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I am also getting this crash. I can email you my save file too if that helps? (It specifically crashes when I move the cursor left twice, after opening the import menu. Also the import menu seems empty when I open it, maybe bug or maybe I don't understand how it works)

I imagine you should be able to get this game compiling for Windows in a very similar way to the build.bat pull request for Factory Farming.


Oh also I had to add a definition for M_PI myself (maybe windows math.h doesn't define this?) and removed "static" from the main function (it complains about static functions being dll exported).

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I was able to get a windows .dll version of the game compiled using the source code on Github for use with the Playdate Simulator on Windows. Would you be interested in integrating that at all? It's basically just a build.bat that expects a VS 2022 MSVC compiler to be installed, and then it compiles all the .c files with CL and links with LINK. The game seems to work fine overall. The only problem I've seen is a bunch of <?> characters that are probably due to line-ending differences on windows, and may even just be the way I cloned the repository. This should be pretty fixable.

A post jam version will be available after voting has ended that has a much better difficulty curve as well as a bunch of new features and fixes.

This is such a nice idea with all hand drawn art. The concept is simple but it's very relevant and memorable! Nice job!

This is a totally unique idea and I love it! I had a problem where my camera would rotate constantly to the right when I wasn't moving my mouse when not in fullscreen. Then changing the fullscreen seemed to drop me below the map. Once I figured that out though I had some fun squishing all the buildings. Not sure what a good score was, but I got 399. The squashed people started following me around, not sure if they are trying to stop my carnage or something? I love the billboard display of which dice face is up and the UI to tell you of the active effect. Nice job!

I don't really know what's happening other than that pressing the various buttons makes the hand with the hat move to catch the yellow dot. Not sure what the dice does or why the various panels become unavailable at random times

I wasn't sure what determined the number that resulted when you dropped a die off a ledge. Is it based on fall distance? Or some defined sequence? Overall though I love the style and the concept!

The control scheme feels great! I didn't actually get what was happening with the heat meter or the required number of wok jiggles before I could serve? Overall though this is an excellent execution presentation and a pretty unique idea. I love the sticky notes on the side that give you information!

This is a great execution of the rolling cube nuances. Ultimately it felt like a lot of the levels boil down to doing a few circles until my rotation matches but it's executed well and there was a perfect number of levels. Great job!

Didn't realize I could change my arc with W and S for a long while. Seemed like 6's were a straight up death sentence haha Once I found out I could I ended up getting a 3 on holes 7 and 8 (it really was just luck though tbf). Great game! It's a little hard to see what's gonna happen, but I like that there is some sort of simulated die being thrown that helps a decent amount

So I remember DeMaLaw playing this yesterday and having found the instructions I feel like i understand this quite a bit better now. However there are couple of things I'm still confused by. What are the +/- stats on the Light/Medium/Heavy Roll screen for? Are they tied to which roll I select. When I am rolling to attack or defend, which side is which? Am I on the left in both scenarios? Is the attacker always on one side maybe? Seems like there were a bunch of scenarios where I thought I won or I thought I lost but the outcome I was expecting didn't happen. I like the concept of having a bit of choice in how my random outcome is weighted (the light/medium/heavy option) and the flow of the game works pretty well. Nice job getting it all working!

Yeah I'd like to go back in and make some better visual effects for various mechanics. Also adding a few more simpler battles maybe to get your feet wet with some of the simpler mechanics before having a bunch all happening at once would probably help.

Thanks so much!

I think there are a few things that contribute to this and I'd like to address a few after the jam. Thanks for playing though!

Totally agree with the hard to start part. Thanks for sticking through it!

Yup I totally agree, and we might do some work post jam to make a better on-ramp experience. It ended up being a pretty tight fit to even have a complete game experience so it didn't leave much time for tuning the dice and the battles perfectly, nor making sure all the mechanics that were happening were visually apparent. Thanks for playing our game!

This is a great interpretation of the theme. Literally a rolling die that you have to use platforms to guide it to the goal. However, is level 2 possible? seems like the platform activated by the green button will often switch to going back down the minute the dice is on top of it, causing the dice to hit the right hand wall and lose all it's momentum. Maybe I'm missing something about the logic for this platform.

Yeah sorry we couldn’t have a web version. I’ve been working towards having web assembly support in the custom engine but haven’t finished it yet. Hopefully the video gives you a good idea of what the game is at least

This was a really unique one! Really takes the "Roll of the Die" concept in life decisions context out for a spin. I really liked the idea of reading someone's description and trying to break it down into simple categories. Games are often a simplification of the real world but have a core of truth, and this is a good example of that I feel. Life has way more than 4 categories of hesitance but building the skill of identifying your own hesitance feels productive and so game-ifying that is really nice!

If I had to give one point of feedback, the font that was used for the text, for whatever reason, made it really hard for me to notice when text changed on screen so sometimes I would miss new text that appeared. For a bit I thought I was working with one person and trying various combinations, only to realize the text was changing whether I got it right or wrong.

I got stuck on the third? level (first one with the intangibility potion). I like the powerups and the platforming works alright, though I'm not sure where the theme comes into play besides that the player character is a die image? Maybe later in the game?

Is there any downside to placing infinite towers? It's not a super fun game but I like the starting point and it is understandable what is happening!

The description at the beginning didn't make immediate sense and I had to restart to go read it when I started getting stuck. It is an interesting idea and a competent execution though (fast move speeds, clear indication of the capsules state). There are some bugs with resetting and the lack of description or screenshots makes it really hard for anyone to want to download. Highly recommend adding some information to the game page that describes how to play.

I give this full 5/5 on all. It's super nice sounding, the puzzle mechanics are interesting, the length is perfect, the controls are really intuitive (for both mouse AND WASD control since each has it's merits). It has ghost die that help you look ahead some. Special numbers like 4 are easy to recognize and think about. Really nice job!

I love the idea of doing a racing game with the "rolling." A versus game is hard to test with a jam because I don't have anyone here to test with me and there seems to be no one available to play atm. I'm not sure what the countdown does really besides pausing me for a second? I see the icons on the ground give me effects but it's not clear if they last forever? Or if they fade after a certain number of moves or something? The art style is really good though! It feels super clean

Thanks again for playing!

I love the art style with the squishy animation and cube dudes. At first I thought applying a rolled number to a field was increasing the damage that field did, not stocking a pool of limited uses. Also not sure what the logic is for what the new number will be because it seems like it's not just adding the number rolled. Ultimately I ended up trying to survive on only spells because that seemed to give me the most longevity

I loved the art style. Took me a bit to read what was happening with the non-fullscreen window (shame fullscreen breaks it but what you gonna do?). Also took me a bit to figure out what was happening with the two buttons but once I did I really like the idea of a two button system that has like 2-3 systems integrated into it. The red and blue markers help a ton for reading where you are going to go and eventually I realized the marks around the buttons are telling you "# spaces" you will move. I like the idea of the combo system because it comes with a risk of choosing some lesser options just to fulfill the combo. Really cool game!

At first I thought it was a relatively straightforward process and there was no way it would end up being a really good puzzle. Once you introduce ice though and especially double ice, it gets much more interesting and starts to call out some of the interesting aspects of properly faced dice. I would I could move a bit faster, decrease the volume, and not be in full screen, but otherwise it is a rather polished and minimalist experience!

Yup, we ended up having quite a few more effects in play and not enough time to make them all visually demonstrated. Hopefully the tooltip system helped. We will probably spend some time tuning the dice types and organizing which dice the bosses and grunts use a bit better. Thank you for playing!

Another thing that could help is to make sure each sprite in the sheet is separated by some transparent pixels. This would allow a program to easily split by connected regions to find all the sprites.

Very good puzzle game for a game jam! I liked the dialogue, was just intriguing enough that I wanted to see what the bird would say next. The only real complaint I have in general is that some of the animations could play faster or some things could let me move while they are happening (like the full-screen fades).

I really liked the slow build on exploration that was given by the longer tether as you progressed. Wish there was a bit more in the world or that it was clearer where the edges were. Also the control scheme was really weird to have boosting be bound to both buttons being pressed at the same time. Also is there a way to actually "win" the game?

The artwork and idea were superb! The idea behind swing a ball and letting it loose is great though it can be a bit annoying to really do in a tactful manner. I often wanted to try and get the moon version set up in such a way that it would just continually do damage while I just dodged bullets but the large re-connection radius always got in the way. That could be intentional to try and discourage that behavior but I would have found it satisfying to do had it been a viable strategy I think

Not sure exactly what the goal was but I really liked the feel of pulling carts together and seeing the locking animation. I kind of wish there was more options to swing on the drones overhead to go forward or backward and find more carts. Took me a while to figure out why the carts were disconnecting though. I guess it's the earthquake like effect that is happening every now and then? Maybe could use a bit more visual indication that a cart off screen disconnected. Also the carts often come in and auto-connect without me needing to do anything

Yeah I was really happy with what were able to get done at the end of the jam but upon replaying it I do feel like it leaves too much on the cutting room floor to be very enjoyable in it's current state. We had a lot of fun creating pixel art in this style and we had a bunch of ideas for programming/computer related humor but at the end of the day we didn't have enough time to really get a good flow to the story/exploration and the missing battles just hit home that feeling of stuff missing or not working very well. At some point I'd like to revisit this project and put in the combat system we were planning (or at least regular combat). I'd also love to expand the dialogue for the characters in the game and add quite a few more. We'll see if that ever actually happens though

The left arm (my left, his right) of the bird on the left hand side of the screen likes to start rapidly moving up and down over time. The movements get more energetic as the program has been open longer (or maybe as more things are typed?). Not sure how the joints on that arm are calculated/positioned. Could it be a weird physics bug? Or something else? Let me know if you want more information or if you've seen this problem before

Just played the demo. Would love to see the rest of the game