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yeah lol I found it fun to try & die s

till solid work to get it done for the jam & I found the physics of the objects going crazy around you was fun :)

thanks so much for playing & the review :)

& yes we had some trouble getting the controls working how we wanted & it's evident that there is definitely room for more improvement in that area. It's good to know someone took note of that as I made sure they fit nicely into the die holes for that exact reason.

yeah no problem, although I will admit when I read them initially I had no idea what was going on. It was only after playing it for a bit that I came back and read what was going on lol

How awesome and original, was not what I was expecting but in a good way. As others have said wasn't the greatest playing the same levels over & over but they were pretty well designed so that made it slightly more endurable at least for the first few try's. Well done overall & congrats on finishing it before the end of the jam :)

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you made me give it a second try after I died to give it a go with a bit more strategy, that says something. Well done on completing your game & making it feel so balanced as well :)

the timer is a great addition 

loved the main menu and art style which made it feel extremely polished my only comment is that the controls for player 2 (blue dude) did not work on my keyboard (perhaps this is because I don't have a numpad). Cool concept though with a very creative implementation of the theme :)

Awesome take on the theme with creative gameplay that had a wonderful flow from kicking dice to a bullet hell. My only comment is that if you manage to kick the dice against other dice it becomes quite easy for a while; which might be able to be fixed by speeding up the difficulty curve maybe, idk. Well done though extremely polished :)

loved the music & title screen was great. The way you implemented the random weapon idea was clever, funny and worked really well. Well done :)

Loved the cute art style, and the music was good, just got a bit repetitive by the end. Well done :)

I really like the look of all the art in this game with the low poly texture. The leaf blower felt a bit weak initially and the sound from it was quite harsh as well. & the concept was good it just felt like you needed to focus on the puzzle side with the dice (the buttons) or just have like obstacles and a ton of dice you had to try and get to the finish line. But as I said before the models in this game are great; there is no chance I could ever make anything look that good. Good luck on your future game-making journey though :)

What an interesting way to take the theme: put a spin on an old classic! Never would of thought of it, & nicely done as well might I say.

Cool concept would definitely be interesting to explore further perhaps on a smaller scale :)

yeah lol we saw a mario odyssey mini game very similar to this after. 

& yes we had some ideas that we would like to implement now after the jam and we might  see about implementing the pushing a block that then doesn't rotate you idea; as that one sounds interesting. 

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed it

I think this 82 is a decent time idk, was good fun. Although it took me a second to understand the different classes abilities once I did it became quite interesting and enjoyable

Good fun, I enjoyed playing, the music is great and really ties in the levels. Although I did find it a bit long towards the end. & also wonder if on the boss level whether you can roll a negative trait like slow movement; which I feel would make the boss impossible.

lmao I just looked at your game and ours is like the exact same

"dicey escapes?". We weren't really focused on the title and only thought of this at the end. And the ? was an accident by a team member; in that they were asking if we thought it was a good name. But we kept it specifically because I feel it helps convey the ambiguity behind the "lore" of the game

thanks so much is one of the things we take pride in

Was just the asset pack we used. We were gonna go for an island floating in the sky but game jam. So might change it to some sort of factory tile looking block after dunno.

thanks and ye the way we did collisions was a bit buggy because we did it out own way for reasons, thanks for the feedback though :)

& we also ran out of time to make more levels lol

thanks so much 


we're planning on it, glad you enjoyed:)

& unity is great for this kind of thing as well 

& we do plan on adding more levels it was just not our main focus being a game jam and all (as I'm sure you would imagine)

Thanks that really means a lot. & if you keep going at it you start finding that those things you doubted about can become possible especially with some shameless use of YouTube tutorials to figure out how to do those things.

yeah lol and also as you said 20 levels is a lot of work

Well we do plan on doing some more & we'll have a look into that bug

thanks so much, we're glad you enjoyed it. & we plan on adding more content soon as we have some ideas.

well it was one of our inspirations lol

thanks glad you liked it :)

We are so glad you enjoyed it, & you'll have to thank one of our mates for putting together that bopping soundtrack

thanks, we had our mishaps at times but we got there in the end.

should be fixed now

should be fixed now

should be fixed now

thanks for the feedback I am looking into it now

my favourite game so far, my only ask would be for something to happen when you get all the unlockables & I feel like a distance of 41m & 10m high is a pretty good score but I might be alone in that opinion. well done guys.