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I love the art direction and different levels having their own palette! The 8 directional sprite and movement are also very nice. Would love to see future iterations and the vision getting realized.

The game is very polished and the controls feels great. The last few levels are a little challenging because you can't see what's in front, I wish there's loot for replenishing health. I really love the final sequence where you fly past everything else. Great entry.

Very addicting game with lots of potential. I think the growth curve needs to be faster for it to be more rewarding. It would be nice to see the milk count grow every second instead of every 30s.

I like how open ended the game is. The characters and the intro animations are very charming. I wish there's more happening during the designing section. An idea I had is to have the characters expressed their reaction when I put down a piece of furniture. Great game either way.

The levels are well design, with great use of coin indicators, I never find myself lost. My favorite area is the final space area, the platform with particles are very pretty. The spike collision can sometimes be a little janky. I would also suggest juicing up the game with particle effects and nice transitions. My final stats are Deaths:74, Coins: 309, Time: 21mins.

Very creative puzzle and utilization of the mechanics. I especially like the multi-screen puzzles. I sometimes got ambushed by off screen enemies, but the respond time is quick, so it's not a big problem.

Very impressed with the scale of the game. During the exploration sections, the world feels large and alive. One aspect you could improve is to flesh out the npc dialogues.

The characters and story are very charming. Love the message too! I wish my game had a story like this. 

I love the concept. Feel free to contact me if you need help with the programming.

Thank you, Aeris!

Very cool concept and an impressive number of levels for such a tight deadline. I encountered a bug where the sun and moon keep multiplying every time the level restarts and eventually crashes the game.

Cool and unique gameplay. The impact frame is INSANE. I have no complaints. Full score from me.

Cool and unique gameplay. The impact frame is INSANE. I have no complaints. Full score from me.

The concept art looks so beautiful. I look forward to the full release of the game. 

Love the little details about the game, how the waking is synced to the bgm, the parallax background, and the Fly Me to the Moon remixes! The mechanic is also very fun. Perfect little game for the jam.

I absolutely adore this game, played it twice to get the different endings. The final scene made me emotional. The storytelling and all the minigames are perfect. This deserves my highest rating.

I like the idea of managing multiple outposts.  Polishing up the moment and controls, and I can see myself playing it nonstop.

It's a very addicting gameplay loop. The art, soundtrack, and theming are great.

I wish the space shooter section had more fleshed out and more visual flares. IMO, making it faster-paced, having smaller entity sizes, and larger and interesting bullets, could really improve player engagement. The upgrades felt overused. You couldn't afford the interesting ones until the late game. I know my review might sound harsh, but please take it positively.  I had great fun playing the game.

Thank you, Maplewood. I really like your work too! I hope we can work together someday. Starry Serenade is out now at Would love to hear what you think.

Hi Andrea, are you still available to make a piece of bgm for my celestial-themed puzzle game? I can tell you more about the game if you are interested. You can find me on the Discord server @pke1029.

I adore this game. Love the wholesome vibe and the art style is really pretty. The animations feel smooth and lively. Can't believe you did all this by yourself! Great work!

Thank you for the kind words!

The scene and premise are simple yet so charming. Love the vibes and the firework at the end is a treat. Happy hibernation day!

Absolutely stunning! Love the artwork with the parallax, and all the vfx make the game feels alive. 

I love this game 🐸


Very cute game! Your link to the Ludum Dare page is not working for some reason. I would love to give it a rating! 

I got to agree that this is one of the best games in the jam. I am not very proficient with C# language and I wish the NPC would explain the effect of the code block to me during the selection screen. I spent a few hours playing the game and thoroughly enjoyed the game!  

This game deserves more plays! I really enjoyed playing all the different levels. The game feels very polished and the art and music are great too! One feedback I have is that I wish the velocity of the ball is replaced by my input instead of adding to the current velocity so that the control feels more responsive and the ball is actually traveling in the direction of my input. 

Thank you for playing our game! I am flattered that our game has reached many people! 

Thank you for playing (and the feedback on Discord)! We wanted to create a relaxing and dreamy experience, and I am glad that you agree.

I agree the game is a bit repetitive. Initially, I kind of intended the game to be endless, but later I decided that having an ending would be rewarding to the player, so I just choose an arbitrary number of 3 loops before the game ends. I'd certainly like to expand on the gameplay if I had time! Thanks for playing our game! 

It's very impressive that you are able to build a game around a problem that would usually only be interested by academics (I am fully aware of how hard that is!). The complexity of the scheduling problem also makes up a great captivating game. I really enjoyed playing it! I gave it a few tries and my highest score is 81 (by maximizing on the air drones). 

Just purely for my own interest, would you mind sharing how the road network is represented (weighted graph?) and what kind of scheduling algorithm did you use? 

Love the implementation of the worm moving mechanics and making puzzles around it. It's also very clever to use springs to simulate the worm joint dynamics! (I love games that incorporate physics simulation and I wish I have thought of this!) The movement is polished and intuitive to move around. Overall, I think this is a very solid entry to the jam. 

Very unique mechanics. I am not sure if I completed the game, I got to the point where the frog king says something along the line of "I just want to save my queen" and the game brings me back to the title page. I didn't get to save my friend :( 

This is just my opinion, but I think the unique mechanics and the art assets (they are very beautiful and I wish I could interact with them) would make a better puzzle game than a combat one, like the one where you light a fire at the beginning of the game. Without the combat pressuring you to make a decision, there would be less fumbling and frustration. Overall, I think the game has a lot of potentials and I really enjoyed playing it. 

Thank you for the feedback! I agree that the gameplay is a bit lacking in depth and your points are very valid. I heard in an interview with the Hollow Knight devs in which they mentioned they keep polishing their game before adding new elements so that they can release it at any point and that idea resonated with me. I wanted to prioritize creating an enjoyable experience for the player and spent most of my time polishing right after the maze system is done. It also took me a while to experiment and fix the 3D library (and I see my main contribution to the jam to be the blend of 2D and 3D pixel art aesthetic and the movement mechanics instead of the gameplay). Celeste is also one of the games that I looked up to, and I am glad to hear that you think the visuals are up to the standard of @starling's script and that it reminded you of Celeste! Anyhow, I will keep your suggestions in mind and hope to focus more on the gameplay aspect in the future! 

Thank you! We spent a lot of time (and maybe too much time) adding little details to make the world feel alive. I hope you liked it! 

Thank you! We wanted to break away from the adventure RPG convension where you have the stakes of losing the game and choose to focus on the player experience and creating a peaceful game! I hope you enjoyed the game. 

Thank you for playing! We wanted to experiment with a new and different visual style for our game and we are glad that you liked it! 

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Fun little game. I enjoyed playing it. Very impressive that you even made mobile builds! 

I enjoyed playing the game. Love the graphics and the characters are very charming!