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Great sokoban variation !
Liked it all the way trough !

Amazing game !I Finished it at 100%, good job !

This was especially hard !

This was super super cool. Reminded me of the game and watch gallery games.

Frankly, your remake is better than the original !

Amazing job Wiedo ! 
It was almost too hard for me to 100% but I managed to do it.

Almost tempted to download trenchbroom now.

I managed to do it, no S ending '^^

Hey, is there a "S" ending on distortions for saving both sacrifices ?

Really liked it, level 7 was definitely the hardest of the bunch !

Thank you so much, that would be great.

Sent you an email last friday !

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Here it is ! 
It's a bit janky in the extra levels, but it should help you.

Yeah, I can work on that, I'll let you know

Merci ! C'est un de- make d'un jeu qui existe déjà !
Ahah c'est une vraie affaire le gamejam contre le capitalisme !??!

Thanks for the nice words ! 
Will work on clarity for sure :)

Thanks a lot for the feedbacks, really happy you liked it enough to finish it !

I see what you mean about the sokoban part, the game really challenges the player in both a numerical way and a spatial way. And it's not because you like one that you'll like the other. Hope the balance is good enough for both type of players.

Thanks again for playing through the main quest !

Nice work on making something pretty good that works on both the computer and on mobile !

I had several crashes while trying to play, but as I see from the other comments, you are already aware of that.

Other than that, the game is responsive and works well. It's not my favorite type of puzzle tho, I feel like I can't imagine the results in advance, so I end up just trying things until it works, so it's not super satisfying.

But I could see this being pretty fun for people that can do this kind of projection, it reminds me of playing chess in a sense.

Well done ! 

That was an interesting twist on the good ol' tetris formula.

Having to juggle shapes, positioning and colors all at the same time was pretty tricky. I ended up with a score of 258, is that good ?

A relaxing game, would love to see an online leaderboard and a bit more mechanics to vary the game play (right now the game is a little bit long for what it is).

Nice jam game, good job ! 

Thanks, glad you liked it !

Really sweet puzzle platformer. I love how you integrated the growing mechanic in moth the gameplay and the overall goal of the game.

I think some polish would go a long way to make this even better. Controls felt a bit wonkly at times, and I managed to cheese my way through the last level because I made a bad move and I think I would have been softlocked otherwise.

But that say, great mechanics, great length and great difficulty for a jam.

Would love to see more.

Thanks, really glad you liked it !

I will work on clarity for sure if I continue working on the game.

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Oh yeah, another 2048 inspired game in the jam !

I really liked the twist you bring to the 2048 formula, having objectives on top of the regular game really brings another layer of strategy to the game, that's amazing.

What I liked less is the presentation of the game. The flower motif is really good, but the low resolution made distinguishing the different flowers really hard at a glance (especially those of same colors like the 16 and the 2). And the story does nothing to me, not the subject matter, but just having to read so much stuff between levels isn't for me (but I'm sure others might love it).

And even though the gameplay is really fun, I'm not sure there is enough diversity for 20 different levels, I feel like 10 would have been a sweet spot for the jam.

Anyway, really cute, really charming and super clever.

You made something very fun !

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The premise of the game is pretty interesting.

Playing with the different organisms and seeing them grow is pretty satisfying.

That said, there is too much randomness and down time for it to really be engaging.

In level 4 I had several organisms with only 1 square left to match the pattern, but the game just never gave it to me. I spent like 10 minutes, duplicating stuff to have a go at getting the pattern, not receiving it, keeping 1 good organism and duplicating it again, rinse and repeat.

Also the mutating function wasn't available to me somehow ?

I know it sounds a bit harsh, but the main gimmick is pretty fun, I just think some mechanics needs to be streamlined for it to be really great.

There is a good foundation in there :)

What a great puzzle game !

I had a really great time beating almost all the levels. I’m at 13 as of writing this, and I have beaten everything, including the + levels.

Something that wasn’t that good was the first contact I had with the game. Took me a while to figure out the control scheme. But once I understood, I had a blast!

So many good ahah moments. A fun twist on snake bird that I will definitely complete later 😎

That was really soothing somehow !

The water can being a permanent pick up that does go back was really clever and overall, moving the flowers around at the same time was satisfying.

I especially liked the transition between levels.

Great jam game !

Very good take on the theme !

Overall a relaxing experience where making contraptions is very satisfying.

That said, I find the planning and execution to be pretty tiring. The game is fun, don't get me wrong, but seeing your creation fail after 15 minutes of placing arrows and having to redo the whole thing is very devastating.

And the connector tutorial wasn't all that clear.

But all and all, very creative and clever puzzle game.

Good job !

Oh sweet, your game reminds me of tricky towers, that's a good thing !

The core mechanic is working well, I do prefer having some objectives and not just a simple personal highscore to beat.

But what is there, if fully functional and fun to play with, nice work.

And side note, I found a funny exploit : if your tower is rapidly growing enough, you can make blocks spawn on top of each other and launch into the sky really quickly 

I did a highscore of 181 meters high

Thanks, glad you liked it! 

Yeah I see your point, if I continue working on it, I'll see if I can make those rules more organic.

Fair points, that's all good !
I'm just trying to give some constructive cristicism and not just "game is great" to help everyone learn from their games :)

Hack is a big word ahah. 

Right click, inspect, if you find the iframe you can change the width and height to see the full game

I really liked the puzzle mechanics here! (even tho the first level wasn't super easy to understand )

There is serious potential with what you made here.

Right now what's holding you back is the little amount of content and the lack of an undo button. 

I don't know if you want to push this further but I will keep an eye out, I think you can make something great with the foundation you've laid out in 10 days.

Great work !

Thanks for playing !
You bring up a good point, the levels are all designed around that mechanic, but I could make the interaction clearer to the player somehow. Maybe the ground is clearer around the tiles to tell you that if you bring something there it will merge.

Anyway thanks again, I might even consider the "merge on push" as a future mechanic if I continue working on the game :)

Wow that was unexpected ahah.

I had quite a good time trying to figure out that secret ending.

Not a long game but a really clever one, very good job !

What fun twist on the theme !

I really like the controls and the general bibe of the game. planting trees and seeing the cart move was super satisfying.

That said, I found that most of the puzzles were : put some peppers and ramps until you reach the goal. And since the puzzle is physics based, some of my solutions did work, but it took like 10 tries before it did so, which made the solutions a bit less satisfying to figure out.

Nonetheless, a very unique puzzle game in the jam ! I completed every level and I had funb doing so. The second-to-last puzzle was pretty hard, I wonder what's your solution on that one.

Nice work !

The screenshot

I was quite happy to see a 3D game in the jam ! It stands out from the amount of 2D grid games.

But I'm sorry, I couldn't figure out anything. The puzzle room is very overwhelming and doens't have much guidance.

I think I have to write DNA sequences around the middle pedestal to make a leaf appear or something ?

With a bit of a tutorial I think your game could be really cool, but right now it's pretty confusing, at least to me.

I ran into the distance, fell into the void and snapped this cool screenshot instead !

Does this game have jumpscares ? 

I got to the gas leak and it really like a "The maze" kind of jumpscare situation, and I just really really dislike that kind of game, so that's not for me.

The premise and presentation was pretty interesting up to that point tho.

(1 edit)

A relaxing game for sure.

I had a bit of trouble starting the game: the resolution was too high for my screen, the web build got stuck at 50% and the options menu didn't load.

That said, the game is fully functional and relaxing to play.

Cool recreation of Alchemy.

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That was a good variation on the "Snake needs to fill the board" type of puzzles.

I really like how you managed to teach every mechanic without needing any text, that was cleverly designed.

What's holding you back is the lack of music and features outside of the main gameplay loop.

But, the core gameplay is engaging and I can see this having a lot of potential, especially with the different level objectives. Those last levels were quite fun !

Good job !