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So, some time ago, around September, I made a cute video game in which you collect lightning bolts. You are the hand of Zeus, and while Zeus seduces the ladies, you have to collect lightning bolts for when he gets angry and needs to throw them at people.  It is a high speed catch-the-objects-you-want and avoid-the-obstacles game.

I put a bit of work in to it, my brother did the vocals, and then in the middle I got this feeling it would not be the most successful game ever.

So I submitted it to the Alakajam feedback fortnite event.  I got some nice feedback.  🙃  One of the nice things someone said was "you should put that game in the Alakajam tournament!" They told me about this tournament, and then I completely forgot about it.

When the tournament came, they put my game in it despite the fact I forgot to sign up!  

So I encourage you to play my game!

If you get very high scores, submit them to the tournament! 

Although it looks very rough now, I'm currently in progress replacing all the assets (as much as I like the emoji bombs and batteries) and cleaning it up as best I can.  I have a new build and it's about 50% of the way to release.  I've fixed the memory leaks, object pooled all the things, changed the background and most of the images.  One thing I'm still struggling with is having the size the game look good at all resolutions.  I'm trying to make it so you can play this on a portrait mode phone, but every thing I try to make it fit on multiple resolutions just does not seem to work.  I've been coming up with some creative solutions that I will write a post elsewhere about.

I include an image but really it needs a gif or something to really see how it plays.  You can watch Voxel play it (unfortunately without sound) on youtube, though!  (Sound really is half the fun!)

Thank you for checking out my game!

I would love it if you would make a clear license file.  For example, am I allowed to use these in my games?  Perhaps you intended them for personal or non commercial projects only?  I might assume since that you are releasing them to the world and asking donations that you are intending them for any use, but I am not sure I can assume that legally.  A license file clearly indicating what rights are granted would clear this all up.

Thank you!  Teşeküller!

I sometimes test things when not logged in, or as my Game Jam alternate account, so sometimes my own views do get tracked.  

Another thought is that as far as I can tell, itch tracks "views", so if anyone looks at the webpage, it counts.  If they don't actually play the game (it's a web game, they actually have to click it to play), it can still count as  a "view".

I've been using the Itch API and I love it!  I made a script to work with BitBar and now in my menu bar and now I see immediately how many views/downloads my games have had.  However, the only thing I get is aggregate, and while I am considering writing code such that  it logs so that I can see daily views and downloads, I was wondering if that could be a thing that be done on the Itch side?  

As much as I love the totals I get from the API, I would love to have more data from the page, in particular, views/downloads per specific day, and the referrers data.  

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you have only uploaded a Windows executable.  It would be nice if this was indicated.

This is a very cute game!  

I posted a devlog to my game, but it didn't appear to be mirrored here.  In the hope that more than just the few players I get see the devlog, I'm linking to it here.  I hope this isn't against the rules, or there is another proper way to have my devlog appear in the Community forums instead of just my own.

I hope you read it!  If not - TL;DR - making money from games is hard.

For in HTML games, is there a way to have more than one version available without making multiple projects?  I have a version I'd like to have my beta testers play, but I know it has enough bugs that I don't want to put it up for general usage.  

If this doesn't currently exist, then let me suggest it as a feature request.  Not only is it nice for beta testing new versions of HTML games, but it is also sometimes nice to play older versions of games as well.

...  that was a design choice.  We wanted the music to stop when you were contemplating your question.

I'll modify it so the music quiets down rather than suddenly stops.  I'll convene with the artist and see what she thinks.  One man's feature is another man's bug.  If it looks like it's broken, I'll change it so it looks purposely done.

I want to revisit the music altogether!  People who play through the game say they got sick of the music (and the developer says this too  ;) but once upon a time I had the idea that each page would have its own music.  Time to get on that!

Wow!  Thank you for your wonderful review!  Some of the things you've said are to be expected, but some are surprising!

You are the first person who has said that the art is creepy and uncalming.  Most are saying "wow that's beautiful!"  It's all hand watercolor paintings  (with some post processing).  Perhaps we hit the brightness/contrast buttons too hard.

The UI isn't something anyone has talked to me about so far, but  have been struggling with it.  I think it might be a bit obvious I made the game, and then tried to figure out how the UI goes.  Not only that, there are several cases where I am trying to think up something that looks good, and a cartoony UI would make things easier to see but I haven't done it, thinking that it would seem out of place in the game.  The UI is (mostly) hand drawn and painted too, actually.

You've given me a bit to think about!  I had thought  the difficulty ramped up too quickly, but I eventually got frustrated tuning it!  I may replace the menus with something more cartoony.  I'm currently working on making pop-up features to highlight some of the unique aspects of the game - my analytics tell me that very few people find Ella, so I keep modifying it to make it easier for her to find.  And although I hate the idea of a window popping up and saying "go do this!", I'm starting realize why it is so common in games.

Thank you again for your wonderful review!

Will you give us coverage?  ;)

Have a look at my game, though I'm pushing the iOS and Android versions more.  It's definitely not a "gamer's game", though it's even harder when you are trying to figure out how to target the casual crowd.

I released my game about a month ago, and I got about 35 views here (half of which I suspect were me testing the game and sitelock features), 50 downloads each on the iOS and Android app stores, and about 500 views on Newgrounds.  Newgrounds has some sort of gamification thing so that people play new games and rate them, which is nice.  I'm not sure if Newgrounds will work for your game, they seem to be only free games over there.

I'd love to hear suggestions too.  I keep getting more reception for my unfinished Ludum Dare games than I do this recent project, even when I post on LD that it is a remake of an old Ludum Dare game!

For other people trying to do this, here is the simple solution I'm using:

    private void CheckWithUnity() 
        string urlPath = Application.absoluteURL.ToLower();
        Debug.Log(urlPath);  // For determining where I am hosted
        if(!urlPath.Contains(""))) {

I like the idea, especially if it were an optional flag.  I am  really not enjoying trying to figure this out myself, and the ready made solutions on the net don't work, and the conventional advice tells you not to follow simple solutions since they have so many ways to get around them.

In the interest of not having my game be spread around the internet without my permission (I don't mind people playing for free, but if someone puts ads on my game, I want the money from it!), I'm currently trying to write code that figures out where my HTML game is being played, and redirects to if necessary.  I'm using Unity's WebGL, so it's also strange from that perspective (I can call external javascript but firefox gives all sorts of security warnings when I do).  Are there any suggestions or recommended ways of doing this?  

Also, what are the servers that itch will serve from?  In particular, I see, are there others I will have to assume exist?

Thanks in advance.

I would love it if you would all try out my game and tell me what you think.  It's free to play in the browser! Any feedback is welcome.  Let me know if it is fun, if it is boring, if you didn't figure out how it works, etc.  I'm still fixing bugs but I'm open to hearing bug reports.

Every one of us has a busy day. We run around and try to complete the tasks of the daily routine. And at the and of it, we realize we don’t spare much time for ourselves.

We know that you need a break. And a method to clear your mind.

This game is designed for that. You will sit down and play it. You will first play the game, collect the smiley faces. Every level has beautiful scenery to help you get relaxed. And while collecting the balls you will recognize your daily worries will clear up.

Then you will meet with our wise characters, Ella the wood nymph, Chuck the old sailor, and the secret ancient character you will meet at the end of the game. They will feel your worries and answer your questions with their wisdom and sometimes with their sense of humor.

This is a game that aims touch your inner self. It is not about collecting balls, it is about making you smile. Collect the smiley faces and don’t forget to smile.

Also available on mobile devices!