like the gameplay, but a little bit of feedback on what I'm hit would be nicer! But good Job!

Nice game! I Like it a lot! Unfortunately, I lost my mom's funeral, what a hard Game Over!I had the stick in my inventory but wasn't able to use it as a lever... At least I thought it will work like that. hehehe  Nice done thou! 

Really fun game! Nice work! EXCEllent art! I had so much fun with! Congratulations!

Very well put together! Congratulations! Nice work! 

Very good game! The puzzles are very challenging, great art. Amazing work! Congratulations!

I played the Linux version! The sound is too loud, oooh... Nice art style, simple gameplay but never simpler! Nice done! Very good job! Congratulations!

Nice done! It's more challenging than  I thought it will be! Nice visuals, cool audios, neat gameplay! Congratulations!

Very Juicy! Excellent pollish! One the best games I played! Congratulations!

Very very good! Nice art, audio, gameplay! BRAVO! Excellent job! Congratulations!

Sounds Effects are so Great! This game made my day! Thank you so much for submitting it! THANK YOU!!!!!

I saw it's your first game. The bug on the second level doesn't allow me to finish it! It's a good entry, The sound's on walking is a bit too loud, and on your page, those colors, don't help the reading!

But keep working! Nice art style! Good job!

Very, very smart design! The visuals are very simple! But the gameplay is at a good pace! Congratulations!

Cool take on the theme. I think I never saw some take like this! Great work!

Very nice game! Interesting take on the theme, maybe a bit too easy and the gameplay gets old fast. But still a nice entry! Congratulations!

Nice art style and music! Very interesting take on the theme! Nice job!

Very nice visuals! Nice music! Very simple to play! Congratulations! Very nice game!

Very nice game, with excellent visuals, audio on point. The only negative point I found, was after dead almost on the end of the level I return to the begging with nothing to do other than jump platforms. But it's not a problem, it's a design choice. Other than that one of the best I played so far!

That's no surprise! unfortunately, I left one or two bugs unfixed. Time flys fast at the end of the Jam! Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!!!

Thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback!

I thought on to make a tutorial level, but I expended most of my end time fixing bugs, and as you could see, I still left one or two there. Thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback!

I rated and played your game yesterday and forget to leave a message... Sorry about that! I love the mechanics and the take on the theme! Excellent execution, visuals are simple, but not simpler. Awesome audio! It's a good job! Well done!

Hahahaha Sorry about that! Thanks for playing!


Very nice Game! Outstanding job! Congratulations!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! 

Love the game! The art style is just fantastic! A very good approach to the theme!

The controls are a bit hard to get it first! But after that, is a very good experience! Congratulations! Good Job!

Nice music! very simple, and it's good experience overall congratulations!

Nice audio! Nice Visuals, neat gameplay! Everything put together is a great game and an awesome entry! Congratulations!