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congrats on top 100!!!

fun lil idea, enjoying the mechanical depth for a game jam game :) 5/5 for the name alone

fun premise, and i like the mixing of two different genres! a little easy for me personally, but overall a fun lil jam game :)

the procedural element really elevates this above similar style games! gotta say i didn't realise at all until i saw some other comments, i guess that goes to show how good the generation algorithm is lol :) really liked the art style too! overall a smashing entry

loved the art and character design, as well as the low-interference thematic elements. with some balancing (*cough* level 3 makes me want to rip my eyes out *cough*) this could be a really cool full game! good work :)

this is adorable! plus it's a great and well executed idea :) absolutely loving it

love the art and music! the core gameplay idea is pretty funky, but i wish it was developed more. overall found it to be a short but sweet lil game :) good work

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really enjoyed the aesthetic and level design! controls could use an extra bit of polish - some coyote time could go a long way especially. overall some pretty funky stuff, good work :)

very chaotic, and i love the presentation :) good work!

great idea ! love the minimalist aesthetic :)

very original and well executed! cant wait to see the post-jam version :)

fun idea! some levels are definitely more frustrating than others but overall i found the game v enjoyable :)

ayy thanks for playing b :) i'll check urs out in a mo

thanks for playing man :)

thank you very much for playing :) glad you enjoyed it!

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i enjoyed the unique way of ending levels for this genre, especially as it allows people to chase high scores if they really want to. I'm not sure if the 'out of control' mechanics particularly made me feel out of control, but with that being said, i loved the chill vibe of the game - the super minimalist graphics, layers of polish and delayed reverb-soaked guitar really help it to stand out amongst most other games trying to attain a more frantic feeling. will definitely be revisiting :)

enjoyed the art and the sound effects a lot! wish it was a bit easier to put stuff in the right position tho, and some more levels utilising multiple elements would have been cool! overall a fun concept and a solid entry to the jam :)

where's the truffles lebowski

love everything about this, from the writing to the gameplay to the artstyle! really good job man

a little buggy but i like the concept, and the art is real good :)

thanks for playing + for the feedback! the idea behind your first point is to swap as you approach the enemies, as then your invulnerable ship can crash into them and cause an instant kill.

i really like the models + world design! also enjoy how hard it is to not destroy a few of your own houses with the slingshot at the beginning, really adds to the out of control theme :)

simple + effective in every aspect, from the gameplay to the art!

historians will analyse this artefact for countless hours in the future, trying to unlock its inner truths

my thoughts: apple

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thanks man, wave three is no small feat ! i barely ever made it past wave four after 2 days of testing lol

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glad you enjoyed playing :) thanks for the feedback !

thanks for playing :) glad u liked it!

thanks for the feedback! never crossed my mind to do a level based game with these mechanics, now you got me curious lol

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i love this mechanic and how it adds puzzle elements to the action! would love to see an expanded version with more enemy variation :) def a 5/5 for me

really liked the gameplay loop, it felt out of control in the best way possible! good job on your first ever game and first ever game jam :)  

took a few attempts to gauge what was going on, but the steep learning curve aside this is really good! definitely one of the more mechanically dense games of the jam, and i really enjoyed how the trippy graphics and sound effects added to the chaos :)

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simple + effective, i rlly enjoyed it! sheep gang baybee 

this is fun! really enjoyed the cartoony art style and somewhat silly premise. experienced a few bugs but overall i very much enjoyed it, and i think the somewhat unpredictable movement of the sheep works well with the jams theme :)

good concept! i like the idea about having to dodge enemies in order to gain gold in particular, even tho its a little tricky :) good work!

the physics and overall feel of the game is perfect! love the simplistic art style too.

overall 5/5 'with great power comes great recoil' is my favourite spiderman quote

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the presentation is so detailed, especially for a 48hr game! loving it

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really enjoy how the difficulty is exponential in this, very good job on this entry :)

really enjoyed the different cards + synergies that occur :)