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Would it be possible to make the 'alt' rotation relative to the angle of the camera, rather than the angle of the object you're rotating? This just hit me as something that might make that mechanic feel more consistent, even though it's only really needed to get objects unstuck.

You say that titanium and adamantite are too expensive, but they're actually much quicker to upgrade to then the second metal, tin.

With copper at 10$ and tin at $500, you need to sell 500 ingots worth of copper to reach tin. (not including grips/guards) After that, you only need to sell 20 ingots of tin for iron (at $1000), 50 ingot ofs iron for adelite (at $5000) and that cycle repeats. (Unless it's changed since I last looked.)

This is related to an ongoing bug, where a blade already part of a weapon reattaches to another grip/guard. The resulting sword has no value associated with the blade, whereas the remaining grip which had its blade removed retains the value of the blade. (Non-sword weapons also have this bug)

If you're clever, this bug is quite exploitable. Performing the bug again (attaching the valueless blade to a new grip) will give the blade's value to the previously connected grip.

Just to clarify what's happening. You're showing the customer the weapons they want (1H-Hammer). They then look at the closest weapon to them (Polearm), and take that instead.

To avoid this, make sure there are no other weapons closer to them than the one you're handing them. Even better, as customer won't yet pick weapons off of selves when they arrive (Bug 2), you can keep your weapons further back in the store until needed.

  1. Known bug. Customers seem to take the closest weapon, once they notice the weapon they want is in their range.
  2. Customers don't notice weapons that are already inside their range when they enter the store, you need to take any weapon out of the range and put it back in for them to notice it.
  3. Generally when you craft a weapon, the guard/grip stays still and the blade teleports into place. If the guard is pointing into the table, attaching a blade to it will cause the weapon to be stuck. To fix this, hold alt while looking at the weapon to rotate it (ignoring physics), until it is out of the table.
  4. This is because the grab system pulls the item to a fixed position in front of you, usually closer to you than the item originally was. When the item snaps to this position, it pushes anything on top of it at highs speeds. Be careful picking up an item at the bottom of stack, and you should be fine.

Hopefully you can use these workarounds in the meantime.

The radial menu detects how many ingots are on the anvil to determine which options are available. For instance, hammers do not have a one ingot hammer head, and as such will not be selectable with only one ingot on the anvil.

As far as I know, they're only available in Sandbox mode.

Axes have 2 ingot and 3 ingot heads, both of which are attached to 2-handed grips.

Shields are made of 5 parts total; 3 different types small parts (Not sure if they were 1 or 2 ingots), 1 large part (Needs +1 ingot than the small) and the board. Hitting a part on the anvil will change it between types. I don't think boards can currently be crafted, but they can be combined with an appropriate border and the 3 small parts.

Also, you can't equip a tool of the same type you currently have equipped. You can't equip a hammer while wielding a hammer, or an axe while wielding an axe. The default tool counts as a hammer, so you have to pick up an axe first.

Worked out how to equip tools, it's pretty buggy though.

When you first equip an axe, the axe is teleported to what I assume is the origin of the space, and floats there as if carried by a player.
When you first equip a hammer, it follows you properly, until you use it on an anvil which will freeze it in in it's place at the end of your swing.

When a tool is dropped after using it the first time, the parts physically separate, but moving the handle will make the head float in the same direction. The head still highlights, but can not be interacted with. The tool can be equipped again.

If you then equip the axe for the second time, if follows the player around properly.
If you equip a hammer for a second time, it acts just as before.

When a tool is dropped for the second time, the parts separate again (if they were fixed), and the handle no longer highlights. You can no longer use the handle for anything, or equip the tool.

Aside from equipping tools, I'm not sure how you're supposed to turn wood into boards, hitting them only seems to make firewood.

Or one person frantically keeping the store stocked (and reasonably neat) while their friend clumsily makes stuff for the customer.

For the anvil in sandbox mode, update to 0.0.731

I haven't worked out how to chop trees or logs yet, can anyone help with that?

#1: Place any combined parts on the anvil the hit the anvil with your hammer to break them apart. Make sure you hit the anvil, not the parts you want to separate.

The customers will only notice weapons that go from outside their detection radius to inside their detection radius once their in the shop. You have to take the weapon you want to give them outside their detection radius and give it back to them for them to notice it.

Dagger blades require 1 ingot, sword blades and hammer heads require 2 to be on the anvil at the same time, and great swords/hammers require 3. Make sure each ingot in in a different spot on the anvil (sometimes they lock into the same spot, and only 1 of them will be detected)

#5: To break things apart on the anvil, you need to hit the anvil, not the thing you want to break apart. It took me a while to notice this, and it worked every time since.

If you have a part (usually grip or guard) that refuses to connect to anything, take it to the anvil and separate it from whatever it thinks it's attached to. This, as well as your #4 issue usually happen shortly after the #1 issue.

Take the pole arm with the blade to the anvil and hit the anvil with your hammer. Separates the parts, so you can sell the blade again! (without restarting the game)

Also, all weapon heads can be attached to pole arm grips ;)

I wouldn't have thought of stealing back the weapon heads after the customer has bought it, I thought you needed the workbench to change parts like that.

Version 0.0.72

Would it be possible to turn a customer into one of the other random npcs after they leave the shop? This would essentially despawn them sooner, without having to bring the exit portal right next to the shop. Getting them to have the same appearance and weapon might be hard, but it avoids the issue nicely.

In any case, it's great to hear that you've got plans for this.

Each weapon is sold at a 10% markup + charisma + rush. This means each copper ingot used to make a weapon that is sold nets you $1 profit, so the early game goes really slowly. Ignoring the cost of everything else, you would need to sell 500 copper ingots worth of stuff to get a single tin bar. The other stuff is where you make most of your money early game.

Once you get to tin, things pick up a bit. Each ingot is now giving you a $50 profit, so only 20 ingots to get to iron. Once you get there, it's only 50 Iron to adelite, 20 adelite to mythril, 50 mythril to adamantine and 20 adamantine to titanium. Of course, by the time you've got to the higher tiers, your customers will be really impatient making it hard to meet their demands.

#1: The AI don't seem to notice weapons that you haven't given to them, and in order for the AI to notice them, it has to be outside of, and then enter their 'detection radius'. (So take the weapon off the table, turn around with it and give it back to them)

#2: Sometimes an AI will get stuck, preventing further AI spawns. Usually closing your shop (clicking on the door sign) will reset their pathfinding and let them leave, but if that fails you can walk up to them and push them around.

Would it be possible to have customers come more frequently? I understand that currently you only have a single customer spawned in at a time as it is now, but it would be a much more natural way to increase player challenge by having more customers, compared to decreasing the customers' patience. Having the customers queue up could be difficult to program though, but this would give them a reason to have less patience. The rate at which customers come on a given day could also be determined by how many customers were satisfied the previous day.

Maybe once you can upgrade your store, you could have room for multiple customers at once, which would increase the potential for players to earn money even further while making it an added challenge to satisfy all customers.

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With the current parts that you have, there are a lot of combinations that look like perfectly reasonable, or even better weapons compared to the weapons currently in the game. Could you add some of them?

Complete Weapon set

Titanium Weapon Set

The Titanium tools, from left to right, would be called: Great Hammer, Great Sledgehammer, Pole-Arm (Or Sledgehammer), Hammer, Small Hammer, Dagger, Spear, Short Sword, Long Sword, Lance, Great Lance, Great Sword. (Not sure on Long Sword).

As an extra note, could you have customers be less picky on some occasions, asking for weapons with attributes such as 'light, heavy, big, small, sharp, blunt, long', with multiple weapons fitting each category. For instance, a "sharp, long" weapon would be either of the lances, the spear, or maybe even the great sword.

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One of my customers bought a tin one-handed sword for $22. In the purchase history list, the sale was only for a "one handed sword" (no material). That $1k of lost materials really hurt that early in the game, but I've since recovered.

The one-handed sword in question had the type 3 blade (hit twice while hot, with the hole in the middle), a fancy grip and the guard. I didn't give the sword to the person in any particularly unusual way. You might want to look into this if it wasn't a once-off weirdness.