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Would it be possible to have customers come more frequently? I understand that currently you only have a single customer spawned in at a time as it is now, but it would be a much more natural way to increase player challenge by having more customers, compared to decreasing the customers' patience. Having the customers queue up could be difficult to program though, but this would give them a reason to have less patience. The rate at which customers come on a given day could also be determined by how many customers were satisfied the previous day.

Maybe once you can upgrade your store, you could have room for multiple customers at once, which would increase the potential for players to earn money even further while making it an added challenge to satisfy all customers.

Hi Platoonsgt1! Not sure about customer queuing, but the frequency of customers will be adjusted in upcoming patches (currently they have a long walk to the shop, which puts a big downtime in between customers). So you'll be able to stay busier throughout the day. Happy Smithing!

Also, at the moment, with how buggy AI is, it will be difficult to have two customers at the same time. I am working on a solution but it won't be in game for a bit.

Thank you!


Would it be possible to turn a customer into one of the other random npcs after they leave the shop? This would essentially despawn them sooner, without having to bring the exit portal right next to the shop. Getting them to have the same appearance and weapon might be hard, but it avoids the issue nicely.

In any case, it's great to hear that you've got plans for this.