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With the current parts that you have, there are a lot of combinations that look like perfectly reasonable, or even better weapons compared to the weapons currently in the game. Could you add some of them?

Complete Weapon set

Titanium Weapon Set

The Titanium tools, from left to right, would be called: Great Hammer, Great Sledgehammer, Pole-Arm (Or Sledgehammer), Hammer, Small Hammer, Dagger, Spear, Short Sword, Long Sword, Lance, Great Lance, Great Sword. (Not sure on Long Sword).

As an extra note, could you have customers be less picky on some occasions, asking for weapons with attributes such as 'light, heavy, big, small, sharp, blunt, long', with multiple weapons fitting each category. For instance, a "sharp, long" weapon would be either of the lances, the spear, or maybe even the great sword.