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I really liked the slow build on exploration that was given by the longer tether as you progressed. Wish there was a bit more in the world or that it was clearer where the edges were. Also the control scheme was really weird to have boosting be bound to both buttons being pressed at the same time. Also is there a way to actually "win" the game?

The artwork and idea were superb! The idea behind swing a ball and letting it loose is great though it can be a bit annoying to really do in a tactful manner. I often wanted to try and get the moon version set up in such a way that it would just continually do damage while I just dodged bullets but the large re-connection radius always got in the way. That could be intentional to try and discourage that behavior but I would have found it satisfying to do had it been a viable strategy I think

Not sure exactly what the goal was but I really liked the feel of pulling carts together and seeing the locking animation. I kind of wish there was more options to swing on the drones overhead to go forward or backward and find more carts. Took me a while to figure out why the carts were disconnecting though. I guess it's the earthquake like effect that is happening every now and then? Maybe could use a bit more visual indication that a cart off screen disconnected. Also the carts often come in and auto-connect without me needing to do anything

Yeah I was really happy with what were able to get done at the end of the jam but upon replaying it I do feel like it leaves too much on the cutting room floor to be very enjoyable in it's current state. We had a lot of fun creating pixel art in this style and we had a bunch of ideas for programming/computer related humor but at the end of the day we didn't have enough time to really get a good flow to the story/exploration and the missing battles just hit home that feeling of stuff missing or not working very well. At some point I'd like to revisit this project and put in the combat system we were planning (or at least regular combat). I'd also love to expand the dialogue for the characters in the game and add quite a few more. We'll see if that ever actually happens though

The left arm (my left, his right) of the bird on the left hand side of the screen likes to start rapidly moving up and down over time. The movements get more energetic as the program has been open longer (or maybe as more things are typed?). Not sure how the joints on that arm are calculated/positioned. Could it be a weird physics bug? Or something else? Let me know if you want more information or if you've seen this problem before

Just played the demo. Would love to see the rest of the game

Love the zoom out at the end. Awesome implementation of simple concept

Overall a nice experience. It would be nice if the grenade was a bit smaller and didn't collide with enemies. It was a bit hard to throw it down ledges and get it to land anywhere useful. I like the way you had to remember which weapons work on which enemies though overall I think the gameplay was a little easy (not a bad thing for a jam game). I only played till wave 4, not sure if anything changes after that?

Thanks so much! We had a lot of fun making them

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Yeah Devon (the Level Designer @DeMaLaw) was the one that wrote the text for each level. I didn't get a chance to read it much until the game was finished and then I was surprised by how much character he put into it. Definitely a great addition to the game

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much! Yeah we had a lot of fun finding stuff to make sound effects here in the basement. We used a vice and some wooden boards to make the track placing sound

Yeah a mini-map wouldn't have been a bad idea. I think I will release a version after the voting has ended where the view follows the end of the track rather than the train which should solve a lot of problems. We could also allow you to zoom in and out or maybe look around  the map at the beginning before the train starts moving

Thanks for playing! Luckily the things we decided to do fit together pretty well this time around

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Try running the vc_redist.x64.exe as well. I thought we weren't actually dependent on it anymore but it looks like we are still.

Hey Michirin, sorry it's not working still. What is the error you get when running it now?

Wonderful idea and executed pretty well too! I wish it was a little easier to see when the spring was fully compressed. The triangle cutout and wheel don't really make for an intuitive feel for where the jump initiates. Also some of the platforming was a bit unforgiving and hard to see where the collision was.

Thanks for the kind words. We had a lot planned too that went unfinished but the mechanics we chose happened to work pretty well on their own.

This game is very morbid feeling though it feels like that's the intent and it's spot on with the animation for when you stab people. I wish the people didn't spawn in and out so often. I like the weird feeling to the game that comes from the music and the grainy effect. Overall it's an interesting experience

Ah upon further inspection I see that the books are dying when they touch the puddles. I guess I just didn't notice when I originally played

This game is great haha Really nice way to take the theme and making a little driving game out of it. I think that a different viewpoint and maybe some sound effects / particle effects would help you visualize what's happening with the car but overall not a bad implementation for a game jam

This was a fun text adventure. I really liked reading half of the conversion at a time when logged in to each persons computer. The passwords weren't too difficult but it took me a bit because it was a bit unclear how long/hard they could be and the format of the "information bar" on the left was a bit confusing at first. Definitely worth playing if you like text adventures

Wow the 3D character animation and cutscenes were wonderful. Not something you normally seen done well in a game jam like this. I wasn't sure what to do once I got to the part where it said I had to let it grow into the purple cross area since I had already cut all of the bushes that spawned outside the initial square and nothing ever grew after that.

Had a lot of fun with the rainbow dash emotion. Wasn't sure what the controls were at first but they all seemed to be pretty intuitive. Wasn't quite sure how to use the crying emotion. Overall not a bad experience

Love the music and the graphics aren't bad. Also not a bad idea for "out of control". The space ship is quite hard to handle and get close to astroids to actual get resources though. I suppose I wish I had a bit more control haha Overall not a bad game

I couldn't figure out how to move the ship, WASD, Shift, and Space seemed to do nothing. The ship would tilt to my mouse just fine and Q and E did roll it but I could never maneuver to hit the 3rd target (which I believe is the first one that you are not automatically set up to hit). Not sure if I missed something or not

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Great idea for a control themed game! The use of the control button is a little wonky but it's thematic so I'll give it a pass. I got stuck on the level with 4 controls. Seems like I at least need 5 to solve it. Definitely a good feeling puzzle game though. Nice job!

Yup it's a bit of a last minute oversight that using the mouse while doing commands would require 3 hands. Hopefully it's still beatable and fun but definitely something that we would have fixed given more time. Thanks so much for playing!

Yup definitely something that I would love to fix. We started realizing we need to be able to look ahead a little easier on Sunday morning so we didn't have a lot of time to remedy the issue properly. Thanks for playing though, and nice job completing it! \o/

Thanks so much for playing and the kind words! I think we all worked together really well during this game jam and our engine really helped us get a lot of stuff figured out quickly so we could focus on adding all of the mechanics/systems we wanted. There's a bunch of stuff we didn't have time for that we had planned to do but the simple sheep mechanic made it in and I think that was a good choice for one that compliments the gameplay nicely and is understandable to most people.

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Yeah I was typing the description on Itch for the game and went to type "breaks", stopped and thought "that's not right...", and then realized I had spelt brakes wrong somewhere in the game. Turns out it's the very first sentence you read xD There was not time to fix it and repackage so it remains the way it is haha. Yeah given more time we probably would have disabled the combos that aren't showing on the left but I didn't have enough time to restrict it and test that the game was still completable so I just left them available at all times but had the cards disappear properly. Yeah the commands for left and right are sort of intentionally confusing. We could have done something a bit easier though, it's hard to say what works better for the design.

Haha yeah we originally wanted to make levels where the train started to move faster and beat of the song was faster. Turned out to be pretty difficult as it is. It also used to be a bit of a rythm game at one point where you couldn't input commands too fast since you only had smoke coming out on the beat of the song but we scrapped that restriction since it made it especially harsh feeling. Thanks for playing!

Yup I think this is probbly one of the most common complaints and definitely valid. We tried to remedy it at last minute with some mouse camera movement but it resulted in some weird 3-handed feeling controls

Awesome! I'm glad your enjoyed it! :D

Thanks for the detailed feedback,  this is great! Yeah I always forget that the default resolution of our window isn't 1920x1080 since I'm used to fullscreening it the minute it opens. We were planning to do some better logic for how to layout the cards when you had less screen-space but ran out of time. The mouse was a last minute addition to try and remedy some of the later levels that we only got testing/working on the last day and were starting to get larger so yeah that's why it's a bit jenky to use. Normally I just just move the mouse around at the beginning of the level and then play with my hands always on the keyboard. You can actually click on the conductor guy to submit commands but then your mouse is always in the bottom middle of the screen so not much better. Yeah the sheep were supposed to play a single sound effect per whistle but for some reason the code that is supposed to prevent multiple of the same sound effect didn't work and it was a little last minute to try and fix.

Thanks so much! We're really happy with our result this year. We still had a harsh crunch time near the end but we got a lot of our goals completed. Also had an out of bounds write bug in the last few hours which was scary haha but we found it quickly enough and fixed it so that was a relief.

Thanks for playing!  Yeah the mouse movement was added in the last few hours as a hot fix for some of the last minute levels that were getting bigger and could feel frustrating without any control over the camera. We really love sheep it seems since they tend to show up a lot in our games haha. The random rotation of the sheep as they scatter was actually just a test to see why they weren't rotating like I wanted them to, turned out to be funny enough that we just left it and moved on to more pressing matters. Again, thanks for playing! :D

I like the idea although the limited options for movement up the various levels was a bit difficult and it's pretty easy to miss clicking on a unit you were trying to direct. Really love the visual style of the UI and everything though, felt very well put together

Those cars are deadly man haha I would have had fun with some levels that just had a bunch of lava, kind of like a top down lemmings game almost. Not a bad job. I did find the first level confusing since there was no hazards and they take a long time to reach the bottom