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The art is amazing, and i love the little details like the man playing music in the corner and the dice stacks growing smaller as they lose health. The game play idea is one i've seen a lot this jam, but the visuals helped to keep it fresh. That being said, I gave up on the final boss due to only die of a certain number hurting them. It's a neat idea but i just found it frustrating that 5/6th of my shots did nothing. Overall a solid experience, good job!

Thanks for playing + the feedback man! definitely gotta get on the understanding-shaders grind haha

Thanks for playing + the feedback! The dice reroll thing is defo the most common bug, glad u had a good one in spite of it. The new unity input system really threw me off ngl, spent waayy too long to just get it sometimes working lol 

thanks for playing man, glad u enjoyed the style! 

thanks for playing! + yeah, I definitely went too cryptic with some of the signs lol

Thanks so much ! it took a lot of tinkering to find a fog level that didn't feel too restrictive, glad u enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing man! I've got a big list of games still to rate by 8pm today but I'll add urs to it :)

thanks for playing!

A well made and very relaxing game! I loved the depth to the rules, the multiple ways to score + get combos works really well. An in game menu and explanation of the rules would go a long way, but as it stands the game is perfectly playable. I'm keeping this installed, will definitely play a few more rounds soon :) great work! 

A very creative take on the theme, I enjoyed this a lot! The art and music are both superb, I love the way your opponent disintegrates on defeat in particular. The level of polish is also astounding, the little :P button and achievements both add so much to the game despite being pretty small features. If each turns animations could be skipped in order to speed up the game play then I think this would honestly be flawless. Amazing job!

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An FPS approach is a pretty unique take on the theme, well done! The facts that you can hit the die in the air really elevated the game for me, it helps to flesh out the otherwise basic combat. I did not expect voice acting, nor to enjoy the NPCs so much! The presentation could obviously use some work, but for a 3D game made in 48 hours it's definitely acceptable. Good work!

thanks for playing man! I already have a lot of ideas for the game post jam, though it'll probably be in a much different form. Thank you for the feedback :)

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A very creative take on the theme! It's a very simple premise but works well, and the simple presentation is effective. The online leader board is another awesome touch, it would have been awesome to have a larger arcade style one but it's understandable given the time limit. 

Unfortunately despite playing a fair while I can't really say I enjoyed it all that much. From the tutorial graphics I assumed there would be greater visual feedback on cutting, and the shards of dice felt like they didn't register a lot of the time. 

The dice time being a time limit is also a neat idea, but I think it encourages a safe, boring playstyle. I didn't feel motivated to go for big scores because I knew I'd eat up a lot of my time getting close to them, and I would still likely come out the other side gaining zero points. In contrast, small scores are easily achievable with little to no dice time used up at all. The best way to get points is to just sit and wait and ignore the fun parts of the game, which is a massive shame, and fatal to the overall enjoyment.

Overall, it's a very solid game with just a few things holding it back from a top score, so please take my comment with a grain of salt! The fact that optimising the fun out of the game is the only major problem just goes to show the depth of the mechanics. I'd love to return to this with a few tweaks post jam, it has the potential to be an amazing game that would fit perfectly on moblie :) good work!

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I love love love the characters, they're so cute! I also like the point + click movement system, it's a unique approach, and feels good to play. The combat could really use more work, starting out simple works well but there could have been more variation in attacks + difficulty, beyond increased hp. Some simple sound effects would have gone a long way too, with no sound at all I can't justify a 5/5 in presentation, which the game otherwise easily deserves. Overall, a good proof of concept :) I'd love to see a full version with the features you mention.

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Loved the minimalist pixel art style, and there's some real mechanical depth in both the power-ups and the abilities of the character! The wall jump feels great to execute in particular, but is brought down by how the character sticks to the walls. Other issues with the controls sadly decreased the enjoyment factor for me, but I can appreciate the ambitiousness of the project, especially considering the time frame. With a few fixes I would gladly revisit this :) good job man!

I enjoyed the concept, bouncing the balls back is an interesting game play mechanic. I also enjoyed the amount of settings available, you usually don't see those in most jam entries! I wish the game explained itself better, and that all bullet types did damage in later levels, but otherwise this was a pretty good entry. Well done! 

A creative approach! A neat twist on the idle game formula, the upgrades were mostly all worth it and the game play is entertaining to watch. 

That being said, some more strategy would have been great, as climbing ladders + taking damage quickly falls to rng. Maybe if you could buy  + sell dice during the dungeon as a way to influence your rolls? I also didn't really like how you had to return to the main menu before trying another run, though that's a very minor issue.

Overall a very solid entry! I had a good time, the idea is fresh and very well presented! Would love to see an expanded version with a few more mechanics :) Good work!

yeah man, hmu when it's out :

A really cool take on the theme, it's so cool being given control of the seed + trying to reverse engineer it. I wish there were some more clues to finding the secret room, I ended up giving up after only partially deciphering what all the numbers did. There's a surprising level of variety in the room themes which I enjoyed, theme 4 was definitely my favourite. Overall a superb entry, well done!

A really creative entry, I love how many things change between seasons! The music for each one fits really well too, though the winter theme is easily my favourite. The character could control better, right now they're a bit too slippery for my taste. I also couldn't figure out how to roll myself on the happy little corner pieces, so I had to skip a few stages. Overall a super solid idea though, would love to see an expanded version! Good work :) 

glad to hear man, lmk when an update comes out >:) + maybe i've just been playing too many jam games lol, getting square eyes fr haha

thanks for the feedback! I thought about highlighting the outline of the re-roll stations, no matter the distance, but 3D + shaders are areas I'm very inexperienced in so I didn't have the development time :( it's definitely something I'll improve if I take the concept further, thanks for playing! :)

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I almost gave this a pretty bad score, but something about the game made me give it a second shot. I'm glad I did, my second play through was much more fun than the first.

That being said, the graphics are genuinely awful - I had to turn my brightness + contrast down hard, as well as cover the text with post-it notes before I could play comfortably.

What this does prove is that the base game is interesting enough to go through the effort of putting post-it notes on my screen. It starts off peaceful, but the difficulty ramps up really well. There's some good tactical depth in choosing whether to destroy ships, or let them destroy themselves at the cost of another satellite. The variation in shot number is a little too extreme for my liking, and it'd be nice to be able to see exactly how many ships you can let through before your game is over. The online leader board is a really cool addition for a jam game, and easily triples the replay value. 

I'll definitely revisit this for the post jam updates, it's a very unique entry. Just please update the graphics, I don't have that many posit notes.

Thanks for playing!! I just realised how easy it would have been to fix that glitch, I guess that's game jam stress for you though lol. Glad you enjoyed!

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Really liked the art style in this! The central gameplay loop is interesting, and pretty fun, could definitely use some more depth though. The re-roll idea is pretty novel, I don't think I've encountered anything similar throughout the jam so far. Would love to see an updated post-jam version with extra features :) good work!  

A pretty good idea, definitely needs some more work though. Melee weapons felt like they weren't effective at all, they could really use either a range increase or apply some knock back to the foes. My favourite part was probably the art style, and I liked the health meter in particular. 

Thanks for playing + the feedback man! Really glad you enjoyed the music, I've wanted to do something with that track for years but I'm terrible at making proper songs lol. I'm thinking I'll revisit the concept but without the dice rolls someday :)

aah I know exactly what you mean, I really feel like the rng aspect of dice rolls made my own entry worse in the long run lol. Loved hearing more about your development process, that concept art is dope :)

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Love the aesthetic of this game! Definitely one of the most stylish of the jam, and I like the teleportation pads + face erasure mechanics that help differentiate this from other similar games. Unfortunately the bugs really bring the enjoyment factor down, and the music kept cutting out for some reason. Otherwise great work! Will definitely check back once the game is updated post-jam :)

Neat twist on the tower defence formula! Funnily enough I found the game a little too easy, and the units seem a little unbalanced; the catapault in particular feels very under-powered. Maybe I was just lucky with my dice rolls though? Good work man, this was a fun one :)

Really cool balancing the damaging and healing pickups! I also loved the character's design, he's simple but very cute! It took a while to understand, and some random effects definitely need balancing. Other than that a pretty good entry, good work!

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A beautiful and creative take on the theme! I absolutely loved the sprite work in this, the character design is striking and the music is groovy as heck >:) 
This was a blast to play through, my only issue is with the next die being chosen at random. It felt like maybe a linear cycle would have allowed for a more tactical play through. That being said, the gauge by the mouse helps mitigate this a lot. 
Overall a superb entry, good job guys! I'd love to see an expanded version of this someday :)

that's to be expected for such a short jam! would love to see a full version someday :)

also i really enjoyed the little mario galaxy style pictures in the text at the beginning explaining the rules :)

Really enjoyed this, I love the animations + the character's design. The levels are all well thought out, mechanics are introduced at a great pace, and I really appreciate the extra little details like the flashing numbers indicating each side of the dice's value. Those little touches really help to elevate this game over other similar titles. Good job!

Thanks for playing + for the feedback! I'm aware of how the random nature of the dice isn't a great fit for puzzles, but I needed to keep them involved somehow to fit the theme. I think I'm gonna revisit the concept, but with a fixed number of points that players must allocate between all stats :)

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nice one ! I'll definitely revisit, the devil needs some sense beating into him >:)

Neat idea, and I love the art, but in it's current state it's too rough to figure out how my moves will place the dice. Looking forward to the updated version post-jam, will definitely revisit it then :)

The presentation and feel of the game are excellent, and I love the fact that dice rolls can affect everyone as well as either players or enemies. Some more creative dice effects aside from damage, health etc would have elevated the game to the next level, but as it stands this is still an amazing entry! Good job :)

A very entertaining arcade shooter! I loved that the dice rolls stacked + shuffled after every roll, along with the player choosing when to roll within the time limit, it really adds to the mechanical depth :) good job!