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Thank you for saying that :) I'm glad you enjoyed it

Thank you very much :D I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's our first ever game, so we really didn't know how to set up a proper player controller XD. Anyway thanks for playing  :)

Loved it! Amazing graphics, smart idea for the topic and really funny game! Adorable :D One of the best I have played!

Nice graphics

Amazing visuals! :) 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :) The music was literally made in 5 minutes in GarageBand :P

Never thought I'd be controlling Theo :D Nice game, the mechanics feel good. Good job!

Such a cool and well executed idea. Congrats!

Interesting idea. It got pretty challenging at the and but it was fun! Just the keys took a bit of time to refresh so that was a bit frustrating. But it was a nice idea to keep on switching the keys, definitely felt out of control!

Fun and good looking game! The idea was nice and fit the theme really well. Maybe some of the hitboxes were a bit too big (the tree should've been just the trunk, so you're able to go under the leaves). Overall great and fun game :)

Nice! The ship felt a bit out of control all the time. Guess it's kinda the point. I enjoyed playing it.

Omg I'm so bad at multitasking... Great game! Very well executed, loved the looks and the gameplay. Making the little blobs go at different speeds makes it so hard! Good job, keep it up.

Such a nice game to play. Nice visuals and nice sound design. It was a bit confusing to actually know what was going on with the upgrades and stuff, and it felt wrong when most of my cells went out of the screen only to never come back. But the gameplay was fun, original and pleasant. Good job!!

Loved the atmosphere and aesthetic! and the player controls felt pretty nice too. I just missed a bit more of tension or "out-of-controlness", because i could stand still in the middle of the train without any alien coming for me. Overall very nice game tho!

Nice remake of the classic Chrome T-Rex. Cute sprites!

Thank you!! It's so nice of you to say that :D We're glad you found it interesting. Let's see what yours has to offer.

Thank you very much :D:D

Thank you very much!! Glad you enjoyed it :)

That was a crazy game haha

Nice visuals and intense gameplay. Good job!

Well executed and cute game :) it really felt out of control when a couple of the bad squares came in.

It was an interesting story. Wish it had more mechanics than just clicking the button. But nice visuals and concept :)

Thank you very much :) Glad you like it! It was a bit tricky to figure out the positions of the portals and the specific timings but it was definately worth it!

Thank you so much! :D

Loving the idea and the mechanic! I really like the design of the blobs. So disgusting.

I really liked the idea and the visual style

Beautiful game, made me forget about my problems.

Such a cool game. The visuals are amazing and the concept very fun! Perfect fit for the Jam. Keep it up!

Amazing! Thank you so much for the feedback, it's the first game we've ever made and these tips are really useful :)

Congratulations! Loved it! Would be nice to have a time without weapon, that would make it kind of frustrating but funny!

Thank you very much! :)

This is brilliant! Fantastic! Love it, made me laugh so much! :D

Nice game! I really like the aesthetic and music. I enjoyed the levels but sometimes I can pass through places I was not supoosed to? Or I was? I am not sore. Still, congratulations! Cant believe you made this in 2 days.

Thank you very much Quentin Delvallet! 

Nice concept! Congratulations! I still can't pass from the 2nd carrot! Haha

Nice concept! Congratulations! I still can't pass from the 2nd carrot! Haha

The concept is brilliant! Would have loved to see more once the doctor appears, but it really makes me feel out of control and you kinda go back to these moments waiting in a hospital.  Would love to see more improvements! Congratulations!

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Funny game! Cool art and story! It totally fits the theme Out of Control. Congratulations!

Funny game with amazing art and story! totally fits the Out of Control concept! Congratulations!

Thank you so much for the review! We will try to improve the movement controls. Glad you loved the little character :)