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I'd love to hear more about this jimmy pattern

Amazing, a work of art

Absolutely fantastic ! Loved it thoroughly !

If I had to suggest anything, I just wish the ball customization was a bit more complete. It really feels like there's only 1 or 2 decent builds and different parts don't change much of the ball in the end.

But as I said, the game concept and execution was superb.

I fixed that, thanks for finding this !

Oh thanks! 😁

How does the letter minigame ends ? We'Re stuck on it.

That was really cute ! I especially liked the artstyle. Good job for a week game.

(1 edit)

Just replayed it, the game definitely feels more fair without the pressure of playing so many games in a week, I just don't think the combat is very engaging. I've beaten Sutur (while last time I could only get to room 3) and it really boiled down to use the same tactic over and over for a half hour to finish the game.

  • Deal with the mage first because they spam bubble way too fast 
  • Regroup the small enemies and beat them with the heavy attack
  • Deal with the trolls. 
  • Rinse and repeat.

Also I found that the i-frames were really short, I would lose 2 hearts on a single bubble. Other things I didn't quite understand : Didn't have to use the dash at all to win, why does the heavy attack no do more damage than the light attack ?, why did the combo do not add some damage to the base attack, why 2 waves of enemies per room (nothing changes between waves)? and the favor system, I did not understand that it was an upgrade per run thing at first.

I know I sound harsh, but what's the point of feedback otherwise '^^

The game as a good base, movement is good, attacks are good, I just find the whole experience too long and repetitive.

Wow, one of the best lookign game of the jame ! I really liked the mechanics and the rage aspect of it was super fun.

I did had to redo half the game because there was no pause menu (got it by a toy while I was away and hitting escape brought me back to the main menu woops)

But other than that, really fun platformer, good work you three :)

I must be a special kind of dumb, it took me like 10 minutes to figure out the switch in the intro level lol.

That said, that was a really really cool game. I did not get much out of the rope mechanic, but the core game loop was very satisfying and the game is super pretty. Good work !

Actually beaten the machine yeah !

This was absolutely fantastic. A funny and quirky little idle game. The art was gorgeous, the premise really cool and the minigames were just fun enough for this type of game.

It starts a bit slow and ends a bit fast, but really, it's just fine for a jam playthrough. Loved it, GG !

Neat little clicker game ! Game loop could use some refinement, right now it's just a long wait until you lose, but for what is there, it's fully functionnal, 

Good job :) 

That was interesting ! I could get past the second pit unfortunately, the premise is cool, the implementation wasn't the best. GG on submitting something tho !

Really fun take on the limitation !I would definitely play this at a bar on a real arcade for hours. I wish the game had keyboard controls but other than than it's really a fun arcade game !

And the "'nana" just cracks me up

Wow that's the nicest thing i've read in a long time ! Thank you so much for the kind words. Every game had its ups and downs and you really summed it up nicely here.

And if you want more, this game is actually inspired by the game and watch gallery series on the gameboy and gameboy advance, especially the Donkey Kong junior "modern" version. 

Thanks again !

Game looks really good (even tho a bit hard to see at times) and gameplay is really fluid. But I'm also really bad at shooters like this, Could just not beat the microwave, but I had a good time !

Neat idea, I think there isn't enough to do as the boss, I fixed everything as I could and promoted everyone I could, 5 minutes later I was still in the red, never seeing any profit.

Game looks good and is well executed. GG

A fun little match-3 game. Game looks really good and the dialog with the boss is pretty cute. I think there are some bugs, as sometimes, when I selected tiles on the edge, it would select tiles diagonally on the other side. And a little nitpick, it felt were to have all the menus working with the keyboard but the game is played with the mouse :P

All and all a neat little game :)

Thanks! Yeah those are all valid points. Moving the flower around is on my lost, and on harder sifficulties the repeatition isn't as bothersome, but i should have changed that. 

Alao for the tree, you need to hit that same root/branch as the one in level one to go back in the tree! It's even written on the game page 😉

Anyway, thanks a lot for playing! 

Thanks ! You need to hit the root/branch, like the same one as in the first level so a leaf platform will appear under the tree door.

And thanks ! I'm a big game & watch gallery fan, so it really was the inspiration for this game :)

It's a shame the voice lines couldn't be in the game ! I like the controls and vibes it's just unfinished right now, it was a great basis for the jam.

This was soooooo friggin' good ! The longest I've played a jam game in forever. Solved every puzzle, it was just such a clever take on the theme and the final mechanic *chef kiss* 

If I had to nitpick, some of the logic was hard to understand. There were definitely moments I was like "yeah I should be able there no ?" and I couldn't. Same with the green bars, sometimes you only needed a box on one side and sometimes on both sides. Resetting the whole puzzle on falling off was meh, and finally, moving on top of another box was clunky, I has to reset once or twice because the moving box would kick me out.

But really those are really just nitpicks, fantastic puzzle game top to bottom.

I really liked the colour palette and the boss design. But the game is brutal, I could get farther on each try, but the game is too slow for my taste and my hand got tired of firing so much.

Fun stuff, too hard for me.

Thanks! That is the one issue i couldn't solve before the end of the jam! 


Thanks a lot dor the kind words, I'm so glad you loved it! The trick for the third coin is ro go higher on the vine next to the queen and move left from there, but only once you grabbed the flower 🌸 

And nice highscores! You took over the right side of the leaderboard :) 

Thanks, fair points. 

Thanks! Yeah I tried to be extra careful to give warnings before anything since you move so fast. I'll try to rework the movement a bit post jam

Thanks! Definitely inspired by it 🙂

Thank you very much, really glad you loved it :D

Thanks you so much! I think the controls are really love it or hate it from what I'm seeing

Thanks you! I don't think many got the reference, I'm a big fan of the game and watch gallery games :) 

Thank you I think you're right about the repeatitiveness

I really like the concept here ! (I'm a big peggle fan, so this tickles my fancy). I only wish the pegs were moving a bit up-and-down or left-and-right or something. Now every shot feels the same. With that I would have enjoyed the game even more.

Nice concept with a lot of potential !

A fantastic experience ! Loved every moment of it. The beginning had a bit of a "Getting over it" feeling while I got used to the controls. But the ledge mechanic was really well thought and well executed, really good job !

I looooove 3D platformers ! This was really fun, the momentum was a bit clunky at times, but I had a real good time and the story was super cute too. Good job !

That was a fantatsi little platformer ! The last level wast pretty challenging but I managed to get through. Music was really fitting too. The camera could have been a bit smoother, but I had a good time. Good job !

I like the look of the mafia boss character. Game is a bit slow and repetitive, but it's all working well.

A really good looking platformer. Had to download it too, wouldn't play on the browser.  Physics could be a little better, enjoyable game :)